Chapter 5

The true state of man

The sense of getting to know the Original Being by man is primarily related to the fact that He gave people for further development a part of His work. In this case, it is development already carried out by another creator, who based on the inherited work is to create a new reality. The handing over of His work to a human being means the end of His role as a builder of the physical world, even if this work was in its raw state at the time of the transfer. For the Creator, it is a finite whole, or state, which He has planned. Next, the entire "creator" assumes all responsibility. This means that there are lower levels of perfection than divine in relation to other beings and phenomena. Man in his development goes through various levels of perfection regarding physical presence in the environment he develops. Regardless of the situation, the laws of Divine Providence are constantly present. However, this time it is the man who should lead to perfection the entities that accompany him. At the same time, his ultimate goal is personal perfection, which should be the result of biological life on Earth.

In previous parts of the study on essenceism, I described man as an entity existing in an integrated form of coexistence of his physical and spiritual person. This applies only to the first stage of our lives, the "earthly" stage. The second part is the eternal state of existence of a spiritual person in the sphere beyond of time and space, i.e. in the spiritual world. In previous parts of the study on essenceism, I pointed out that there are other beings that exist forever. It's about angels. They are servants of God and people, unlike man only having a spiritual person. Also, unlike people who have free will, their will should be called a targeted will in which freedom has a small share.

Essenceism presents the theory that a human spiritual person emerges from the Original Being, just as a newborn baby emerges from the mother's womb. This birth, however, is not the result of fertilization, as is the case with physical conception.

According to this theory, man has its origin in the Heart of God, when in the human body the law that comes from Him about the proper penetration of a male sperm into a woman's egg cell works. The decision to fertilize comes from man, but as a consequence it involves God's participation in initiating the creation of a new human life. This was the concept of the Creator from the beginning, when he handed Earth over to man. The formation of a spiritual person is not associated with any process of passing time or a specific place, because the spiritual world functions outside of time and space. Each time it is a unique Divine creation act that is beyond our consciousness. A spiritual person is formed from the beginning with Divine Energy. Therefore, a new, eternal being arises in which the personality emerged from the Divine Personality will be implanted. The Creator gives it as if a part of Himself in the form of His Intelligence, Will and Love and a "piece" of His Heart. Therefore, it will be a child of both parents and His. The personal attributes of God for a particular person come to life when the Creator makes the decision to breathe life into a natural being born. This occurs when the period of its many months of development in the womb ends. Such embodiment of attributes from the Creator can be taken as the proper beginning of the divine fatherhood towards a particular human individual.

I have such a picture: a human being is born from the mother's womb - a new physical person. Everyone present at the birth can see it. At the same time, another picture overlaps with this: the Creator's calling a new spiritual person. It emerges from Him, but it is invisible to our eyes. It connects with the one already visible to our senses, which we cannot see either. This process follows from the principle that man is a child of God and is to be in His image and likeness. We go further through life, we reach a state when our physical body is old and redundant. Then we shed the fleshly shell that is delaying us. We are still living as a proper spiritual man, i.e. a spiritual person. From that moment we are an invisible being, inaccessible to physical senses, but living forever in the spiritual world.

For clarity, this part essenceizmu explain that to determine the human use of terms an individual and a spiritual person. During the period of human development during earthly life, they are together a united human entity. In other words, the "interior" of man is a spiritual person because he is the right human being. It is a much more precise name than spirit or soul. Actually, in relation to man I avoid the term spirit, because in the colloquial meaning it means a very wide range of spiritual beings, such as angels, ghosts of the dead, demons, devils, nymphs etc. At the same time, in my considerations I use the term soul in a slightly different sense than religions. I reserve it to describe the internal character of a given being. It is not some independent entity, but rather an internal, inseparable directing nature. The model for determining it is the main attributes of God, that is, the attributes of God's Spirit. These are, above all: His Intelligence, Will and Emotionality, which create as if His Inner Character. He penetrates the ubiquitous Energy of the First Cause, which for our imagination can be called the Spiritual Body of God. It is similar with man. Hence the name spiritual soul for the inner character of the spiritual person and the physical soul for the character of the physical person.

Each birth of a new man is another impulse in the development of the Original Being itself, an act of expanding its presence in the universe. It is as if thanks to our birth He developed even though He is already a perfect being. This claim refers to a situation in which our world would develop from the beginning in accordance with the concept of the Creator. In this way, through us, the Creator has the opportunity to realize His inner desire for development. It was simultaneously inherited by all universe. Therefore, development is the basic mechanism of all universe existence. It is also the main principle of our personality, because each of us was created to become as if an extension of the Creator, or rather a collective complement. Of course, the implementation of this concept will be possible when man reaches the maturity foreseen by the Creator, which should be understood in human terms as perfection. This was clearly emphasized by the only perfect man who walked the Earth: "... be perfect, how perfect your Heavenly Father is" (Mt 5:48). Unfortunately, his request is still unfulfilled.

God did not create man to die. The death of the physical body was foreseen by the Creator from the beginning. It should not be a tragedy or cause of suffering for a person's immediate environment. The Creator is waiting with longing for each of His children, because each of us can bring Him unique joy and happiness. In the Kingdom of Heaven, that is, in an ideal world, physical death completes the stage of human growth to perfection and is rather an opportunity for great joy. It is as if he passed his "high school-leaving examination" and everything was open to him. Our physical life can also be compared to the duration of pregnancy or the period of hatching in the egg. After leaving the earthly shell, or rejecting the material body, everyone will be able to live forever. He will enjoy freedom in the entire infinite universe, and above all, existence in a kind of symbiosis with God.

To sum up, man was not created like everything else in the universe. He was born of the Original Being which should therefore be called Heavenly Father.








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