Chapter 9

Restoring proper meaning to concepts

thanks to the Theory of Eternal Existence

We have numerous states of reality around us, which in our spiritually undeveloped world can be interpreted differently, depending on the observer, i.e. the person. This position should not surprise anyone if you come to the conclusion that we actually have no way to know the level of our spirituality. As a result, we cannot properly assess the true reality of the world. The last statement is based on the results of analyzes of the essenceism system, which show that evil is an incurable disease of humanity for the time being. In the theory of eternal existence, I prove the thesis that human civilization almost at the very beginning stopped in spiritual development and that this state has not changed. Since this is a very broad topic, I do not want to repeat here the arguments that prove the phenomenon of evil. Namely, I refer you to the fullest study of this phenomenon in my books on the essenceism system, especially the one subtitled: Evil is from this world.

The theory of eternal existence, based on the analyzes of essenceism, presents the opinion that such concepts as: absolute good, true love, perfect beauty or eternity are phenomena that in the current state of humanity may not be properly understood. The point is that the actual reality behind these concepts does not fully reach our consciousness. In order for this to happen even to a small extent, we must have a reference point that should be absolute, perfect and eternal. Such features have only One absolute, perfect and eternal being, which in my theory has been defined as the Original Being. He is, in my opinion, the initial state and the source of all things, i.e. time, space, energy and laws governing these phenomena. Based on the features, attributes and qualities of the Original Being, my theory tries to restore meaning to the concepts used in our life sphere. This decision was made as a result of the observation that the original values and the proper concepts describing them have been obliterated by a large number of ideas obscuring the understanding of the values belonging to us. This is because the system of power introduced on our reality imposes its point of view on phenomena. More and more concepts take on a fluid and ambiguous character, often very distant from the truth, because there is no possibility to determine what is true and what is not. According to my theory, this state results from the existence of evil that destroys the original values shaped for humanity by the Original Being.

The essenceism system, which prepared my theory, noticed countless such phenomena. For example, I will mention the phenomenon of the action of love. For the leaders of certain religious denominations, loving people means ruthlessly enforcing the law supposedly established by “their” God. This has been demonstrated by the Inquisition, religious wars, as well as religious regulations regarding, for example, Islamic sharia. Unfortunately, this behavior, once very common, has reached our times. It is therefore worth returning to the source purified of all accretions to regain the values lost over the centuries.

Therefore, the theory of eternal existence "starts" from the features, attributes and attributes directly related to the Original Being. Thanks to this, you can have a reference point for the phenomena that I describe here. Before I listed the definitions of the main concepts, now I will give again the meaning of their use. Here they are:

= The Original Being, First Cause

The theory of eternal existence avoids the concept of God, because in the space of tens of thousands of years of our civilization, countless gods have been understood under this concept. When using the name Heavenly Father, you need to know that it contains an extensive thesis about His achievements. The use of the term Creator also signals the thesis that as part of His activity, He created the universe, and implicitly also us. Most often, sticking to the assumptions and paradigm of my theory, I stick to the concept of Original Being, sticking to the assumptions and theses of the theory of eternal existence.

= A state beyond time and space

The universe "floats" in a sphere beyond time and space. My theory "sees" the Creator in this realm. Such "seeing" should be understood as a state in which the Original Being fills this entire sphere with Himself, that is, it permeates it from infinity to infinity, as if it were her and she him. This is His "space" from which the universe emerged.

= The spiritual person of man

The uniqueness of man results from the fact that the Original Being breathed into him a part of His Personality. This means that in the form of a spiritual person, He transferred a part of Himself to him. This act, in the form of a "breath from the Creator", is described in the Bible, the wording of which I quote here for illustrative purposes. Thanks to this breath, man has the intelligence, will and emotionality acquired from the Creator centered in the element of the heart received from Him. The developing spiritual person of a man shapes a spiritual soul in himself, a kind of inner guiding nature, called the primary nature. It is she who inherits the elements of intelligence, will and emotionality coming from the Original Being. They harmonize in the personality center of man, that is in his heart. The spiritual person of man created in this way is a sign of the direct presence of the Person of the Original Being at the birth of every man.

= Creation of the cosmos by the Original Being

According to my theory, the act of creation of the universe did not happen by itself, but was caused by the activity of an Intelligent First Cause. This means that the Original Being acted with a specific plan for His work. This is the difference between my theory and the theories of many scientists. Their claim that the universe came into existence by itself is like religious belief that "their God" performed a miracle and created the universe out of nothing. Meanwhile, the theory of eternal existence shows that the Original Being created the space-time of the universe from Himself in accordance with His attributes and attributes. In other words, He did it from His Energy formed by the Laws inherent in His Personality. The source of these Laws are: His Intelligence, Will and Emotionality, which during the formation of the universe were guided by the Primordial Force of Love.

= Love…

Since everything is made of energy, love, which is an interaction at a distance, is also energy at a distance. From the point of view of science, if energy is given a specific direction, it becomes a force. So when love, being energy, is given a direction, it becomes a force. I would like to remind you that according to the theory of eternal existence, the Power of Love of the Original Being is the only force that should create the right reality for people.

= Power…

The power was created when the Archangel Lucifer, the guardian of the first people, reversed the Force of Love, which he had on behalf of the Original Being, to the opposite direction. This situation caused him to take the place of the Creator, which from the very beginning of history gave him dominion over humanity using the power of power transformed from the power of love. My theory is that Satan's power of power allows evil leaders to control people. It should also come as no surprise that the actions of political leaders with the power of power can be the cause of the continued existence of evil on Earth. An equally important reason for the lack of progress in creating the concept of the civilization of love is the erroneous attitude of world religions. They have a mission to save the world from evil. Unfortunately, they too, like political power, have been taken over by the evil force of power, which is the opposite of the power of love.

= Good…

The idea of the existence of the Original Being led to the understanding of the proper, i.e. the original concept of the existence of humanity derived from the Original Force of Love. My theory shows that the Force of Love produces only good, which is the only state known to the Creator. This state should also be the only state of existence of humanity. Therefore, my system clearly shows that the Original Being does not know evil.

= Evil…

Evil needs to be explained a bit more...

The inconsistency of this concept lies in the fact that its value is understood differently by the observer and differently by the participant. This is one of the conclusions, but quite significant. In that case, each of us can influence its meaning and sense in any way we can. If this observer is tasked, for example, with maintaining his power or gaining it, he so defines reality that people will consider his vision good, even if it creates evil by reversing the good reality. This happened for the first time at the beginning of human history, when the guardian of the first people, Archangel Lucifer, presented them with his vision of reality contrary to the one originally established by the Creator. Thus, in a process defined today in various ways, the first people accepted the wrong vision of their guardian, later turned into Satan, while rejecting the correct vision of reality coming from their Heavenly Father. This reality, completely contrary to the concept of the Original Being, was taken over by the next generations, thus blurring the true sense of good. Particularly in politics and religion, the state of good can be destroyed when there is an active bad man, that is, one who uses the evil power of power to bring about his vision. Thanks to this, he can influence reality in such a way that people accept him. This means that his vision "falls on fertile ground", which the theory of eternal existence defines as the fallen nature of people inherited from its creator, i.e. from Satan.










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