Chapter 12

Evil versus good

In previous studies of essenceism it has been shown that the Creator should be the Absolute creating only good, beauty and love, and be the source of perfect intelligence and wisdom. Therefore, good is the permanent state of the Original Being, the only one in which He exists. From this follows the logical conclusion that if God, having the abovementioned attributes, created the universe, there could be no place in it for evil. Therefore, the evil known to us could never exist in His Personality and of course in the concept of the universe. Such an absolute and perfect the Original Being could not simply create it, so He has nothing to do with it.

Going even further from the basic qualities of the Original Being, it must be stated that evil arose completely outside the law and principles existing in Him. Therefore, it could not reach Him as a recognizable phenomenon. Moreover, God not only never took them as a real state, but He also receives them nowadays. He just didn't know them, He doesn't know them and he will never know. Such a statement seriously changes the typical image of most religions of the omniscient God they know. Meanwhile, by completely separating evil from the Personality of the Original Being, we obtain a "pure" Creator, that is, an absolutely good and perfect Heavenly Father. Unfortunately, people have been modifying God in their own way for centuries, although most often they have no idea who He really is.

That is why it is necessary to explain once again what evil is. It is definitely a departure from good. Based on the analysis of the primeval reality that is attributed to the work of the Original Being, evil can be briefly defined as what should not be at all, neither in Him nor in His universe. In this case, it's not about weakening God's omnipotence and His omniscience. If God predicted evil, it would be known to Him from that moment, and thus would be part of His Consciousness. However, this cannot be the case. Evil is a special exception. This is not ordinary quality or phenomenon, which is many in the universe. This is a kind of anti-reality, i.e. a singularity that is absolutely beyond God, i.e. a state that does not exist for Him. I know that people have a very poor idea of ​​God and His attributes. However, it is worth considering that the Original Being exists beyond of time and space, while our assessments result from the position of existence in space-time. This creates a situation that our point of view can be completely different from His.

In addition, our current understanding of God is not only the faith that has been shaped for centuries, but is also the result of our subjective assessment that evil is part of His existence. Our personality damaged by evil, that is, our nature destroyed by evil, "taught" us a picture of God in which we are burdened by the knowledge of evil. In this way, we subconsciously accept the wrong point of view preventing us from correctly assessing it. This main point of view was inherited by the main monotheistic religions from the statement of the biblical Serpent that if Adam and Eve listened to him, they would know good and evil as God would. Unfortunately it was a lie. The main critic of Satan, Jesus Christ, because He thought that this enemy of humanity from the beginning was a liar and there is no truth in him at all. These statements above were taken from Genesis 3, 5-6 and the Gospel of St. John 8.44.

To examine the existence of evil, I not only analyzed "Bible" but also "Koran", read the books of "Vedas", reviewed "Tipitaka" and a number of other recognized religious books such as "In the Light of Truth", "The Divine Principle", "Book of Knowledge", "Book of Uranti" and even the message "Sai Baba speaks to the West". I realized that in these books evil is most often treated as strangeness, as something burdening our personality and unwanted in our living space. In general, you can summarize the analyzes of evil posted there as a departure from good.

All the above arguments lead to the conclusion that where there is evil, there is no God. This means that He is also not in our present reality on Earth. This statement is very similar to that of atheists. However, my study is only about the absence of God in the bad environment of our Earth, and not at all. Essenceism strongly claims that it must exist in a sphere outside of time and space. Many followers of different religions, when asked where God is, answer that He is everywhere. However, when we ask them if He is also in hell, we get the answer that He cannot be there. This is because these believers treat hell as something existing outside of God. In their opinion, hell is the place where Satan reigns. However, when we combine this belief with the assertions of Jesus Christ that Satan is "the master of this world", we get the not-so-popular conclusion that our Earth is hell. This religious argument suggests that there is no God on our Earth, which is likely to coincide with our daily experiences.

In a world full of evil, in which billions of people suffer from injustice, sickness, harm, wars and other misfortunes, Someone who is absolutely good cannot be present. In the world of "Hitlers", "Stalins" and similar criminals whose presence indicates the universality of Evil (in capital and lowercase), there cannot be the Creator of the Heavenly Kingdom intended for us, i.e. the perfect world. The state of our reality rather indicates the presence of an anti-god, i.e. a completely opposite being, called Satan. This topic is discussed in more detail in all my essenceism books and on my website at

So, I definitely think that there is no place in our world for absolutely good Original Being. Of course, there is only His indirect presence in the form of Divine Laws and Principles, which in a sense other than the Christian religion, I call God's Providence. At the same time, the trace of His direct presence is our original nature, which is the good side of our personality. Thanks to this nature, we have a chance to distinguish good from evil. Most people feel the state of our world as a permanent struggle between good and evil. According to essenceism, this is our reality.






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