Chapter 7

The Universe “exists” in the Original Being

In the previous chapters I showed that the existing "everywhere" outside the cosmos the invisible sphere beyond time and space is the state of the direct presence of the Personality of God.

The above thesis leads to the statement that the universe exists as a structure surrounded by a sphere beyond time and space. From this in turn follows the logical conclusion that the universe is as if located in God, means in Him "stuck".

Human reasoning, functioning most often in three-dimensional space, creates the vision of God as a Being residing "somewhere" in space. The time has come to finally say goodbye to this vision, although our imagination is still attached to the "earthly" ways of imaging. Meanwhile, in the case of the image of Original presented to me, this vision needs to be moved beyond time and space, which requires us to open ourselves to the infinite. Only then will our senses show us the ubiquity of Original Being, and the universe will be a creation embedded in His sphere.

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I used such a scheme to illustrate that the universe is “flying” or "floating" in the sphere beyond time and space, that is, it "stuck in" in transcendental spaces.

Returning to the thesis of this topic, it becomes logical that God, as the Spiritual Personality possessing the Energy of the First Cause, fills Himself directly with everything that is beyond the time-space of the universe. Therefore, we can say that the entire space-time structure of the universe must "stay within" its Creator.

The above theorems can be compared to the situation in which the human body during "biological life" is "stuck" in the physical space that surrounds us or "floats" in it.

The sign of the indirect presence of God "inside" the universe is the universality of the universal laws and principles that exist in all of us. We rationally see them as the laws of physics, chemistry or biology that we learn scientifically. However, our open imagination can cause us to see in them the influence of Intellect, Emotion and Will of God, although these attributes of the Creator are not so easily explained intellectually.

I base my claim on the observation of human personality. I sense that we have inherited in our primordial nature the basic attributes of the Divine Personality, that is, His Intelligence, Will and Emotionality. Because of It, we need a knowledge and understanding of the universe and the need for purposefulness and sense of all actions. Still other sensations are associated with the feeling of joy, which is the source of love from the Creator. It is this understanding of His attributes that allows us to know, at least partially, the qualities of God, which I will then define in the form of specific Principles.

For what I have presented, to have practical meaning, I will put the above claims into two simple conclusions: Laws and Principles from the Creator are the source of laws and principles that surround us, and His Original Energy generates all existing forms of energy and matter. In this way, I understand the indirect presence of God in the universe.

Directly, the Personality of God fills up completely everything that surrounds our universe. This should reach our imagination as a true picture of the presence of God - the Original Being. In this way, we will always have our unchanging Creator before us. This is how the Personality of God impresses its mark on all of the universe.


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