Chapter 17

Opinion of my theory concerning the state of world religions

According to my theory, the activities of religions require a complete change. They should become a science of love in all spheres of our civilization and a science of man's eternity. This means that the time has come for religions to rethink their teachings on eternity and love. My theory offers them an analytical look at the topics that their theology, and sometimes philosophy, has hitherto dealt with. This new look at the content of religious faith should take into account the scientific experience of recent years, i.e. the knowledge resulting from the observation of the cosmos, nature and people. This is the initial suggestion of my theory for the renewal of religion.

As part of a broader religious renewal, this new view must not be tied to the records of books hitherto regarded as sacred, such as the Bible, the Koran, and others. The essenceism research shaping my theory has led to the conclusion that these sacred books are just human writings that make up a cult. Doubts arose especially when they attributed themselves directly to the authorship of some god. Then, as if in his name, they introduce the "divine truths" of faith. Religions preach them even when it can be shown that the writing of "holy" books was the inspiration of people to form a cult that carries power over people. Thus, for all religions, the theory of eternal existence proposes an understanding of love and eternity without scriptures.

The most influential religion in the world, Christianity, has the most beautiful idea that can lead the world to complete good. It is contained in the love clearly defined by Christ. He urged people to unconditional love for the Heavenly Father and to love each person as himself. This is the main idea of Christianity, a principle that should have shaped this religion for centuries. Unfortunately, while Christians declare that love is their most important idea, in practice it is seen that its main meaning regarding the repair of the world has been completely lost.

The preacher of the principle of love and at the same time the Redeemer of mankind, Jesus Christ, knew well how difficult it is to apply love in everyday life. He supplemented the method of full application of love with the advice that it is good to love even our enemies and to pray for our persecutors. He also left many other teachings recommending unconditional love. This was to serve the recovery of the world in accordance with the concept of the Heavenly Father.

But let's get back to the current reality. Unfortunately, this fundamental principle of the Son of God now brings the greatest shame to Christianity. When we trace the history of this religion over the last twenty centuries, it is difficult to see the teachings of Jesus put into practice. The history of this religion is full of violence, murdering opponents and burning innocent people at the stake as part of the inquisition. It is also the story of the cooperation of religious leaders with secular authorities leading to complete dominion over the nations, what has been called the "alliance of the altar and the throne".

It must be said clearly. If Christianity does not apply the kind of love that Jesus Christ showed, then this religion becomes just a cover for subjugating people and maintaining power over them. Jesus encountered just such a situation in his mission. He failed to change this arrangement and became a victim of the "alliance of the altar and the throne". The analysis of the situation of humanity over the last twenty centuries and the most recent one shows that the rule of politicians supported by clergy of various religious denominations has always maintained the power of the "lord of this world". Jesus repeatedly pointed out that the religious structures of His time were run by those who had "the devil for their father". Perhaps it is not about lower clergy today, but about hierarchs, bishops, high priests, i.e. higher clerics, who are subject to the influence of Satan. It is a pity that they do not realize this or cynically do not accept it. In their performance, even the most important ideas of religious reform sooner or later fall under the control of Satan. Our world is a civilization in which he rules over everything. It is a pity that this fact is not taken seriously by religious leaders.

The theory of eternal existence was also created to remind the clergy of religious denominations that our Creator is the Original Being who created the universe with the Power of His Love. It is love, not power, that should be the only form of shaping our reality. My theory encourages leaders of religious denominations to understand and accept Jesus' concept of globetrotters who could independently spread the idea of love around the world. This is actually the only way to save the world. Therefore, they should show anew what religion really should be and follow the path indicated many centuries ago by Jesus Christ.








 Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

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