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Creating a theory beyond of scientific activity, I felt like I was living a dream that would never come true. Despite this, I never gave up on them. This feeling is still so strong in me that it has not left me for many years. That's why I decided to make my dreams come true. I understood that the theory of eternal existence can give many people, and especially world political and religious leaders, a universal tool for repairing the state of the world. Of course, science doesn't wait for my theory. Neither is politics interested in it, and religion is certainly not ready for it. Despite this, I am not giving up on my dreams. I know dreams can come true someday. If not, then I will leave behind the main ideas of this theory, which are so accurate that they cannot be negated. The difficulty in accepting it is that it is a completely new description of reality. I hope this theory will make people involved in science realize that there is much they can do to remove evil from our world. I expect that thanks to this theory I will make politicians aware that power in their hands can become a mechanism that destroys the good belonging to humanity. I also know that I give religions a chance for a new opening, to get rid of historical mistakes when they have not fulfilled their mission for centuries.

So I explain that my theory creates a reference plane for the development of comprehensive knowledge about our reality. This new vision cannot be faith. My theory is designed to replace faith with knowledge. The knowledge introduced by my theory, even when it is too innovative, can reach those who are able to give up their views. I suggest it especially to people who have dreams of a better world, to get acquainted with the knowledge of phenomena beyond time and space related to the existence of the Original Being. Science has indirectly contributed to the creation of the view I propose on the state of this world, pointing to the phenomenon of the creation of the universe. Scientists have precisely determined that this took place almost fourteen billion years ago. So they showed that there was no miracle of the appearance of "something" from "nothing", although science, by its very nature, does not investigate why and for what purpose the universe was created. Today it is known that the universe was created from energy, which from the beginning was permeated by specific laws, known today as the laws of classical or quantum physics. Therefore, it is worth accepting the axiom of the theory of eternal existence that every reality has its cause. My theory also invites you to go a step further and realize that the universe has a purpose.

I explain that the analytical system of essenceism described by me in previous publications was used to define the paradigm and axioms of the theory of eternal existence. It was also used to define the assumptions, theses, concepts and effects of the introduction of the theory of eternal existence. Thus, all the knowledge established by the essenceism system was introduced into the theory of eternal existence to shape its present content.

Essenceism was first introduced in the book, subtitled God is not from this world. In it, I presented the assumption about the existence of a state beyond time and space and the thesis about the Original Being. This assumption and thesis resulted in the need to prepare a number of research instruments in order to demonstrate using methods similar to science who the Original Being is, what He is like and where He is located. Since this is an issue in which science has little experience, it was necessary, based on the intuitive understanding of the knowledge at my disposal, to determine the necessary features, attributes and qualities of the Original Being.

In the second book presenting essenceism, which has the subtitle We are from this world, I referred to philosophy and religion, using research tools already proven before. Both of these fields have been dealing with the issues that have now been dealt with by essenceism. In this book, I conducted an analysis presenting the ideas of essenceism in comparison to theories created by philosophers and theologians. This gave a fuller picture of my system, which aims to make us aware of the possibility of understanding who God is, what man is and what the universe is.

In the third book presenting essenceism, subtitled Evil is from this world, I conducted an analysis of the existence of evil, based on the arrangements made in the previous parts. I tried to assess the possibility of a personal source of evil, its operation and impact on humanity. It is, of course, about the existence of Satan. I wish that the knowledge gathered in this way could effectively lead to its identification and depriving it of its influence on people. 

In the fourth book presenting essenceism, subtitled Vision out of this world, I meant the renewal of our evil civilization mainly by ourselves. This is necessary due to the fact that my system demonstrates that the Creator does not know evil. That is why I presented a proposal related to the activities of individual missionaries, whom I call globetrotters. In addition, if humanity did not take responsibility for this type of repair of the world, I described another, i.e. futurological, possibility of bringing the world to the state envisaged by the Original Being.

The fifth scientific description of the my system, subtitled Eternity is not from this world, aims to better understand the reality of the spiritual world. In its original state, it is a form of existence of eternal life in a state beyond time and space. The sign of the parallel existence of the physical and spiritual world is the personality of man. It is created by the unity of physical and spiritual person. As part of expanding knowledge about the spiritual world, essenceism points to the uniqueness of the physical life of a human being, preparing us for eternal life in the form of a spiritual person. Our life on Earth should serve to bring our personality to perfection. The basic conclusion of this study is that the perfection of man is the main goal of the Original Being related to the creation of humanity. Unfortunately, due to the emergence of the evil force of power at the very beginning of our history, the spiritual development of humanity was stopped. Therefore, no man has a chance to achieve perfection in accordance with the concept of the Original Being. My theory has only one exception: Jesus Christ. Namely, as a result of the efforts of the generational chain of important figures known from the Bible, He was born as the Son of God.

Innovative and at the same time the most critical statements regarding the state of our world are contained in the next, sixth study of essenceism with the subtitle: Unreal gods from this world. In it, I described the mechanism of the evil force of power that comes from "the ruler of this world." This is what Satan was called by Jesus Christ. The force of power was created when this creator of evil reversed the direction of the force of love to the opposite. This situation caused him to take the place of God, which from the very beginning of history gave him dominion over humanity. So the surprising thesis of my system is that the force of power coming from Satan enables evil leaders to rule over people. It is also surprising to claim that the actions of political leaders with the force of authority are not the only reason for the continued existence of evil on Earth. An equally important reason for the lack of progress in creating the concept of the civilization of love is the erroneous attitude of world religions. After all, they have a mission to save the world from evil. Unfortunately, they too, like political power, have been taken over by the evil force of power, which is the opposite of the power of love. Essenceism, which creates the theory of eternal existence, proves that the Power of Love of the Original Being is the only force that should create our reality. Then the use of love should be at the heart of every religion's mission. Religious denominations should therefore completely relinquish any power over people, especially avoid participating in the "unity of the altar with the throne", i.e. supporting political power.

The seventh study of essenceism with the subtitle: Love from this and not from this  world was created to suggest various ways to restore the operation of the Original Power of Love coming from the Creator. It offers people liberation from all ancient theories and barriers. Thanks to this, conditions will be created so that each of us can experience true love coming from the Creator as the fundamental value of the world. My theory, wanting to suggest a solution to the problems arising from the existence of the force of power, focuses on showing that the organization of life in our world should be based on the Creator's Love Force. It is worth remembering that it is necessary to return to the state prepared for people by the Original Being. Such a world under His sovereignty can be called the Kingdom of Heaven. The proper functioning of the Power of Love based on our free will practically excludes the force of power. The main claim of my theory is to define the force of power as a phenomenon that destroys our free will. Just as the power of love is associated with good, the force of power is associated with evil. These two forces stand at two different poles. The power of love is the power of the Creator, the creator of good, and the power of authority is the power of Satan, the creator of evil.

My studies were created primarily to help us understand what has happened to our world, what we have actually lost and what needs to be repaired. We are dealing with an earthly reality that is a damaged and incorrect form of the original concept from our Creator. From the time when, as a small boy, I understood the state of the surrounding reality, I realized that the world is dominated by the ubiquitous mechanism of power. I also understood that in the world fame and high social position are gained by people who do terrible evil. It is about criminals who lead various countries and cause world conflicts. I can name a few names from the last century: Adolf Hitler, Mao-tse-tung, Joseph Stalin, Ho-Shi-Min, Vladimir Putin and many, many others. What is shocking is the fact that in their countries they were worshiped almost like gods. Unfortunately, their crimes continue to the present day, and the great perpetrators of crime are still supported by millions of citizens of the countries they rule and from other countries.

This is how a bad image of our civilization appears in my eyes, always dominated by the mechanism of power. The pain is that when it was in the hands of criminal rulers, the clergy too often anointed them as divine governors. By analyzing these phenomena, my theory reveals the mechanism of evil, which causes that we have hell on Earth coming from the personal source of evil, i.e. from Satan. However, those who speak of him are ridiculed and not listened to. Therefore, my theory must provide the results of analyzes about the discovered phenomenon of power coming from Satan, contrary to the concept of the Original Being. Once the Creator offered us a world based on the action of the power of love, that is, a world in which the power of power did not exist. The first people did not accept this gift. This vision of the Original Being was recalled by Jesus, but He was not accepted either. Today, almost nothing remains of his message.

Therefore, it must not be forgotten that we live in a fallen civilization under the rule of the evil power of power, which personally means Satan. Among many bad phenomena, we also have false love, because we have lost the true one that belongs to us. Nor do we understand eternity, and especially the fact that every human being is eternal, regardless of our opinion on the matter. Mindful of the historical efforts of many "good globetrotters", especially Jesus Christ, I decided to speak about this fact. Therefore, regardless of how difficult the task is to introduce innovative knowledge about the eternity of people's lives to our spiritually "uneducated" world, I decided to create a theory of eternal existence.

All my studies were created gradually. They were supported by discussion and analysis conducted with the participation of my friends. However, it is not a collective work. I take responsibility for all the most important statements, starting from the determination that the universe "is stuck" in the Original Being, that He was separated from our civilization by evil that He does not know, and ending with the fact that we ourselves are to eliminate this evil . I know that most of the theses of my theory met with the approval of my friends.

I would like to point out that my theory is under development, so I invite those who want to join in with their suggestions to cooperate. I believe that there is always someone somewhere in the world who, out of a deep need for love, tries to make our world a better place for future generations. So, after you read this book, I will be waiting for your feedback anytime, anywhere.

I invite you to read.

Author: Janusz Mazur














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