Chapter 3

How to image God?


In the above diagram, a human model composed of a physical and spiritual person was placed on the left. This is, in my opinion, the best description of the structure of a man living in the physical world. I use the term spiritual person in it, because it clearly defines who a person is. Such a human structure has been described in more detail under the theme: "Spiritual Beings" in the "Analysis of Reality" menu. This description can also be found in the "Philosophy" menu under the theme "Anthropology of Essenceism" on my website and on the website

Let us now transfer the above model of man to the whole state of the universe, to better understand who God is. The entire physical structure of the universe, that is, the entire cosmos with all its material aspects and various forms of energy, observed and studied scientifically, is like the "visible physical side" of our Creator. In contrast to this, His "invisible physical side" is the Energy of the First Cause that fills the entire sphere beyond time and space. To put it even more precisely, everything that is around us in the entire cosmos extending into the infinity is the actual presence of the transformed Energy of the First Cause, or the "Physical Side" of the Creator. Apart from the cosmos, as if outside it, it means in the sphere beyond time and space, there is only the unprocessed Energy of the First Cause - the fundamental attribute of the Original Being, popularly called the Power of God.

God's Spiritual Side fills the entire sphere beyond time and space. Christianity calls It the Spirit of God. Of course, it is invisible. Therefore, the presence of the Spirit of God can be imagined in a similar way as the existence of the spiritual person of man. Of course, this is on an infinitely larger scale than space. The Spiritual Person of God resides "everywhere," just as a human spiritual person exists "everywhere" in our physical body. The presence of the Spirit of God in the universe is realized practically through the universally existing laws of nature. I am talking here about the primeval laws and principles that are permeated by His Intellect, Will and Emotionality. Their presence can be understood as an indirect fulfillment of the physical cosmos by the Personality of God. In a similar way, our spiritual person fills our body, although it has a direct character. The divine presence in the universe cannot be direct, because He, as the Perfect Being, cannot directly exist in an imperfect environment. This is because the cosmos is in continuous development and is unstable, and what God is directly present in becomes perfect. The real and immediate sphere of His presence is the reality existing beyond time and space, called the spiritual world.

At my present level of understanding of God, I assume that His Personality is emerging from His Heart, which is the Center, the Source and the Cause of God's activity. In the "orbit" of this Heart, I imagine the existence of the fundamental attributes of the Creator. It includes the Absolute Intelligence, from which  originates the Omniscience, the Absolute Will, from which originates the Goodness and the Absolute Emotionality from which Love originates. In the Divine Personality we are following, they reveal themselves through the action of Omniscience leading to Development, the action of Good leading to Perfection and the action of Love leading to Unity and Beauty. According to the hypothesis contained in essenceism presented by me, these fundamental qualities have contributed to the emergence of all principles and laws that we know in the entire universe. It must be understood, however, that all these qualities are harmonious unity in God. They are not separate and independent from each other inherent in the Personality of the Original Being. Such a distinction is needed only for our analytical way of thinking leading to a better understanding of the First Cause.

I will summarize all this for a fuller understanding of my description of God.

The Physical Side of God is actually different states of transformed primary energy, which has always existed, that is, from infinity, because that's how God exists. Then it transformed, according to the laws inherent in the Creator Personality, into specific forms of energy and matter, up to the present form of the universe with its galaxies, stars and other forms appearing in the space-time universe. The universe, therefore, arose from God Himself, from the primary energy (the Energy of the First Cause) contained in Himself and from the laws ever existing in His Personality. Hence the rightness of claiming that God created the universe from Himself, and the inaccuracy of the dogma that He created it from nothing. Thus, the act of creating the universe accomplished by God is an act of calling into existence of time and space.

The Spiritual Side of God is directly connected only with the sphere beyond time and space. At the same time, it indirectly permeates the entire space-time in the form of laws and principles.

Christians and followers of some other religions claim that God is everywhere. This is an obvious truth, although it is good to understand the meaning and content of this statement.


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