Chapter 6

Meaning of existence of the spiritual person

Essenceism is a system that has sufficiently prepared research instruments to specifically answer one of the most important questions about the meaning of human life. It is a spiritual person because it gives us the meaning of life as an eternally existing being. In particular, it can explain why we are so different from the rest of the universe.

It is worth realizing that only we humans are interested in asking questions about the meaning of our existence, seeking God and deciding whether He exists or not. Plants, animals, even those with the highest degree of development do not it. This is because there is in us this additional "part" in relation to the whole of nature, which comes directly from the Creator's Personality. Hence, from the very beginning of our civilization, people look for the One from whom they come. Not from protozoa, not from monkeys, but from someone we don't know and whom we still want to meet.

The perfect man from the beginning of the Creator's plans was intended for His partner. It's more than just being a child of God. The Original Being needs the greatest level of love and can only experience it with perfect beings like Him. The spiritual person of the perfect man is therefore to be the peak achievement of the Creator of the universe. Every perfect man should be someone the most precious of everything you can imagine. A perfect man is a masterpiece of the Creator, someone to whom He can entrust the entire universe and be sure that he will become a good representative of what He has accomplished.

So what is a man to do if he knows that he will live forever? First of all, he should use his physical life to the full, even every minute of it, to reach the level expected by the Creator. This level means maturity to begin the eternal, most important period in our lives. After reaching perfection, an eternal future awaits us, which is now difficult to understand. Therefore, essenceism wants to present two possible scenarios for humans who are beings who live forever in the infinitely vast cosmos. One of them is more passive. It makes people eternal beings traversing various places in the cosmos and admiring its richness. The second, more active scenario makes humans creators of new civilizations in the same eternal, empty, and infinite universe. For us now living on a tiny planet, lost somewhere in space, both of these scenarios are utter fantasy.

The passive scenario is based on a logical understanding of the Creator's activities, as a result of which the cosmos is not an uninhabited void without life. If there are billions of galaxies in the universe, and billions of stars in each of them, then the probability of millions of life-adapted planets is huge. It can be assumed that on these planets the Creator has realized his plans to create people in His image and assay. This means that the universe can be inhabited by countless human civilizations on which beings like us reside. Our hope should be that they have perfect worlds not like on Earth. Evil could never occur on these planets, so they are a kind of heavenly Kingdom realized. So people's spiritual people after passing physical life on planet Earth could move without losing time throughout the universe and make faces on any inhabited planet. Previous versions of essenceism explained the notion of physicalization of spiritual persons in the physical world and showed the possibility of spiritual persons moving to any place in the universe without wasting time. This is due to the rules prevailing in the state of time and space. With such a huge number of inhabited planets, it would be a never-ending "sightseeing tour" or "planetary tour" for mature spiritual people of planet Earth. It would be the endless existence of people in the universe, indeed more passive than active.

The second scenario, the more active one, assumes that perhaps all of these billions of galaxies and their stars are still in a stage of transformation leading to the formation of planets adapted to the life of human beings on them. Such a scenario would make the Earth a "producing" planet of the Creator's representatives prepared to create human civilizations in countless places in the universe. We would be a kind of "breeding ground" of perfect educators of future civilizations. Scientists have calculated that there are more than one hundred billion of those who have died on Earth so far. If they were all eternal beings in the form of perfect spiritual persons, they would be for the Creator wonderful emissaries preparing new human civilizations. For them, time and space would not be any obstacle, so they could share the tasks of creating human worlds in different places in the cosmos. Such human educators, perfect themselves, after having established themselves on a given planet, would be the guides of parents bringing up their children there. The only question is whether they would do it in the form of becoming physical, or could they invisibly replace the angels in their educational mission.

By the way, it is worth drawing the conclusion that there is no point in trying to prepare our exodus to some other habitable planet with the increasing number of humanity. The distances in the universe and the relatively short physical life of a human make these plans impossible to implement. It would be much wiser to make people aware that they are eternal as spiritual persons and that physical life is only a preparation for this eternity. They could then maintain the population on Earth in such numbers that our planet would enable everyone to live in dignity. Of course, such a state would require no evil on our planet and treating humanity as one big family. Perhaps it will happen someday.

The Original Being should have perfect partners or representatives present "everywhere", just like Him. This is probably His plan, though it is beyond our ability to check it. The above description results primarily from the need to outline a specific solution for humanity. This is the mission of essenceism in relation to all the topics discussed by this system.






 Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

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