Chapter 34

Eternity of man and other beings

The appearance of man in the universe meant the emergence of a completely new category of eternal being. Before its creation, there were already eternal spiritual beings, i.e. angels. There were also living physical entities with a limited lifespan, i.e. plants and animals. In this text, I will not write about any beings, to which the physical body of a person also belongs, but I will only deal with spiritual beings.

Man, called in the theory of eternal existence an eternal being, was created to inherit the attributes of his Creator to the highest degree. According to my system, each of us has the intelligence, will and emotionality acquired from Him, centered in the element of the heart also received from Him. It is given to us along with the "breath of life", i.e. the beginning of a spiritual person. Therefore, man has a personality modeled on the Original Being. In his original assumption as the Creator, man during his earthly life was to bring his eternal personality to perfection. More precisely, it is about the development of our spiritual person having an internal directing nature, also called primary nature. It is she who inherits the elements of intelligence, emotionality and will from her Creator.

The theory of eternal existence states that man:

1. is not an animal,

2. has a spiritual and physical personality,

3. lives forever because it comes directly from the Personality of the Original Being,

4. is the only category of being that can exist both in the space-time of the universe and in the sphere beyond time and space.

I discuss these points in more detail below.

We are not animals. We are not really a part of nature, although our physical body is bound to it for some time. Outwardly, we can see that we are similar to animals, but this is not our essential feature. Of course, by eating products from nature, sleeping regularly and performing various physiological activities, we function similarly to animals. However, this is where our similarity to animals ends. This is because our body, although animal-like, is governed by an inner spiritual person. It treats our body as a tool for temporary existence in the material world. Animals perform all activities with their whole body, while man uses the body as a structure for the development of his physically invisible personality.

When we talk to another person, we are not talking to their character, but to someone who is inside. We feel that our words flow somewhere to the depths of our listener and enrich his knowledge. This and many other things about humans completely separate us from animals. Thus, the human body endowed with physical senses, i.e. our physical person, is primarily a means of transport and a living plane in the physical world, that is, during the development of our inner personality. This inner personality, or eternal being, can be called a spiritual person. It seems that she is the proper state of human existence. A spiritual person directs our whole life, having in himself the purpose of our existence.

Using the theory of eternal existence, I show that man is a separate category of being in the universe. This is indicated by the unique personality of man, which stands behind the enormous achievements of civilization achieved in a very short time in relation to the age of the universe. My theory introduces the knowledge that man, as an inhabitant of the space-time of the universe, stays in it only temporarily as a creative personality. Then, after physical death, he continues to live forever in a state beyond time and space. Thus, once begun, a person's life never ends, and the contribution of his personality joins the work that his Creator had previously done.

The theory of eternal existence shows that the spiritual person of man emerges from the Original Being, just like a newborn baby emerges from the mother's womb. Her birth, however, is not the result of fertilization, as is the case with physical conception. It has its beginning in the Heart of the Original Being, when the process of penetration of the male sperm into the egg cell, according to His concept, begins in the woman's body. From this it follows that the act of fertilization, despite the fact that the decision about it comes from man, is a very important event for the Creator, because in fact it entails His participation in the creation of human life. According to my theory, the formation of a spiritual person is not related to any process of passing time or to a specific place, because the spiritual world functions beyond time and space. It is each time a unique divine creative act, which is caused by a human decision. A spiritual person is shaped from the beginning from the Divine Energy parallel to the shaping human body in the mother's womb. Therefore, a spiritual person begins his eternal life as a developing personality within the Personality of the Original Being. The Creator gives her, as it were, a part of Himself in the form of His Intelligence, Will and Love, and a "piece" of His Heart. In harmony with the biological process, i.e. at the moment of our birth, the Creator will decide to breathe the initial form of a spiritual person into a nascent physical person. This is how the unique human personality is realized at the moment of our birth. She is both the child of her parents and the Creator.

The Original Being is, in a sense, a "specialist" in creating, i.e. "generating" all spiritual beings from Himself. They are therefore eternal, just like Himself. Meanwhile, other living beings are the result of changes in the physical world, which we interpret with the help of evolution. This means that according to the concept of the Creator, the human body and other biological organisms, for which He initiated life at the very beginning, constantly pass it on to the next generations. However, in the case of people, the Creator passes directly from Himself the beginning of a spiritual person, which is the beginning of its development in the physical body. This is now His only intervention in the physical world.

Using the results of the analysis of the eternity of man, my theory introduces hypothetical explanations about angels. According to this theory, an angel is a slightly different spiritual being than a human being, although also created by the Original Being. He has, like us, intelligence, emotionality and will centered in the personality center. However, unlike a human, the personality center of an angel does not fully reflect the Creator's Heart. It is there to guide the realization of the goals given to it by the Creator. Thus, it is like an "emulation" of the heart designed to balance the three main personality attributes. Also, the will of an angel is not of the same character as the will of man. It can be said that it is strictly targeted. Therefore, an angel is a servant, not a child of the Original Being. According to my theory, it must be assumed that he has a servant personality. It follows from this that an angel is a "poorer" version of a spiritual person, because it does not undergo development based on a physical person to its existence. So he is not a person like a human. Since there is no sex, it cannot experience children's and conjugal love directly like humans. However, it can be concluded that angels may partially experience the operation of human physical and spiritual senses, because they serve and care for us. This allows them to have some experiences of nurturing love, drawing affection from our personality to help us achieve personal excellence.

The theory of eternal existence builds the thesis that time and space were created so that man could bring his personality to perfection. In forming my theory, I reviewed the experience of mankind up to the present time. I have come to the conclusion that the achievement of perfection is inseparable from our eternity. It can even be said that without perfection, eternity makes no sense. Perfection is necessary so that a spiritual person does not have to remain suspended before entering the original state beyond time and space. That is why the role of our physical person who guides us through physical life is so important.

In this study, I devote a lot of space to explaining the fact that we are eternal. I show that a man, once he starts life on Earth, from that moment he becomes an eternal being. This means that after the end of physical life, he enters the spiritual world as a spiritual person. Jesus Christ demonstrated this in a "religious" way. In the translation of my theory, His appearance after the so-called resurrection is the "physicalization" of His spiritual person. Thanks to this, He can be the proof for eternity. So it should be the mission of Christians to present this accomplishment of Jesus as proof of human eternity. However, I am not talking about some scientific proof of the existence of a spiritual person permanently living in the spiritual world, but about a logical conclusion from the entire mission of the Son of God completed with real proof for eternity. This event can help people, even outside of Christianity, to come to the truth about their eternity.

The fact of eternal life, however, raises another question, where exactly will we live forever? Everyone knows it's not here in our physical reality. According to most religions, the place for spiritual life for eternity is the spiritual world. The theory of eternal existence identifies this religious spiritual world with a state beyond time and space only to a limited extent. Only the original, i.e. the perfect spiritual world, which the Original Being occupies in its entirety with His presence, deserves such a term. According to my theory, this is His "everlasting living space" always prepared for people who have achieved personal perfection as a result of earthly life. As we know, this has not been the case since the very beginning of human history. Unfortunately, after physical life, we cannot, in our imperfect state, enter the sphere of existence of the Original Being, which can be religiously called heaven. We stop in its vestibule, i.e. in the impermanent spiritual sphere that is not the original place of our destination. We are burdened with the things of the evil world, from which we do not yet know how to free ourselves. In the current state of our world, almost all of us, after physical death, face an unknown path of freeing ourselves from the past in unknown "spiritual spaces".

In summary, the first and most important step in human development is to understand that each of us is an eternal being and that we are definitely not animals. Since our spiritual person is bound by the Original Being, who gave him His eternity, then our life is inscribed in the logical sequence of development from the very birth to the state in His image and likeness. Thus, through logical trains of thought, the theory of eternal existence tries to change religious belief into proper spiritual knowledge. I do not intend to convince anyone by force that there is an Original Being, a state beyond time and space or an immortal being in people. I can't do that in the same way that I can't convince someone that there are energies and laws that shape the world. The knowledge of all this penetrates gradually into human consciousness, constantly expanding the scope of its cognition. My theory, among other things, serves this purpose.













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