Chapter 34

Idea of the perfect world

The perfect world is not only the goal of religion, but also the dream of most people on Earth. This dream is expressed by the desire for eternal goodness, happiness and true love. The Christian religion calls it the Heavenly Kingdom. Most of us are sure that God should be the guarantor of all these dreams.

Essenceism shows that the Creator is perfect, eternal and infinitely good. It follows that the world, or His "product", should also be perfect, eternal and, above all, good. Just perfect. It is true that the perfect world has never been created and we have no idea what it looks like. However, it is worth trying to understand what mechanisms can lead to the creation of a perfect world. This section will not talk about salvation, but about the driving force of the perfect world, that is, true love.

According to Essenceism, the concept of a perfect world "waits" for us from the beginning of human history. Unfortunately, this beginning was bad enough for us that we still feel the tragic consequences of this event. One must therefore realize the conditions necessary for the creation of an ideal world on Earth. In the section on free will, I pointed out that it was necessary to create a full relationship with the Creator, that is, the creation of true love between Him and us. We must be completely free to love Him. We will not build true love by coercion and fear. You cannot love God "by force". True love cannot be forced on people. Belief in the rise of the Kingdom of Heaven imposed "by force" by the Creator is erroneous and leads to nowhere. The perfect world can only arise on the foundation of true love, without fear of punishment and without any compulsion. In this respect, God's laws are clear and it is worth understanding them we.

Our world arose from the impulse of the Heart of the Original Being, from its infinite desire to live in love. Knowledge of this should cause the same feelings in a person. Meanwhile, although sometimes we are guided by the impulse of the heart, it is very fleeting and does not transfer to the level of entire societies. Also, the desire for true love remains most often in the sphere of dreams. This is because we have our personality damaged by evil. The bad nature in us still has an advantage over the original one.

Because of this, essenceism gives the order of events leading to the creation of the ideal world. First, conditions must arise for the appearance of the true Son of God on Earth. This is a task for all religions that should prepare people for His coming, so that all would have the will to receive the Incoming Savior. Then, the Son of God should give us real love for other people, which will also direct this love to Heavenly Father. Such a power of love should be enough to remove the evil from our planet. Let it happen.





 Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

This is the contents of the books about the system essenceism that shaped:

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