Chapter 28

Terms of understanding eternity

Scientists say that the universe originated from a so-called singularity. However, they don't really know anything about it. They only know the consequences of its occurrence. They use this conventional term as a kind of "convenient faith" that removes from them the need to talk about the existence of the Creator of the universe. At the same time, people who believe in God also recognize Him as a "Singularity" called Yahweh, Heavenly Father or Allah. In fact, both groups show a similar state, which is called knowledge for some and faith for others. Thus, in the case of the existence of the universe, it can be said that there is no difference between those who believe in God and those who do not believe in Him.

My theory, avoiding familiar religious beliefs, tries to explore what may lie behind this peculiarity. However, it is not its purpose to enter into a dispute with creeds that cling to gods created in their "image and likeness". Also, my system doesn't want to ask scientists questions about infinity and eternity that they don't know the answer to. My theory introduces a new understanding of the source of the universe, which is the Original Being. I introduced them as the main thesis of my theory. Of course, both science and religion know the concept of the First Cause. This may allow us to link His identity with the Creator and make it easier for us to understand His existence in the infinite sphere beyond time and space. I will now explain in points what follows from this.

Firstly, the Original Being must be One, that is, be the absolute and only Source of all things. Only when something emerges from Him in the form of creation, one can talk about the multiple or duality of the state of coexistence. In parallel with the objects emerging from Him, there are forces of coherence striving for their unity, which reflects the First Source. Therefore, what emerges from the Original Being should be different states of good between which the energy of cohesion interacts. In the case of humans, the state of this energy is, for example, love between a man and a woman. Different states of good originating from the Original Being are specific forms of existence. This is best illustrated by the model of the basic unit of matter, i.e. the atom. It is in it that the principle of division of unity into two opposite states, i.e. positive and negative, and the energy operating between them under various forms of interaction are visible. The entire structure of the atom represents the unity depicting the Original Being in miniature.

Secondly, the Creator emerged from His Personality the fundamental principles of existence along with the laws resulting from them. Together with them, He generated the primary energy from Himself, which takes various forms of energy and matter in the universe. Hence, as it was mentioned in the previous point, each of His creative actions causes the creation of "good objects" and the accompanying impact. Science tries to explain it all. She noticed that when two entities separated from the "source" begin to coexist, they can create complex structures and systems. My theory adds that they have a certain level of knowledge encoded in them. It is true that thousands of years had to pass before the knowledge contained in them was deciphered and described by people. Now it has made it possible to determine the main attributes of the Original Being. They are Intelligence, Will and Emotionality. It follows that the Original Being has a Personality, which means that it can be treated as the Original Being, fully unlimited in time and space. The above attributes of the Original Being enable Him to be the Creator. This is the main thesis of my theory system.

Thirdly, my theory inherits the result of the analysis of essenceism, that the Original Being presented above gave a purpose to the creation of the universe. This analysis of the details found on the globe leads to the conclusion that the Creator refined His work in terms of the existence of humanity on it. Hence the conclusion that we live on a "fastened up" planet, which should be our home for centuries. It is supposed to enable the birth of new generations of people on it forever. Everything has been prepared on it so that we can bring it and ourselves to a state of perfection. This is how the biblical statement that God rested after the symbolic six days of His "work" should be understood. My theory adds to this the observation that the Creator, before the "deserved rest", organized our future life in His world beyond time and space, i.e. in the ideal spiritual world.

Fourthly, the Original Being treated the existence of people in a completely different way than the rest of creation. In short, the people who are His children were begotten directly by Him. Meanwhile, all the rest of creation has been fashioned according to the normal function of creation. It can be said that creation is formed in the Image of the Creator, and people additionally in His likeness, because they have received eternal life. What distinguishes a man from the most developed being on Earth, i.e. from an animal, is his spiritual person who is a proper eternal human being. Its purpose is to achieve personal perfection during earthly life, so that thanks to it you can live forever in the sphere beyond time and space at the side of your Creator and Father.

Fifth, everything indicates that the world organized by the Creator has not been properly developed by people. It seems that the development planned by Him stopped, and people on Earth began to create a reality completely unknown to Him. This reality my theory unequivocally calls hell, because its main mechanism is evil. It must have happened right at the beginning of mankind's existence. Symbolically, this event is described in the Bible. It was attended by Adam, Eve and their guardian Archangel Lucifer. On the initiative of the Archangel, they created a state among themselves that completely reversed the order previously established by the Creator. This initiated the existence of the world under the rule of the fallen Archangel, i.e. Satan. This is how evil and our earthly hell was created. The theory of eternal existence explains that these three changed the original orientation of love to the opposite state, which established Satan's power over people. We are living the consequences of this tragedy every day. Since then, people aware of this tragedy have tried to change this state of evil, especially Jesus Christ. However, we still live in a world that we leave spiritually immature. After physical death, we are only in the vestibule of the sphere beyond time and space, where the Original Being awaits us.

Sixth, if the Creator helped people to repair the evil created on Earth, it would prove that His concept of creation turned out to be imperfect, and He himself failed. But that cannot be and is not so. God, of course, created people and angels, but the situation between the Archangel Lucifer and Adam and Eve occurred completely outside of God, i.e. within their independent action. So the question is whether good beings can create evil and whether God is responsible for it. It seems that God gave Himself creatures that created a phenomenon completely unknown to Him and of course without His participation. This phenomenon is a change in the direction of the love force between them. In this way, they launched the only possibility that was not controlled by the Creator, and which was symbolically defined as "the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil." The still imperfect children of God who were beyond His control due to their period of development participated in this. They were at that time under the care of their tutor, who, also as a result of the same change in the direction of the force of love, lost his position and the bond of life with the Creator. This could only happen because the power of love has an advantage over the power of life, so using it in the wrong direction caused the destruction of the relationship with God, which means spiritual death. Despite equipping the first people with all the attributes necessary to achieve perfection, the participants of the event fell outside the safe framework of the action of the force of love and fell into a spiritual abyss. In this situation, God is still waiting for people to return to the state foreseen by Him, because He is beyond time and space, and time does not pass for Him. Even if after thousands of years people will finally return to the right path of development, God's waiting for people will not have a time dimension. Therefore, the Original Being still expects that one day we will reach Him as perfect spiritual beings. You can see that it's up to us how fast we do it. Therefore, I repeat the claim of my theory that God does not participate in the salvation of the world, because it is the responsibility of people led by the Son of God in the role of Savior.  

Seventh, the situation described above allows you to identify the source of evil, which gives you the opportunity to eliminate it. Although people got to know this source, so far they have not been able to lead to the repair of the world, that is to its salvation. Of the various missions for the salvation of the world, the most important was carried out by Jesus Christ. The problem is that instead of helping Him, people murdered Him. Only the fact that he achieved the position of the Son of God made him redeem the spiritual life of people for the price of his life. This proves that the value of the Son of God is greater than the value of all people living in hell combined. The redemption of spiritual life was forced on Satan by Jesus after the defeat of people from the nation of Israel. If this nation had accepted the Messiah they expected, we would probably live in a world today where there would be no evil. Therefore, the joint effort of the Savior, people and angels can lead to full salvation. If it didn't happen two thousand years ago, it might happen next time. The condition for success is understanding that God, who does not know evil and cannot interfere with it, cannot do it for us. Therefore, the responsibility for salvation rests in human hands. The way to salvation can be similar to the way that those who prepared the coming of the Messiah went through in the times of the Old Testament. Therefore, people of the modern era should work out the possibility of the birth of the Son of God on Earth and together with Him cleanse the human race of connections with Satan.

The question remains, what to do now? Certainly, we should not wait for God to have mercy on us and Himself to save us. It will never happen. It is also not worth waiting for the vision of the Last Judgment to appear in the sky, and Jesus Christ from the clouds will start to reward or punish us for our sins. It is therefore worth realizing that the so-called "religious" end of the world is really the end of evil, i.e. the full salvation of the world. If we don't do it, no one can replace us. Of course, it can be argued that there is still a chance for salvation from beyond our world. It is very unlikely, although theoretically the Creator could have created another civilization in accordance with His concept. We don't know anything about it yet, so it has to be treated as science fiction. However, if there were such worlds in space, they would not come to us in spaceships anyway. We can rather count on their spiritual support, i.e. help from spiritual people, people brought up in an environment where there is no evil. They, like angels, could support conscious "earth fixers", called in the theory of eternal existence globetrotters. The mission of globetrotters is to wander around the world and spread knowledge about the Original Being, about His Love and about eternity in man. They could thus trigger the process of salvation by helping the Savior remove Satan from our planet.









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