Chapter 10

The idea behind the creation of

The Theory of Eternal Existence

The idea of the theory of eternal existence was shaped in my imagination for several dozen years along with my participation in research on the latest discoveries of science in the field of physics. In these studies, it was necessary to demonstrate not only knowledge of classical physics, but also quantum physics and theoretical astrophysics. The interest in the discoveries resulted from the profile of my professional work. During business trips around the world, I found moments to get acquainted with various religious denominations. It was my additional hobby during scientific trainings and studies in various parts of the world, such as the Middle and Far East, America and Africa. Thus, the process of getting to know such gods as Yahweh, Heavenly Father or Allah took place parallel to ordinary professional activity. I came to the most surprising conclusions about religions when I strictly applied the scientific method to the analysis of their content. Thanks to this, I better understood the meaning of the existence of religious denominations.

As a result of these experiences, I had to decide whether to "say goodbye" to the existing concepts of God, or try to modify those concepts that religious denominations present. First, I came to the conclusion that the history of religion, especially in the Middle East, is a history of reversing the statement that God created man in His image and likeness. As a result, the vision of God in the image and likeness of man, i.e. God imagined by people, was created. I noticed that a long time ago Judaism "shaped" God for its tribal and national needs, that is, it made Him Yahweh - the national God of Judaism that exists to this day. Then Christians, in their own way understanding the teachings and explanations of the Son of God, modified the "Israeli" God in the fashion of an international God, existing in the form of the Holy Trinity. It was created as a result of editing the Gospel texts during the First Council of Nicaea. The message of Christ was edited there in order to shape the Christian religion as a religion of power. This created an imaginary god that had very little in common with the one Jesus spoke of. Later, Mohammed, preaching the Koran, modified the Yahweh taken from the Bible for the tribal needs of the Arabs and made Him Allah, that is, the "Islamic" God somewhat similar to the "Christian" one.

Out of scientific duty, I am explaining the definition of the god delusion. He is a god created in the image and likeness of humans. This god knows evil because he is present around us and watches our lives. Therefore, he operates in the same "space" as his opposite, that is, he competes on Earth with Satan. With the help of "Christian" Providence, he takes care of us, understands human needs, and even helps his followers to destroy the enemies they indicate. Such an imaginary god also supports all kinds of totalitarianisms. In addition, he is especially merciful and forgiving to his priests, followers and fanatics preaching him. He also turns out, when his supporters expect it, to be a severe judge for all mankind, sending heavy punishments to incorrigible sinners and preparing eternal hell for incorrigible members of the human community. Such an imaginary god has power over everything, i.e. he is more a god of power than a god of love.

In my opinion, gods defined in this way are called imaginary gods. People stopped believing in them, and so there was an increasing indifference to the spiritual needs associated with religion. Added to this were the crimes of the clergy, ranging from fraternizing with bloody regimes to pedophilia. That's why I stopped dealing with such gods. I finally realized the existence of a real, "scientific" Creator who should exist regardless of various beliefs.

In creating a new, scientific-like approach to understanding the existence of God, I decided to apply disciplined reasoning taken over from science regarding His existence, operation and "dwelling". For analytical purposes, I called Him the Original Being. With such an approach to the issue of God's existence, the adjective "hypothetical" should be added to His name. However, I gave up on it as I established His attributes, which gave a coherent theory about Him as the First Cause of the creation of the universe. The case of the Creator of the universe aroused, arouses and probably will always arouse the "quiet" interest of science.

When scientists begin to analyze a given condition or issue, they create an initial research model. They use their intuition and the experience gained while researching unfamiliar situations. They describe this model with appropriate mathematical equations and functions, creating a specific mathematical or physical model. Working in this way, they define all the necessary research rules and instruments that they adapt to the selected project. I did too.

In the case of proving the existence of the Original Being, the main questions concerned the place of His presence in relation to the universe, His possible involvement in creative activity and His Personality affecting this activity. I had to deal with it, because the scientific research so far, both empirical and rational, has shown that it is impossible to locate God in the space-time of the universe. Therefore, His existence should be associated with a state to which science has no access yet. In this way, a thesis was created about a state beyond time and space that could be attributed to the Original Being. In particular, determining the moment of the creation of the structure of the cosmos as a result of the Big Bang opened the possibility of "locating" God in the "afterlife" beyond time and space, i.e. the universe existing outside the space-time. By determining the beginning of the universe, scientists have made everyone aware that it arose from an unknown state that cannot be determined by any known laws of nature or scientific instruments.

The key point in this analysis is the fact that the space-time of the universe appears at a point called a singularity. This indicates the existence before its creation of a sphere defined by my imagination as a state beyond time and space. This means that space and time emerged from a state where time did not exist, that is, that state should be eternal. In this case, you really have to use your imagination to the maximum. Both intuition and scientific experience allowed me to conclude that this sphere is the only possible "place" of the existence of the eternal Original Being. Equally, the only sensible solution was that this Being occupies this entire sphere. After realizing the necessary features of this Being regarding absoluteness, perfection, and eternity, I understood that it must be fully unlimited in its sphere, i.e. it cannot be subject to any time and space limitations. Therefore, the state beyond time and space is the "space" of the Original Being that surrounds the universe. In that case, the Original Being is fully integrated with this state. This means that while maintaining the "central position" of His Personality, this sphere is Him and He is it. Due to the above conditions of the state beyond time and space, I did not have to worry that He "diluted" in this sphere. This can be compared to the human personality, which fully embraces our biological structure. Therefore, our spiritual personality has no barriers, and human thought can freely penetrate time and space.

The theory of eternal existence shows that the universe, its structures, life on planet Earth and the existence of intelligent beings with personality on it, show extraordinary consistency and precision of action. So there is a train of thought leading from an intelligent and eternal Cause to an intelligent effect in the form of an eternal being, i.e. man. Hence the conclusion that the Original Creative Being must have Personality in order to be able to pass it on to people. My whole analytical system is still focused on proving the validity of this thesis. I want to do it clearly and understandable for others, and I present all principles of research and analytical instruments of my theory in all my studies and on websites.










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