Chapter 33

Vision of eternity in the universe

Theoretically, a very large number of planets in space could be a place for people to live. Therefore, instead of claiming that the infinite cosmos is a dead desert, it can be assumed that it is an eternal place for the development of humanity and reaching the perfection of every human being. My theory says so!

The only sensible answer to the question why the universe was created is: it was created for people. It is about the eternal environment intended by the Creator for the proper formation of a community of people and reaching the maturity of their eternal spiritual persons. Therefore, as a result of spending their lives on our planet, people should achieve the perfection provided for beings who can live forever with their Creator after this life. This is what our biological environment is for. Such a process could also take place throughout the cosmos on planets with the right conditions for it. After reaching full maturity and abandoning a physical person on the "native earth", each spiritual person could "physicalize" on any planet adapted to life. There, eternal spiritual persons would experience an endless adventure of life. I wrote about it in many of my studies. According to the theory of eternal existence, this is a wonderful prospect, especially since we have a relatively short period of physical life at our disposal.

My guess goes even further. For I claim that on planets similar to Earth existing in the cosmos, biological life can be the same as on Earth. Also, the people living on them could be exactly the same as us. The Original Being, or the Personal First Cause, is perfect. From the beginning, He prepared the perfect concept of life for human beings. Since we look like this here, we have such organisms and such nature around us, it must be assumed that this is the final and perfect concept of the Creator. He should duplicate it elsewhere in the cosmos. From this point of view, the inhabitants of all human civilizations are the fruit of the most refined conception of the human being. Then there's the argument about Father's Love. Every loving father would like to pass on the best he has to his children. This is especially true of the Original Being, who should be the most perfect Father. It was He who gave our spiritual person His qualities that can create an ideal personality for every human being. They should be developed by us to the level of personal perfection during our lifetime. This should be the goal of every human life.

When it comes to possible civilizations in space, there is no need to imagine anything other than what is happening here on Earth. The existence of strange-looking aliens is rather a fairy tale created for entertainment purposes. Let us note that the Earth shows excellent values of a fully thought-out celestial body designed to raise an infinite number of human generations. The same may be true of individual planets orbiting their stars throughout the cosmos.

There is a good chance, based on the calculus of probability, that there can be a lot of such "Earths", because the Creator is still active and unlimited. These human-inhabited planets can be a great universal school of life where human beings can grow up to God's intended perfection. I have no doubt that the purpose of the spiritual and eternal Original Being is to educate spiritual people, eternal people just like Him. Thus, physical life on individual "Earths" exists in order for their inhabitants to reach perfection on them. Thanks to this solution, the original spiritual world, i.e. the sphere beyond time and space, becomes a common place of eternal life for spiritual people who may come from different planets in the cosmos. It is in it that people will live "side by side" of the Original Being.

I have the same question that other explorers of the universe ask themselves. Why do we know nothing about the existence of other human civilizations in space? This is where we have a problem. It may be that only our planet stopped its development and only on it, among many others, did evil arise. Could the presence of evil be the reason why we are unaware of the existence of other life in the universe? It's a pity we don't know that. For now, there is an objective reason for the lack of knowledge about other places to live in space. The reason is obvious: we simply cannot know it at the current level of technology. Since we are probably separated from other planets inhabited by humans by distances counted in millions of light years, communication with them and learning about them is not possible at the current level of technology.

However, there may be an even deeper reason for the explanations given above. It results from the fact that from the beginning the Creator's goal was only one common spiritual world for all places in the cosmos where human life takes place. With this concept, communication between places where people are only supposed to go through a short period of growth to perfection was not important. The human body is too fragile to withstand space travel. Perhaps the Creator of humanity never considered the movement of our individuals between planets. It made no sense to Him, since our eternal spiritual persons could move freely throughout the universe and materialize on any planet. The future for people was therefore to be situated in the spiritual world, and not on "their" planets. Therefore, perfect spiritual persons fully formed on Earth can live wherever they want. At the same time, for spiritual people, the whole sphere beyond time and space is open.

The theory of eternal existence does not specifically focus on the physical differences between the inhabitants of planets other than Earth. Rather, he tries to deduce whether there is evil on inhabited planets somewhere in space or not. The hope in these conjectures is that only on our planet has the relationship with God been broken and the fallen world has been created, which is the seat of evil. Personally, I hope that on all other planets apart from the Earth, the so-called Kingdom of Heaven has arisen or is currently emerging. It means a world under the authority of God, that is, a living environment in which there is no evil. Let me remind you that the theory of eternal existence treats evil as a state incompatible with His concept.

Returning to the individual man, the theory of eternal existence shows that each of us is an eternal partner and beloved child for the Creator. We, in turn, can return this love to Him. Each of us should be such a child for Him. If not, then it's worth trying to become one.

The place of our eternity is the spiritual world, i.e. the sphere beyond time and space. This is the "space" originally prepared for us by our Creator. At the same time, it is a "space" in which He Himself has always existed. If we were with Him, we would become citizens of the infinite cosmos, in which perhaps there are many planets similar to Earth, even with human civilizations. If people like us live on them, then we will understand the meaning of not only one great earthly family, but also a cosmic one. All civilizations in the cosmos could, through the spiritual world, join into one community and jointly manage the universe. This would result in a gigantic development of science and technology. This would lead to the fact that we could, after some time, master all events in the cosmos, including the control of the formation of galaxies, black holes and any changes in its space. We could also harness dark energy and dark matter, changing the state of the cosmos to our liking. Before the perfect successors of the Creator, there would be no obstacles.

Summing up the content of this chapter, I would like to once again refer to the meaning of the creation of the universe. I invariably claim that it was created because the Creator from the very beginning needed an eternal and completely unlimited environment to initiate the first phase of life for His children. At the same time, the sphere of eternal existence functioning on the basis of reality beyond time and space is the only proper "place" of existence for the Original Being and for all other spiritual beings, including, of course, for humans. Only in this dimension can we talk about the fact that people are created "in the image and likeness of God". Therefore, living in His unlimited and infinite sphere is the ultimate form of human existence.

Is there any chance that such a broad vision, for the time being future-oriented, will be properly understood by everyone and considered as a real picture of the universe? I hope so, because otherwise I would not be creating a theory of eternal existence. One may also ask, how to authenticate this idea? Unfortunately, this cannot be done yet. Therefore, I base it on the fact that the Original Being has always existed and forever. Eventually, as the perfect Creator, He will reach His goal. Thus, the vision of a human-managed universe is our destiny, even if it is to be realized only in the distant future.

What I am writing about here is not some utopian dream. The establishment of one great cosmic family may have always been the goal of the Creator in shaping the infinite universe. This goal could also be to make people His true successors and representatives in the entire universe. It seems that the Original Being has prepared the cosmos for us in a raw state. He did this to give us the opportunity to modify it and make changes, that is, to perfect this gigantic structure according to our thoughts. He creates everything for eternity. Therefore, after reaching perfection, we could also continue the constant development of the cosmos for eternity, making changes in it beneficial for us. We would be like children treating the cosmos as a sandbox for creative play or similar to artists who constantly create new visions of reality in accordance with their creative inspiration. Endowed by the Creator with the intellect, will and love inherited from Him, we could develop the universe available to us for eternity, as we do on Earth today. This is what the future looks like, according to my theory, if we return to the "normality" foreseen by God through salvation.

The theory of eternal existence was created to constantly remind people of the true meaning of our existence in the universe. According to it, we are destined for extensive creative activity on inhabited planets in the cosmos, which would be the endless adventure of our eternal life. In such conditions, we could feel not only the true meaning of eternity, but also freedom, joy and happiness. Thus, the theory of eternal existence, presenting such a picture of the universe, does not treat it as a utopian vision of the future of humanity. It should become a reality, because it results from the purpose of creating the universe given to it by the Creator. It is worth remembering that the Original Being prepared the universe for people even before any reality was created. Since He is eternal, which means that we have been in His Personality from eternity, the whole universe has always been destined for us to be the ideal, most wonderful and most beautiful place for eternal life.














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