Alphabetical compendium of the main concepts used by essenceism

Act of creation – is the process by which matter is created from energy. This means that this act concerns the transition from the Energy of the First Cause to the different state of matter. The whole process proceeds in accordance with the prepared plan of creation and in accordance with the laws derived from the Personality of the Creator. It means the merging of the Physical Side of God (Energy of the First Cause) with His Spiritual Side (Spirit of God) equipped with Intelligence, Will and Emotionality centered in His Heart).

Adam and Eve – The Bible claims that the first son of God, Adam, was a man and a male, just as Eve, his daughter, was a man and a woman. In the original plan of God, they were the future parents of all humanity. It does not matter if they really existed, because their biblically certified presence only has to show that there was a moment when God the Father brought to life the first couple of people. They were to create with God a kind of trinity, which I call the Primary Trinity.

All-Creation – another concept of all things in the creating world or all that exists in creation.

Angels – are spiritual beings that the Creator intended to live in the spiritual world. They are entities that are servants of both God and man. Their emotional personality is at a lower level than that of the human, and their intelligence and will, unlike that of humans, are strictly oriented. An angel takes the position of a servant with whom love is properly realized on the level of fidelity. In appropriate proportions, they play the same role for the spiritual person as animals do for a natural person. Each angel has a spiritual body which is the concentration of spiritual energy and a spiritual soul which is the center of his personality. It is similar to the inner nature that guides in a spiritual person. They can, in certain situations, interfere with the physical world, using energy coming directly from God.

Bible – this is a great religious book of a didactic nature. It was written in good faith by inspired people to give us an important religious truth. The Bible is not the truth in itself, but the key and the path to knowing the Truth.

Divine Providence – it is the action of God's laws and principles that guides everything created by God to a state of perfection. It has the character of "top-down" God's protection aimed at bringing people to the level of God's children and the rise of the Kingdom of Heaven. Divine Providence took on a specific meaning after the fall of the first people. On the one hand, it acts as a permanent signpost to the lost people in the fallen world, the correct direction of the path to the Kingdom of Heaven. Thanks to this, we can guess, among other things, the Will of God. On the other hand, it activates the power of laws and principles that can be used when it is necessary to effectively oppose evil. It is thanks to it that we can understand the Will of God.

Earth and Heaven – in my study I use these concepts written in large letters in two senses. The first meaning of the Earth concerns the whole of our planet as a place of existence of human civilization. In second sense, the Earth appears as a synonym of the present world, or the fallen world. Heaven, also written in large letters, is synonymous ideal world under the sovereignty of God, the Kingdom of Heaven. Of course, I am omitting the explanation of the colloquial meaning of the sky and the earth (soil, plane, earth's crust) for which I use the lower case of the spelling.

End of the world – it concerns an evil, fallen world under the authority of Satan.  With the end of Satan's reign, with the end of the fallen world, the so-called "eternal hell", both in the physical world and in the spiritual world will come to the end. Its ending means only the end of the world that we know every day. However, there will be no such thing as the definitive end of human civilization in the sense of the physical destruction of a large part of the Earth's population or some total destruction of our planet. The Creator never intended to destroy His work. He will not do it because of the fall of man. The end of the world will simultaneously be the beginning of the proper world under the authority of God.

Energy of the First Cause – it is an inexhaustible, primordial energy filling the entire universe, which is also a "Physical" Party or "External" side of God. It is a peculiarity that is a "material" or otherwise "building material" of all things, that is, everything that is in the universe. I also use the abbreviation of this term under the name "primary energy", which precedes the concept of "primary matter". The only currently known form of "primary energy" may be the so-called dark energy, and the only known form of "primary matter" is dark matter.

Essenceism – it is a new concept, used only by me, for a coherent analytical system based on logic, designed to study singularities beyond time and space and everything that follows. The main impulse for its creation was the realization of the possibility of the existence of the First Cause of the universe in a state beyond time and space. This made it possible to explain all concepts of essenceism, with particular emphasis on the laws of action of the spiritual world. Essenceism has strictly defined principles of operation and research instruments described in the chapters of my study. The purpose of essenceism is to prepare:The theory of eternal existence.

Fallen nature in man – these are the features taken over from Satan that create the second, next to the original, personality of each person. According to the religious interpretation of essenceism, it is inherited by each of us from the first ancestors of mankind as a consequence of original sin. It is passed down inheritance to every human being at birth, making us dependent on Satan. Both it and original sin cannot be removed by man alone. This can only happen as a result of the salvation of mankind through the Savior.

Fallen world (hell) – it is the present human civilization, which was created as a result of the fall of the first people. It exists outside of God. The fallen world is guided by Satan and therefore our earth can be called hell.

Garden of Eden or Paradise - is the name of the sphere of life created by the Creator, intended for the development and growth to the perfection of His children. From the beginning, it had to be some real place on Earth. Hence it can be concluded that if it had not been for the fall, the whole Earth would have become this "Garden". The spiritual sphere for the then Garden of Eden was paradise, that is, a parallel sphere of spiritual life, which at that time was the only reality under the patronage of the Creator. The Fall caused people to leave this "environment" and start a different life in a new reality besides God. So this "Garden" has been closed. It was only Jesus Christ who opened it, but only in the spiritual form, i.e. in the form of paradise. Now in it, as in the spiritual world subordinate to Jesus, live all those who were brought there by Jesus in order to continue the process of salvation.

God does not know evil – Essenceism, based on a suggestion in the Bible, confirms that after each episode of creation, the Creator stated that he created good. From this follows the logical conclusion that if He created the universe, there should be no room for something like evil in it. If God created evil, it would be part of His Personality, and therefore of His Consciousness. However, this is not so because of His main attributes: perfection and absoluteness. The Original Being not only did not create evil, but does not know it. Therefore, he cannot interfere with them, because otherwise he would take responsibility for the state created between the Archangel and people, that is, for the present state of the world, which he never had in his plans. If a perfect Creator were to join the imperfect state of a given situation, he would give it the status of perfection, and this would be against His Principles. One should always remember that the Original Being is the perfect, absolute and complete Creator. It cannot change as a result of something that does not come from Himself. Hence, He cannot supplement His knowledge with the phenomenon of evil, especially since it contradicts the good which constitutes all His achievements.

God's grace – Christians say that God distributes gifts of grace according to His Will. For example, one gives the grace of faith and not one to others. This means that some have protection and blessings from Heavenly Father and others are not. It's very unfair image of Our Creator, because it suggests to Him divide people up for worse and for better or those who is bestow His grace, and those where it is not possible. His grace is actually His Will, always unchanging, always directed justly to all His children and leading to the rise of the Kingdom of Heaven. In the case that we seem to have been blessed with His grace, it may be the action of angels taking care of us.

God's Love – is a stream of energy that has its source in the Creator's Heart. It concerns one of His main attributes, that is, Emotionality. This directed energy creates the greatest strength in all-creation. The direction is given by the other main attributes of Heavenly Father, that is, Intelligence and Will. Together with the force of principles and laws, which is the basic driving force, it remains uninterrupted in the Creator's activity. It should be added that it is a force greater and more important than creative power, although in God its remain in complete harmony.

God’s Principles and God’s Law –  by these terms I understand what people realized as a system of God's action, described in the form of His Will. This means that it is content objectively reaching people through written revelations. According to God's Law understood in this way, we are to grow to perfection, multiply by passing on life from the Creator to our successors, and also manage the Earth in His name. Essenceism reads God's Law by analyzing the Mosaic Decalogue, the teachings of Jesus, the Koran, and other human testimonies. This means that he approaches these testimonies selectively, judging them according to the qualities of the Original Being. Additionally, in my texts I use the concept of God's Principles. They mean the unchanging state of reality shaped by the Creator. The rule, capitalized, is that God is the Absolute, Perfection, and Infinity. Among other things, it is also the fact that man was created in the Image and likeness of God, that is, he is His child. I accept these Principles, unlike His Laws, intuitively.

Good and evil

Good – it is a state of reality that comes from the Creator. In this state, He shaped man in "His Image and likeness" so that he would be His child knowing His Reality. We therefore perceive good as a function and effect of the laws and principles of the Creator. It is introduced by the force of love, which is one of the driving forces of the Original Being. The direction given by it is a state of good, creating the proper status of our world. Thus, essenceism defines good as the form of existence of reality derived from the Creator and intended for the eternal duration of mankind. More precisely, it is a state "flowing" from the Knowledge, Will and Love of the Original Being. It is eternal like Himself. They can also be called the implemented Word of God.

Evil – this is the only exception to the concept of all things coming from the Creator. It originated completely outside of Him and is unknown to Him. Evil was introduced into our reality by the Archangel and the first people as a new quality after the creation of the world. It is not an ordinary quality or phenomenon like there are many in the universe. It is a kind of anti-reality, i.e. a peculiarity created outside the Original Being.

Below are the basic terms of good and evil:

a) in the sense of activity - good is the action and result of action in accordance with the Will of God, and evil is the action and result of action incompatible with the Will of God.

b) in the sense of the state - good means the Kingdom of Heaven, that is, the world under the dominion of God, and evil the hell, or the world under Satan's rule.

c) in the sense of personification - good is embodied in the Person of God and evil in the form of Satan.

d) in the sense of existence - good is a peculiarity lasting forever, that is to say, infinity, and evil is transitory and will be liquidated sometime.

e) in the sense of current reality - good is what should always be, and evil what should not be.

Heart of God – It is the Core of the Personality of the Original Being and what makes Him Heavenly Father. It is like His inner core. The heart of God is the source of the original Love, it is the Center of His Affection linked with His Will and Intellect. It is like a "point" from which everything that the Original Being accomplishes begins.

Holy Spirit – has a perceptible female character that represents goodness, love, care and similar matriarchal features. Together with God and Jesus, He forms the Holy Trinity. Jesus in this Trinity represents the Second Adam and the Holy Spirit the Second Eve. Because the Second Eve never appeared, only the mission of being at the side of the Son of God was left. This mission is now fulfilled by angels and spiritual persons of such women as Sara, Rebecca, Rachel, Tamar and many others known from the Old Testament.

Holy Trinity – in my study I define it as the Image of God, not as God Himself. This means that we perceive Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Trinity is actually a form of the Creator's action designed for human understanding. Everything that the Creator does, binds him to the structure of the trinity in which He is the subject. This is the case when He gives rise to positive and negative elementary particles, when cations and anions are formed, when animals and plants are masculine and feminine, and finally, when His work is embodied as a man and a woman.

Image of God – it is the state of our perception of the Creator. It is like a frame that allows our reasoning functioning in time and space to "look" at God as a recognizable Being with specific attributes. The creation in the human imagination of the Image of God results, for example, in the Christian faith in His existence in the form of the Holy Trinity. In the understanding based on the testimonies from the life of Jesus Christ, it can be said that he was the Image of God that spoke to our imaginations.

Jesus Christ – The Son of God, the Messiah, the Savior, the Redeemer, the Second Adam and the Son of Man. These terms are presented by Christianity for the term Jesus. Christians add the title Lord before His name, which emphasizes his position as the Lord of all things, as in the juxtaposition of God in the sense of the Lord of all things. Jesus Christ was born as a man devoid of original sin. Such a birth was made up of the entire "pedigree chain" made up of the tribes of the nation of Israel. According to the logic of essenceism, He was born to save the world from Satan's rule by teaching, and not by blood sacrifice. According to this system, He was a man, or in fact He had to be for the salvation of mankind to make sense. Jesus achieved personal perfection by defeating Satan, which is symbolically described in the Bible as the temptation in the desert. Then He confirmed His dignity as the Son of God. Therefore, by fallen mankind, He should be treated as the only known Son of God. In a sense, He replaces God Himself, because fallen people do not have direct contact with the Original Being. According to essenceism, He can also be treated as an Image of God intended for our imagination.

Kingdom of Heaven – it is a state of reality originally planned and prepared by the Creator in which all people were to live, both during their physical and spiritual life. This means that His Kingdom should be in the physical world and in the spiritual world. It is one ideal world under God's sovereignty. It is eternal and prepared for the endless development of humanity, both on planet Earth and elsewhere in the universe. According to the assessment of essenceism, there is no one in it, because people from our planet do not reach the level of perfection assigned to them, i.e. the status of inhabitants of this Kingdom.

Last Judgment – is a fundamental part of the process of human salvation, because it is right to explain the guilt of Satan and people so that everything can return to its original state. Each court introduces justice by using the law in force. The same is true of the Last Judgment. It is therefore a process of introducing God's Law, not a cosmic spectacle. This Law is called the Word of God and it is not a giant fire, it will judge the evil done by Satan.

Laws and Principles - in this study I write mainly about general laws and principles that exist in nature, and actually in the entire universe; such as the laws of physics, chemistry and biology. I don't want to deal with other existing laws yet, such as social or economic laws. I believe that the laws of nature, i.e. those found by us on Earth, come from the Creator and do not require changes. Meanwhile, those that people have established themselves are subject to constant research, testing and even re-creation. Essenceism, adopting the laws from the Creator, is guided by the following arguments. Firstly, they are the already mentioned laws governing the physical world, that is, the laws of physics, chemistry, and biology that exhaust the concept of the laws of nature. Secondly, they are the laws that determine the order of all things, i.e. the principles of supremacy and inferiority on the line of the Original Being (Creator) - existing being (man, eternal being) - servant (spiritual being - angel, eternal being) and all other dependencies inherited on the line creator (God) - recipient (human). Third, they are the laws and principles that define harmony and beauty in all of nature. I would like to add that all these laws and principles apply to the content that, according to the Creator's concept, man was to learn from the beginning of his education in the world.

Man – is a being that has existed forever since its birth. He is a child of God begotten by Him in the form of a spiritual person, but who receives a physical person from his "earthly" parents for a period of physical life. In the first phase of his life, his physical and spiritual person are united. After the period of being on Earth, he continues eternal life in the spiritual world only as a spiritual person. Man is the highest form of life separate from the other, occupying a dominant position among all other creatures, that is the position of master of all-creation given to him by the Creator.

Miracles – in the physical world, they can be a direct influence of the Energy from the Creator. They occur parallel to the laws of physics and do not actually break them. Jesus, having access to God's energy, could rule over matter, shaping it according to His will. For example, by using the Divine Energy, He could create a force that overcomes gravity when walking on water. In a similar way, acts that we think are miracles are sometimes performed.

Original Being – it is a Being that exists from backwards infinity, that is, from always. At the same time, He carries His presence into the infinite future. It is a Being that directly fills the entire sphere except time and space. All other beings have their origin from Him. Its presence manifests itself in the space-time of the universe in an indirect way, that is in the form of the principles of life and the laws of nature. In all studies of the essenceism system, the term Original Being means God-the Creator. He is absolute, that is, autonomous from all that exists. It is therefore an "unconditional" Being, independent of anything. Its perfection determines the maximum and final state of what it does. In practice, it should be understood that His works do not need to be improved or modified to become even more perfect. Their condition is complete in every respect. The Original Being is also absolutely good, which means that His action is in harmony with His perfect Personality. The important thing is that in His main function He is the First Cause of our existence. This is the main reason why my system analyzes physical and spiritual reality.

Original nature of the human being – there are the attributes of the Original Being inherited by man, which should create the proper personality of each of us. They are in our spiritual person, constituting his eternal attributes. Man's having this nature is not a grace or a gift, but the basic state of existence of each of us. It is she who decides that man is "in the Image and likeness" of God. Therefore, it reflects the qualities of the Creator Personality. Unfortunately, from the very beginning of human history, it is effectively drowned out by the fallen nature inherited from Satan.

Original sin – is the religious name for the burden of evil on every human being. This fact began in the Garden of Eden, symbolizing the sphere of life prepared for the development of God's children. It is associated with the fall of the first ancestors of mankind with the participation of Archangel Lucifer, who became Satan after the fall. This situation meant, in the first phase, an illegal, spiritual sex act between Archangel Lucifer and Eve, and in the second phase, a premature, against God's command, a physical sexual act between Eve and Adam. It is a hereditary sin that affects every person on Earth, whether we like it or not. We are just born with this sin that manifests itself as our fallen nature. It is like our second lineage, next to the first, divine lineage. This sin is impossible to remove by individual human effort. To remove it, we need God's Son as Savior. Essenceism chose the analysis of biblical symbolism because this was the only way to understand the origin and existence of evil.

Physical death of a human being –  is a state we feel when we move from the physical world to the spiritual world. This transition completely changes the perception of our existence, because we enter a spiritual realm that is beyond time and space. Physical death ends our time to develop to perfection, although we know well that in our world we do not achieve it. This death is imminent, but it is not the end of our lives. It is only a short stage before entering the eternal life in the spiritual world.

Original Power of Love - the main driving force of the Creator, shaping the proper state of the world, i.e. good, with its direction. It emerges directly from the Heart of the Original Being, and its direction is decided by His Intelligence, Emotionality and Will.

Physical person of a human being – it is our physical body endowed with a life instinct similar to some extent to that of animals. In essenceism, this instinct has been called the physical soul, i.e. the inner nature that guides the human body.

Physical world – is simply our material world, which does not require any special description in my study. It is known to everyone. Science tries to understand it better. Our entire civilization has been functioning in it for tens of thousands of years. Therefore, it means the place of life and development of every human being. According to essenceism, this development should end with personal perfection that allows you to enter the ideal spiritual world in order to live there forever. Figuratively speaking, the physical world is a school of life that leads to man obtaining the dignity of the master of all-creation, i.e. the life "certificate". In some contexts of my analytical system, it can also mean the entire material universe

Primordial Trinity – in my understanding, it was to be created with Heavenly Father by Adam and Eve, the first parents of humanity. Unfortunately, this did not happen, and in its place was the Fallen Trinity, i.e. Adam and Eve subject to Satan.

Redemption – it is a work done by Jesus Christ. Unlike full salvation, it means spiritual salvation. The term redemption implies the simultaneous exchange of one value for another. Thus, the Redemption consists in taking Satan from the sovereignty over spiritual persons residing in his spiritual world. Jesus did this at the cost of His life. Redemption also applies to people on earth who have believed that Jesus is their Lord. This means that their spiritual persons now entering the spiritual world are also subject to redemption. The "transaction" of redemption was made possible by the fact that the value of the life of the Son of God is greater than the values ​​of all fallen people put together, that is, those who once lived, live now and will live in the future until the end of the fallen world. This "transaction" was a voluntary act of the will of Jesus himself. It came to fruition because Satan, wishing Jesus' death, prompted the people he had manipulated to crucify the Son of God.

Reincarnation – it is the view according to which the "soul" can re-incarnate from the spiritual world into a new physical being, that is, into a new physical person. However, essenceism, when analyzing the problem of incarnation, uses the concept of a spiritual person, which better explains the phenomenon that has arisen. Belief in reincarnation results from a misunderstanding of the mechanism of "returning" spiritual people from the spiritual world to the physical in order to complete their development to perfection. Essenceism calls this phenomenon renewed life. The belief in the phenomenon of reincarnation could only arise as a result of rejection of the view that every human birth is a combination of a natural person born in the physical world with a unique spiritual person coming only from the Creator. Thanks to this, He is the Father for man, that is, the Source of the unique and eternal life existing in each of us.

Religion – is a system of beliefs and various practices related to the needs of man to believe in supernatural states. Most often it is about faith in God or another being or state constituting the sphere of the sacred. According to essenceism, all religious denominations in the world were created by humans, not by God. The following arguments support this. First, in the ideal world, planned by the Creator, there is no religion, because He does not need an intermediary organization to contact His children. Second, God never in His original plans included the creation of a religion because He had not planned either the fall of man or the fallen world that resulted from this fall. Third, God does not interfere with the world under Satan's rule, and religions arose in such a world.

Religious mission of saving the world – is the proper mission of all religions. I claim that the mission concerning the existence of God and His work of creation should be carried out by experienced people in life and spirit. I called them "globetrotters". They can be people who have felt the so-called touch of the Heart of God. It is a unique experience liberating love for all people on Earth, who want to ensure eternal happiness alongside Heavenly Father. They should not form any religious groups, always remaining single missionaries. Using a negative comparison, their message is supposed to spread around the world like a virus destroying fallen nature and restoring that original one given to us by the Creator. They can acquire their knowledge of God by combining the achievements of science with a logical understanding of God's existence. Thanks to this, they will feel the spiritual reality in a natural way. This will enable them to understand and follow the Laws of God's Providence. I have experienced it myself. Historical figures such as Abraham, Moses, Buddha, and especially Jesus Christ showed it. Additionally, such world missionaries-globetrotters should be protected by their angels, as well as receive support from people around them. Therefore, they could act individually. Their opponents should not be people, not even those we consider evil. Their real opponent in the process of saving the world is only Satan and his evil spirits. Therefore, all mankind should help them, which would give a chance to save the world in a relatively short time, and at most within a few generations.

Renewed life – it is the phenomenon of unnoticeable return to life of people who, although they have died, have enough will and awareness to complete their lives. A "returning" spiritual person, synchronizing with his "earthly partner", uses his physical person living on Earth, indirectly taking over his knowledge and vital forces. However, it is not reincarnation, but a state of coexistence with another person.

Resurrection – in the general sense it means the return from death to life under the authority of God. People in the world under Satan's rule are in a state of spiritual death and require a process of transition from this state to a state of life, that is, a transition under the authority of God. This process can also be called a spiritual rebirth.

Salvation of the world and man – it is a long process of restoring the state of the world under God's sovereignty and starting the ideal world called the Kingdom of Heaven. This will end the evil reign of Satan, who has turned our world into a hell under his reign. People are responsible for salvation, both those on Earth and those from the spiritual world. They are to be led by the Son of God as Savior and their supportive angels. In this action, the direction is indicated by God's Providence, i.e. the laws and rules established by the Original Being leading to the creation of the proper world under His authority.

Satan – it was the former Archangel Lucifer who transformed into a being with a different personality. It does not belong to the Creator Reality. Both Lucifer and Satan are names of the same spiritual being, but with two completely separate personalities, as if they were two completely different spiritual persons. One, called Satan, has only the fallen nature, in other words, the new, evil side of the originally created Archangel, and the other, called Lucifer, as if frozen in life activities, still having pure, primal nature. The same is true of those angels who fell with him. There is only one reality for the Creator, and Archangel Lucifer and all other archangels and angels belong to his Reality. It can be seen that apart from the Original Being, another reality has arisen, i.e. the anti-reality, to which Satan belongs. It happened as a result of his fall, which simultaneously brought the fall of the first people and the angels subordinate to him. Then he became Satan, dominating over people, and his subordinate angels, evil spirits, called demons or devils. Satan is an embodied evil that has entered the human world. He is the source of evil and its center and quintessence. As a result of salvation, Satan will cease to exist, and then the personality of the Archangel Lucifer and his angels will "come back to life" again.

Soul – essenceism reserves this concept to describe the inner character of a given being. It is not some independent entity, but it is the inherent inseparable  nature that guides a given being. The model for its definition is the Spirit of God, who is the Inner Personality of God. Thus, the human soul imitates the Inner Character of the Original Being filling the omnipresent Energy of the First Cause. Therefore, in our spiritual person there is an inherent, inherent directing nature called the spiritual soul, and in a physical person an inherent directing nature called the physical soul.

Space-time of the universe – it is the ever-changing and expanding "content" of the universe. According to essenceism, it is surrounded by a state beyond time and space, as if stuck in its "sphere". According to scientists, it was created as a result of the so-called Big Bang, which started the existence of time and space. All changes of energy and matter states take place in it.

Sphere (state) beyond time and space - this is a state unlimited by nothing, neither time nor space. It constitutes everything outside the space of the universe, that is the entirety of what our imagination can comprehend. Essenceism claims that the universe arose from it in the form of the Big Bang. It can be said figuratively that it is completely in a state beyond time and space. This sphere is the only proper "place" in which the eternal Original Being can exist. According to essenceism, He fills it completely. It can say that He is identify with it. Hence arose the essenceism theorem that the universe arose from the Original Being. Both the existence of this sphere and the Original Being are the basic concepts from which all laws and principles that make up essenceism derive. In a religious sense, it can be called the spiritual world or the universe.

Spirit of God – it is the Inner Side of the Original Being that fills together with Its Outer Side (Energy of the First Cause) the sphere beyond time and space. Thus it is the Personality of the Original Being with Absolute Intelligence, Will and Affection centered in His Heart. From the Personality of God's Spirit derive laws and principles that operate in the space-time of the universe. They were introduced to it in the act of creation. The universe therefore has the indirect presence of God's Spirit in it in the form of laws and principles.

Spiritual being – it is an eternal being derived directly from the Creator and burdened with the attributes of His Personality. This category includes especially the spiritual person of man and angels.

Spiritual death of a man – it is the state of man remaining outside the Divine Jurisdiction, that is, outside the Divine Reality established by Him. The Creator, introducing the concept of spiritual death for breaking His law in the Garden of Eden, made people understand that outside of Him, beyond His Omniscience and beyond His Life, there is an unknown state to Him. Hence it is a death zone, a sphere of evil about which the Original Being can know nothing.

Spiritual person of man – it is the right man. It is a spiritual being with a spiritual body and a central spiritual attribute, which essenceism calls a spiritual soul. The spiritual body, sometimes called the astral body, is the base of the spiritual life energy for the spiritual person. It is guided by the aforementioned spiritual soul which is the center of existence and the essence of the human personality. This is what means that it is its inherent inseparable directing nature.

Spiritual world – it is a boundless and eternal sphere beyond time and space. It is intended for the life of all spiritual beings in it. According to the creative concept of the Original Being, the spiritual world is the proper sphere of human eternal existence. At the same time, according to his concept, the duration of man's stay on Earth is sufficient to enable him to achieve personal perfection. Meanwhile, in the fallen world, in place of His conception, three other spiritual spheres arose. The first is hell, that is, the spiritual world under the rule of Satan, in which spiritual people live completely cut off from God. The second is purgatory, or a kind of transitional sphere of the spiritual world, in which spiritual persons live, who are not yet under the authority of anyone, neither Satan nor Jesus Christ. The third sphere is paradise, or the spiritual world for people introduced there by Jesus. It was He who restored this sphere, which is the spiritual equivalent of the Garden of Eden, to activity. Only from this last sphere can people pass to eternal life in union with the Heavenly Father, that is, live for eternity in His sphere beyond time and space.

Word (The Word of God) – It is a form of "God's outflow" of His Will, Love and Good. It is eternal like Him. When the Word becomes flesh through the small "c", it means that the Creator performs the act of creation, summing up His condition with the declaration that "God saw that it was good" (Genesis 1:24). When It becomes flesh by the big "C", it means the existence of His children. It should therefore be embodied in the form of the perfect Son of God (Adam) and the perfect daughter of God (Eve). However, this did not happen in the Garden of Eden. God is unchangeable and perfect, so at some point His Word became the Flesh again and the Son of God appeared, because God's Will has always been that way. In the case of Jesus Christ, that was the perfect act of the Fatherhood of God, because for the first time "The Word became Flesh" (John 1:14).




















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