Chapter 20

The loss of the original value system

According to essenceism, there must be a primary value system that comes from the First Cause, that is, from the Creator. My system sees the source of its existence in the operation of the Original Force of Love, which we know only rudely as various forms of "earthly" love.

According to essenceism, from the Creator comes a system of values aimed at the development of His children, i.e. us, people. There is a significant difference between this "divine" system and the one we have in the world today. The point is that in our world we have the dominance of the power of authority, while it is not in the world which is the concept of the Original Being. The lack of power of authority in an ideal world results from the omnipresence of the power of love in it. If we were to find ourselves in such an ideal world, we would understand that the power of love creates in it permanent and perfect relationships between its inhabitants. In this world there is no need to manage their lives. Of course, with the growing number of its inhabitants, it is only necessary to manage the production of material goods.

Knowledge about the proper functioning of the force of love in the human living space is extremely poor, or actually none. We know its modest substitutes in the form of childhood, partner and parental love, and in the action of love for specific states that surround us, for example love for nature. There are many such loves, but they are only residual forms of a whole, which, unfortunately, humanity does not grasp at our very low emotional level. Essenceism explained in previous studies about this level and its causes. In short, it results from the fact that humanity was stopped in its spiritual development from the very beginning of its existence and this level has not changed to this day.

According to the analysis of essenceism, the destruction of the original concept of the Creator at the very beginning of human history was caused by the power of authority. At the very beginning, it was introduced into the space of human life by the protector of the first people, that is, Archangel Lucifer, changed into Satan for this reason. This situation arose as a result of a reversal of the direction of love to the opposite of the one that originally belonged to it. This reversal caused spiritual death, that is, it initiated a reality cut off from the source of love, that is, the Original Being. Since then, humanity has been spiritually dead, that is, living in hell. A certain "resurrection" was due to the efforts of eminent spiritual individuals. According to analyzes of essenceism, Jesus Christ made the most significant progress. They show that His goal was to completely restore the proper state belonging to humanity, that is, the state that comes from the Creator. Unfortunately, a very short period of his activity ended tragically for Him. His work of redemption remains, but only on the level of the individual. He also left some progress in the spiritual development of all mankind. Unfortunately, this progress was too low to definitely turn back from the "bad path". Religions should be responsible for a turning back. Whether this is so, I write in the next chapters of this study.




 Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

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