Chapter 1

Introduction of the new knowledge about God

The essenceism system previously presented the results of its analysis on three fundamental questions: who is God, what He is and where He is. The answer to these questions was found in the first book entitled: Essenceism - God is not of this world. It was there that the explanation began that the time had come to reach the deepest depths of human sensitivity to a new knowledge about God in unity with science.

There is no point in discussing the medieval images of God sitting on a golden throne in heaven, surrounded by choirs of angels. The statement by many believers that "God is in me" is simply a learned act of faith, and would only be true if we lived in an ideal world. Only in such a world can humanity directly feel God's presence. To insist on believing that God is in us leads to the same conclusion as that He is everywhere, sees everything, and watches over everything. Such an image of the presence of God has already been described in my previous publications as an illusory vision of God.

In my first book on essenceism with the subtitle God is not of this world, an alternative to the above image of God was presented. Following this line of reasoning, in the next book entitled We are of this world, apart from analyzing the fact that God do not know the evil, specific suggestions concerning philosophy and religion were given, leading to a proper understanding of the existence of the Original Being and His activity. Now, in this book on essenceism, it is about the most complete understanding of the phenomenon of evil, which is a state known primarily to people and the so-called "evil side of the force".

In each of the mentioned parts of essenceism, the principle of checking the next analytical steps with a proper understanding of the existence of the Original Being applies. Therefore, the previous findings of essenceism about who He is, what He is and where He is must be constantly taken into account. Only in this way can we develop a proper image of His knowledge. Then one can risk making claims about what He knows or does not know. Only such an open attitude leads to a proper understanding of our reality.

I would like to remind you that the thesis put forward by essenceism is that the entire physical structure of the universe, that is, the entire cosmos with all its material aspects and various forms of energy, scientifically observed and studied, is the visible "physicalization" of the Energy of the First Cause. As I explained in previous works, it is one of the two main attributes of the Creator. This Energy, which is His Physical Side, fills with itself in its original form the entire sphere except time and space. Hence, everything around us in the infinite cosmos are processed forms of the First Cause Energy belonging to the Creator. Outside the universe, as if outside it, in the sphere beyond time and space, there exists its ubiquitous unprocessed form, that is, the Primary Energy of the First Cause. Many religions equate It with the Power of God.

Then, the thesis put forward by essenceism states that the second main attribute of the Original Being is its Spiritual Side. It is like God's Spirit filling itself in its original form with the entire sphere, except time and space. Of course, this sphere is invisible, unlimited, and eternal from minus infinity to plus infinity. Thus, we can only imagine the presence of God's Spirit indirectly, just as we imagine the existence of a spiritual person. This has already been demonstrated in the first and second books on essenceism. Obviously, His presence takes place on an infinitely larger scale than the cosmic one, as it also applies to the source sphere for the universe beyond time and space.

The Spiritual Side of God should be "everywhere", just as the human spiritual person exists "everywhere", not only in our physical body, but also outside it. The description contained in the first study on essenceism shows that the presence of God's Spirit in the universe is realized primarily through the universally existing laws of nature. We are talking about the original laws and principles that derive from Him, permeated with His Intellect, Will and Emotion. Their presence can be understood as the indirect filling of the space-time universe by the Personality of God. In a similar way, our spiritual person fills our body, although it is direct. The divine presence in the universe cannot be direct because He, as a perfect Being, cannot be directly present in an imperfect environment. This is because the cosmos is in constant development and is unstable, and what the Original Being is directly present in becomes perfect. The real and immediate sphere of His presence is a reality that exists beyond time and space. It is this sphere, which is like an ideal spiritual world, He fills with all Himself, as if it were Him and He was.

At my present level of understanding of God, I assume that His Personality is centered in His Heart, which is the Center, Source, and Cause of God's activity. As if in the "orbit" of His Heart, I imagine the existence of the main attributes of the Creator. It includes Absolute Intelligence from which Omniscience derives, Absolute Will from which Good derives and Absolute Emotionality from which Love derives. In the Divine Personality analyzed by essenceism, they reveal themselves as the action of Omniscience leading to Development, the action of Good leading to Perfection, and the action of Love leading to Oneness and Beauty. According to the hypothesis presented in essenceism, these fundamental attributes have contributed to the creation of all the rules and laws that we learn throughout the universe. However, it must be understood that all his attributes are harmoniously united in God. These are not some separate and independent features of the Personality of the Original Being. Such a distinction is only needed for our analytical mindset leading to a better understanding of the First Cause.

Therefore, I will summarize all the above findings so that they can be used as cognitive instruments in the further part of this study.

Thus, the Physical Side of God is actually different states of processed primary energy that has existed since always, that is from infinity, just as the Original Being itself exists. As part of the creative act, carried out in accordance with the laws inherent in His Personality, it transformed into concrete forms of energy and matter, leading to the present form of the universe with its galaxies, stars and all other forms in the space-time surrounding us. The universe was created, therefore, from God Himself, from the primordial energy contained in Himself, and from the laws that always exist in His Personality. Hence the validity of the claim that God created the universe from Himself, and the wrongness of the dogma that He created it from nothing. Thus, the act of creating the universe performed by the Original Being is the act of transforming the "building material" in Him into the state of space-time with all forms of energy and matter. As a reminder, I am giving that the Spiritual Side of the Original Being is directly related to the sphere beyond time and space. At the same time, in a processed way, that is in the form of natural laws and principles, it penetrates the entire space-time of the universe.

Christians and some other religions claim that God is everywhere. This may be true, although it is good to understand the meaning and content of this claim.






 Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

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