Chapter 5

Theses of the Theory of Eternal Existence shaped by essenceism

The main thesis of the theory of eternal existence is the existence of the Original Being, i.e. the Creator. He created the space-time of the universe from Himself, that is, from His Personality and His Original Energy. Thus, Energy flowed from Him, which, with the participation of His Laws and Principles, shaped the space-time of the universe. According to the analyzes of essenceism, this process was guided by the Original Force of Love as a super force that shaped various forms of energy and matter of the universe, and finally us, humans.

An extension of the thesis of this theory is that the Original Being exists eternally in a state beyond time and space (i.e. in a transcendent reality, which can be defined as the spiritual sphere). What He has created is space-time filled with energy and matter, which is physical reality. This thesis and the description of the Original Being in the form of existential judgments gradually increased the knowledge about Him. As part of the extended thesis building the theory, terms regarding the features, attributes and attributes of the Personality of the Original Being were introduced. This is how the nucleus of the theory of eternal existence was formed. After checking the coherence of existential judgments, it could be defined as a theorem. The end goal of this process is to turn this theory of eternal existence into a scientific law.

Features of the Original Being

The theory of eternal existence, as a result of analyzes of the essenceism system, assumes three basic features of the Original Being. They are: Absoluteness, Eternity and Perfection.

Attributes of the Original Being

According to the theory of eternal existence, the first of the two main attributes of the Original Being is His “Inner Side”, i.e. Personality, which is described by His attributes. The second main attribute is His Praenergy (“External Side”), i.e. the Energy of the First Cause, which together with His Personality is the "material" of all things.

Qualities of the Original Being

According to the theory of eternal existence, His attributes are: Will, Intelligence and Affection, which interpenetrate one another and are integrated in the Personality Center. My theory calls this Center as the Source of Love, it means, the Heart.

The Original Force of Love of the Original Being is an active super force flowing from His Heart. It is produced by the Original Being as a result of the unity of Its Inner Side and Outer Side.

Summary: The phenomena discovered and described by the essenceizm analytical system are complex and highly verifiable. Thanks to this, the formal conditions were met to shape a theory of a scientific nature from the obtained results. Essenceism gave the theory of eternal existence a high information content, which made it possible to build new theorems. Thanks to proven solutions, the theory shows significant innovation and progress in relation to the statements contained in the long-existing philosophical and theological systems.






 Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

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