Chapter 26

Role of the individual in world history

The theory of eternal existence justifies the significant role of the human individual, which was given to him by the Creator, the Father of mankind. Each of us is to be a being with an important influence on the shaping of history. This opinion was developed as a result of research conducted by the essenceizm system.

The theory of eternal existence, after examining these phenomena, showed that the universe, i.e. our reality, derives from the "Unit", i.e. from the unique and absolute Original Being. Since the individual Source of Life used certain modes of operation, this fundamentally affects the entire creation. The most significant effect of the planned action of the Original Being is the unique position of a single man in relation to the entire act of creation. Such a vision of man must have arisen even before the creation of the universe. According to the theory of eternal existence, the embodiment of the love of the Original Being in the form of individual human units was the cause of the creation of the universe as an environment intended for each of us to reach perfection, which is a reflection of the uniqueness of the Creator's "Unit".

According to my theory, each of us is an eternal being who, after reaching perfection, gains a unique position in relation to all creation. It achieves the purpose for which it was created. Thanks to this, her eternity is realized in unity with the Creator. Together with Him, he can create various forms of reality. The first people the Bible describes were heading for such a position, but unfortunately they were stopped at the beginning of their development and at a rather low level. For this reason, not only the state of the world created according to the concept of the Original Being collapsed, but also the entire system of reaching the perfection of all humanity collapsed. This means that there have been no appearances of human beings in the "Image and Likeness of the Creator". To this day, the state of spiritual death, which is expressed in the lack of bond with the Creator, continues.

My theory does not take literal descriptions of events in the Bible. However, he considers some of the teachings in this important book, such as the parables taught by Jesus Christ. They allow us to understand His true views that have been obscured by Christian theology. Through their analysis, my theory tries to show the real vision of Jesus regarding His teachings about Heavenly Father, about love and about our eternity. Seeing an authentic figure in Him, I try to recover the true version of His words. I consciously identify Him as the Son of God, that is, the only perfect man who has achieved the goal of creation. According to my theory, the perfection of a son or daughter of the Heavenly Father should be the goal of every human being. However, it was not achieved by the first "biblical" people, i.e. Adam and Eve; as well as no one before or after Jesus.

Therefore, my theory analyzes the descriptions and words recorded in the Bible only in an educational dimension. This concerns, first of all, the beginnings of the emergence of evil. The analysis of this phenomenon has already been described in various studies of the essenceism system. Now I just want to briefly state that evil in the world appeared through one archangel, one man and one woman. They were in their time a complete representation of the world created for people, including the world of angels. Therefore, their actions burden the whole of humanity, including the angels subordinate to the archangel Lucifer, i.e. the later Satan. Although this biblical story is only a symbolic picture of the situation, it explains the present state of the world without the presence of its Creator. As a result of this event, the world became an evil zone, i.e. hell both in the spiritual world and in the physical world. The name hell is used here because Satan became the ruler of the new reality. This biblical description, although it is religious in nature related to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, is, according to my theory, a sufficiently convincing description of the source of evil that has taken over the entire earthly civilization until our times. Despite many searches, I have not found a better explanation for the evil that has always been inherent in our civilization. In the end, I accepted this story as the only reasonable explanation for the continuing bad state of humanity, which has been affecting earthly events since the earliest times.

People created by God were to create families, societies, nations and finally all of humanity. Actually, this is happening, but unfortunately it is not done according to the concept of the Creator. There was a complete change resulting from the mismanagement of the people by the biblical "Serpent", their educator. He never had the right to rule them with his force of power, but only to raise them with the help of the power of love received from the Creator. After they reached perfection, that is, after becoming the "image" of God, Archangel Lucifer was to be their servant. Due to the reversal of the force of love in the opposite direction, he gained power over people and led to their downfall. In this way, instead of in a world of good, they found themselves in a world of evil.

As a result of this tragic event, a fallen world was created in which almost all levels of society fell under the control of Satan. Only the individual level has the ability to escape its domination. Apart from Jesus, only a few individuals were able to oppose the "ruler of this world." Unfortunately, in our "social" world there is no place for true love, and the spiritual level of humanity, which depends on its practical application, has stopped. This means that the types of interpersonal love, i.e. child love, marital love, parental love and friendship, have become weak and transient. Therefore, one of the goals of salvation is to regain true love, which will make it possible to restore people to the dignity of God's children. This applies not only to the current situation, but has always been important, that is, in every period of history. After analyzing the history of the struggle between good and evil, my theory states that only individuals can make significant changes in our world. This applies to both good and evil. Quite often, various rulers or political leaders led people to very bad things, spreading hatred in the course of their power, which is the opposite of love. This is the bad side of the above observation. The analysis of the good side shows that among people there were people who encouraged us to create a better, or even ideal, world. So you can see that the ubiquitous evil has always accompanied us, and the good was hidden in individual human beings. Evil destroyed true love, and good tried to regenerate it. This process is best illustrated by the story of Jesus' life. Based on the actions and achievements of the Son of God, we can better understand the evil force of power and the chances for the victory of good.

To sum up, the theory of eternal existence shows that the Original Being is a "Unit" permeated with Original Love, i.e. Creative Energy constantly flowing from His Heart. His Love has always created the need for individuals who would be its "recipients", and at the same time those who would reciprocate this love. In this way, the state that existed eternally in the Personality of the Original Being could be transferred to a particular man, making him a being in His Image and likeness. Following the example of our Creator, everyone should be a source of love. We just have to be careful that this love is directed towards all people without exception, and not towards ourselves, because it creates a state contrary to the concept of the Creator, i.e. good. Goodness from Him was to be an eternal state destined first for each of us. The value of an individual independent of satanic evil means the value of the Son of God. Therefore, in the process of salvation, the power of the Son of God as the disposer of the Force of Love necessary for the salvation of the world must be taken into account. So far, the force of power, i.e. the power of evil, has been an insurmountable barrier. Although Jesus succeeded in removing it from the spirit world, it still remains the dominant force holding power in our physical world. As you can see, no religion has been able to cope with it, because each of them operates "above the individual", creating structures subject to the influence of Satan. Therefore, the role of the individual is still a key issue in the process of saving the world from evil.








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