Chapter 24

Better understanding of the causes of evil

Most people face evil in their daily lives. In reaction to it, they look for its causes. Among these reasons, they cites poor state management by politicians, impunity of criminals who violate the law, weakness of the social order system, lack of social education, the dictates of large corporations, greed of banks, and many others, the list of which is very long. Among these reasons, it is worth adding the negligible influence of the moral standards at the heart of religion. People, giving all the reasons mentioned above, do not realize what the real cause might be. Only very few of us guess that behind the evil of this world may be the eternal source of evil that has taken root in every human being. This is how essenceism defines the phenomenon of the persistence of evil almost from the very beginning of human existence. My system does not restrict to clearly identify its source. In my publications, I would like to remind you that in the first years of humanity's existence, it lost direct contact with the Creator, because the Archangel Lucifer, who became Satan, took control of people. This originally good protector of people, as a result of the deviation of his educational mission combined with the reversal of the direction of love given to him by the Creator, became the actual "master of this world", as the discoverer of his identity, Jesus Christ called him.

Nowadays, very rarely anyone accuses Satan of being the cause of evil, because on a daily basis he sees that this evil comes from the people among whom we live. Unfortunately, due to our low spirituality, we are unable to delve deeper into the causes of evil. First of all, we did not listen well to the words of Jesus Christ, who very clearly pointed to Satan as the ruler of our civilization. We even weaker accept Jesus' statement that mankind has Satan as their father, and that our proper Father is outside our world in the "place" defined as Heaven.

From this it follows that it was Satan who transformed our civilization into the opposite of Heaven, that is, he created hell for us on Earth. Although we think we live in a so-called normal world, in fact, the evil god of this world mentioned above arranged our life for us, and we "bought" it. Today, hardly anyone suspects that in each of us Satan has his system of influencing our behavior in the form of fallen nature. It is not difficult to guess that we inherit it from him immediately after birth. So we live with this fallen nature, although we do not see it. This is because the fallen Archangel stopped our spiritual development at a rather low level. From the earliest times, our spiritual knowledge has remained at a low level and has not been significantly changed by the numerous efforts of prophets, saints, and spiritual religious leaders. The spiritual progress that Jesus Christ began to introduce took a very short time, because right at the very beginning of His mission, that is after three years, He was murdered by people under the influence of Satan. Thus, mankind has squandered the historic opportunity to remove Satan from his unlawful position. It is therefore worth remembering that it was people who prevented the Son of God from removing Satan and returning humanity to its Father's "home". In addition, we are still feeling the effects of this tragedy from two thousand years ago. The evil that is now in our era remains the same as it used to be. When we look at the testimonies of various events in our history given to us by famous chroniclers, we will notice that from the very beginning of humanity we have had the same problems with various forms of evil and its effects. In fact, there has not been any significant change since Cain killed Abel, though evil now has a more modern form.

Essenceism postulates, above all, that humanity be made aware of the true mechanism of evil and its source. Being aware of this situation, I propose to change the way of making mankind aware of the way of eliminating evil that has been proposed by religion so far. First of all, essenceism introduces knowledge that makes mankind aware of its current situation. It is also about making everyone aware that they can take part in the repair of our world. Essenceism explains that individuals who are trying to follow Jesus as best as possible have the best chance of resisting Satan. All higher levels of society, starting with the family level, are too much influenced by the "master of this world" to be able to successfully oppose him and lead to his removal from our lives. Thus, missionaries, whom essenceism calls globetrotters, could be up to this historical task. Their main goal should be to prepare humanity to accept the Son of God, that is, the One who is to be born on Earth without any bond with Satan and who will become its guide in the work of saving us from evil. This should help people receive the Savior.







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