Chapter 2

God – The Original Being

Essenceism tries to present the existence of God in a new way. It is an Eternal Being that should really exist, not one shaped by different religions. To use an objective and neutral name for the True God sought, essenceism gave it the name of the Original Being. This system tries to confirm in a scientifically similar way its existence as the Initial Causative Being. Essenceism does this not so that God is the object of faith, but the subject of knowledge.

Thus, essenceism presents at the very beginning a hypothetical God defined by appropriate qualities, such as eternity, perfection and absolute. Then, based on science, but without using so-called holy books, creates the perfect model of God. In this respect, it takes an example from the proven mode of action of scientists who, studying important phenomena, create their mathematical or engineering models for further research. In the case of a positive result of this research, a model is obtained which is close to reality. In the next steps related to the practical verification of the results obtained, the real state of the phenomenon is reached. Essenceism has gone through this process and can present the existence of not a hypothetical God, but a real Original Being.

In the scientific community, based on the latest developments in quantum physics and theoretical astrophysics, many imaginative researchers came to the conclusion that if such Original Being existed, He should be the First Cause of all things. Therefore, they do not have to believe in a "religious god", and their "scientific version", not connected with any cult or creed, is enough for them. Essenceism, in its analyzes, is also constantly guided by the assumption that the First Cause must exist independent of religious dogma. During the analysis carried out by my system, I check every view, theory or theorem in relation to the necessary attributes of the Original Being. Essenceism also calls Him the Creator to refer to His proper "function." This name must be introduced, because the described Original Being should be the creator of time and space. This means that He, acting outside of space and space, initiated time and space filled with various forms of energy and matter. Scientists called the beginning point of the creation of the universe the Big Bang, although most often they do not attribute this cosmic phenomenon to the activities of the Creator. Here I have a different opinion than they, because my thesis is that God created the space-time of the universe.

Thus, according to essenceism, the universe appeared as if it had emerged from the Original Being in the form of a primordial permeated by laws. These laws look like they are an intelligent "operating system". As a result of this beginning, the universe functions according to specific laws and principles that we are gradually discovering. We, having found this "operating system" on Earth, joined our "applications" cooperating with it. Thanks to this, we are still developing our civilization.

Returning to the analysis of the existence of the Original Being, it should be stated that the most important concept in His identification is infinity, which existence is recognized not only by scientists, but it also functions in the universal human consciousness.

In this case, the main attribute of the studied Original Being, in addition to absolute and perfection, is eternity. It is easy to accept future-oriented infinity. We are almost sure that the universe will last forever, because even if a disaster occurs on Earth and life disappears on it, it will be an almost imperceptible incident on the scale of the entire cosmos. Apart from breakneck theories, there are no premises to negate the duration of the universe and its constant expansion. It is much harder to acknowledge and understand the infinity directed in the opposite direction, i.e. facing the past. We will always ask ourselves a question, very logical, what was before. Even saying that God has always existed entails the temptation to ask what was before Him and what is His beginning. Of course, infinity has no end, but also has no beginning and this is the most difficult to accept.

Thus, all the arguments used in this study lead to the basic claim that the Original Being should be associated with the sought transcendent sphere: unlimited in nothing and infinite from backward infinity to future infinity. You can imagine it as the "space" surrounding the universe or the state it is in. Essenceism uses the name spiritual world or sphere beyond time and space.





 Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

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