Chapter 14

The need to understand the phenomena shaping our reality

An important goal of the theory of eternal existence is to fully inform humanity about the existence of the God-Creator of the universe, otherwise the Original Being, and about His concept of the ideal world. The point is that according to my theory, He shaped the universe and us with the help of the Original Force of Love. This claim is based on scientists' finding that the cosmos was first shaped by a homogeneous force, which they called the super force. The thesis of my theory is that the Primordial Force of Love is this super force. Thus, according to this theory, the Creator introduced His Power of Love into the act of creation, which resulted in the creation of a reality prepared by Him called good. Then the obvious conclusion must be that He knows no evil. Such an understanding of the Original Being can help people understand the fact that the phenomena that surround us have nothing to do with His original concept. On the contrary; that is, they are a function of the resulting evil.

My theory first introduced a description of the model of our reality as an eternal and good civilization on planet Earth. Understanding this model holds the key to understanding the problems facing humanity. It is especially about the existence of a force of power that constantly introduces evil. In this situation, religion was the main hope. Unfortunately, it turned out that this area of life is thoroughly saturated with the bug of power. For this reason, it does not carry out the task of removing evil from our planet. For many thousands of years, religions have only fed mankind with hope for the creation of a world prepared by their god. Meanwhile, we for thousands of years of the mainstream of our civilization are still struggling with the mechanism of evil that can dominate at all social levels. It is clear from this that religions will not help us create a good world. So you have to look for another area of life that will be more effective.

Political authority cannot be counted on to free humanity from evil either. The political leaders in the ruler's office are usually separated from most of the sufferings to which a large part of humanity is subjected. Therefore, they do not have to make special efforts to improve the living conditions of the societies they rule, because they themselves are assured of prosperity in their personal lives. They are very comfortable like this. Too bad the vast majority of people experience the effects of various forms of evil that make their lives very difficult. Most often ruled by politicians, the majority is fed lies about the impossibility of establishing a perfect world. It is also deceived by assurances about future justice. These lies and promises have worked quite well so far, and have for thousands of years. In practice, this means that a small group of people maintains power over the rest of the people at all times. It is worth knowing that this concept does not come from a good Creator, but from His opposite, i.e. the creator of evil, Satan. That is why our earthly hell continues.

After the failure of religion and politics, the theory of eternal existence sees some hope in science. Of course, this is not a field without evil, because it is made up of the same people who are influenced by politics and religion. However, they are subject to a number of rigors that to some extent limit lies, as well as manipulations resulting from ill will. This is because science subjects the preached views to wide criticism. It can therefore be said that to some extent the scientific procedure eliminates the falsification of reality. This caused my theory to base its claims on the results of research conducted by the essenceism system using methods modeled on science.

The analysis of the essenceism system introduced into the theory of eternal existence explains why an evil, fallen world was created. Let me remind you that our good world was stopped in its development as a result of departing from the concept of the Creator at the very beginning of the creation of the human race. Leaving from the supremacy of the Original Being, we came under the power of Satan. So we can say that we are still spiritually dead and that we do not have proper contact with the Creator. It means we live in hell. Two thousand years ago, there was an opportunity to correct this situation through Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, this opportunity was wasted, and in the following centuries, the efforts of the One who had a way to remove evil from our reality were increasingly blurred.

The knowledge brought by my theory is intended to regain the right vision about the reality that belongs to us. This knowledge was first provided by the essenceizm system presented on websites. So my theory represents the knowledge of what good is and how evil came about. This is to provide tools to remove evil from the space of the world. In this regard, the teaching objectives of my theory coincide with mankind's dreams of an ideal world.








 Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

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