Chapter 34

How to prepare the salvation of the world?

I have pointed out in many places in my studies that God Will not save the world "above our heads." This means that He will not surprise us with His created end of the world or the so-called Last Judgment.

I have also repeatedly pointed out that it is not right to count on the Savior's descent from heaven as God's action to change our reality. The Creator cannot be an instrument for solving human problems.

The Original Being is changeless, absolute and perfect. He always, and without exception, gives every born person on Earth his "breath of life", which is a unique spiritual person. He gave it to Adam, whom we treat as the first man, He gave it to billions of people throughout the history of human history. At a specific time He also gave a spiritual person to Jesus Christ. These two births, Adam and Jesus, were unique. Investigating this fact is necessary to understand the birth of a possible future savior of humanity.

Both the birth of Adam and Jesus were completely free from Satan's influence. Adam because he was not there at the time, and Jesus because Satan had no way of interfering in his birth. This fact is extremely important. It turns out that a world under the control of Satan may be born someone like the Son of God, who has no fallen nature, that is, no dependence on "the master of this world".

The analysis of essenceism shows that since the bad pedigree of Adam and Eve has affected all of humanity, causing negative collective responsibility for the fall in the Garden of Eden, then a good pedigree of the Savior and His Bride based on the principle of positive collective benefit can lead to the salvation of all people, and this with no exception. The birth of Jesus Christ was the result of the efforts of the chosen people and their key figures in a long chain of generations. The determination of Abel, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua and other Bible-conscious heroes, including women, who were aware of their mission, resulted in the creation of a blood heritage of more power than Satan's influence. Therefore, the several thousand years of Jesus' pedigree heritage could "cleanse" the evil of the collective heritage of original sin resulting from the fall in the Garden of Eden.

According to the analysis of essenceism, the phenomenon of the Savior's appearance should follow the collective effort of the entire generation chain, with the participation of many figures, especially those belonging to the world's major religions. It is about Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Those engaged in salvation should be aware of their role, so that their will has an influence on eliminating the evil influence of Satan. Once upon a time, the Jewish people prepared, through their efforts and suffering, the possibility of the birth of a Son of God completely independent of Satan on Earth. This is an important precedent for us to repeat this situation. If, in the process of salvation, the right people understand the necessity to prepare for the birth of the Son of God on Earth, then in the modern era the same mechanism that worked when Jesus Christ appeared.

In this case, every action in accordance with the laws constituting God's Providence brings us closer to the possibility of the birth of the Son of God on Earth. It is, of course, about his birth unburdened by the inheritance of fallen nature from Satan. At the same time, every wrong action takes us away from it. Thus, in the matter of the Savior's birth, God is not the main decision maker. We have the key to His coming. It must also be admitted that Satan will be an extremely difficult opponent in our mission, as this may end his existence.

As a reminder, I mark what I mean by the key in the "hands" of humanity. This metaphor means the essenceism's respective definitions of good, God's Providence, and God's Will. This Will does not necessarily have to be read from the holy books, because it is a very clear and clear concept. It means the Creator's decision to create an ideal or perfect world called the Kingdom of Heaven. It also means the appearance of His perfect children, i.e. those in His image and likeness who have undergone the process of growth, reproduction and making a surrendered Earth on Earth. For this, Christians pray with the words "Thy will be done... Your kingdom come... as in Heaven, and also on Earth..." in the most famous prayer of Christians "Our Father". .






 Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

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