Chapter 12

Distinguishing the vision of this theory

from the vision of science and religion

The theory of eternal existence attempts to describe the beginning of the universe, taking into account both the latest scientific discoveries and its innovative form of creationism. Based on these two attitudes, my theory takes for granted a violent form of the creation of the universe, called the Big Bang. This means that about 13.8 billion years ago, everything we know began in a process unimaginable to us. However, the beginning of this process is still the subject of scientific hypotheses. Some astrophysicists believe that the cosmos arose from an initial singularity, and others from the transformation of quantum space-time resulting from the collapse of the previous universe. Thus, some believe that the universe was created from nothing, and others that it is a form of infinitely transforming universes. This first opinion brings the point of view of scientists a little closer to the religious worldview. Namely, the great monotheistic religions also believe that God created the universe out of nothing.

Starting from the first half of the 20th century, science has used the latest technological advances to investigate the origins of the cosmos. She noticed that first there was a peculiar impulse, conventionally called the Big Bang. The analysis of the very beginning of the existence of the universe continues to this day. While science is "flexing its muscles" that it has understood the initial singularity, modesty dictates refraining from euphoria.

Both the science and the theory of eternal existence predict that this phenomenon beyond our imagination was the sudden emergence of a new reality. This event can actually be described as the Big Bang. However, this fact should not be treated as some immutable dogma, but as a starting point for examining the origin of the universe. According to science, the cosmological inflation that occurred with the sudden emergence of a gigantic amount of primordial energy caused the lightning expansion of an elusive state of reality filled with ordinary and dark energy. It happened at a speed far exceeding the speed of light and in a time that was the proverbial blink of an eye. There was a kind of stretching of its course, which can be called time inflation. It is therefore worth taking a closer look at this event. Since space was expanding at a rate much faster than the speed of light, time, according to Einstein's theory of relativity, flowed proportionally slower, in fact, it almost stood still. In this state, from a single point called a singularity, the initial state of the universe was suddenly born. This is how science explains the Big Bang vision it describes. From her point of view, it was an incredibly rapid expansion of an unknown "environment." It really could have looked as if something had suddenly arisen of its own accord. No wonder that the phenomenon of the Big Bang is still beyond the scope of scientific research. My theory confirms that it was an event beyond the current imagination of humanity about the creation of anything. Therefore, it was defined as a kind of super start, which created its popular name: Big Bang.

The thesis regarding the beginning of the creation of the universe was prepared for the theory of eternal existence by the analytical system of essenceism. It claims that this phenomenon comes from "inside" a realm beyond time and space. This state of reality other than ours is too difficult to investigate with current scientific methods, because it is not related to our space-time. The logical arguments of the theory of eternal existence indicate that the existence of this state is a coherent solution to the puzzle of the origin of the universe.

According to the theory of eternal existence, this is a process that began in complete darkness. They symbolize a state beyond time and space, which, however, eludes all research instruments at the disposal of science. This is how it looks graphically:


In an unimaginably short time in the form of the Big Explosion or Beginning this state turned into this:

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The theory of eternal existence took a state beyond time and space as its premise. For his part, he wants to support science, which deals only with phenomena happening in the space-time of the universe. My theory, without conflict with the results of scientific research, builds the thesis that at some point from one point, which is a "window" between two states of reality, the process of creating the universe began. Figuratively, one can imagine that there is an impenetrable "curtain" between the state beyond time and space and the newly created space-time. This means that on the "causal" side of this "curtain" we have a sphere beyond time and space, and on the "effect" side, the universe is being created. The singularity point analyzed by scientists can be compared to a "keyhole" in this "curtain". This "keyhole" in my theory, similar to the aforementioned singularity, is therefore a transition from the state of reality beyond time and space to the reality scientifically called space-time. Through this transition, energy was released from a pre-existing primordial source, because everything that exists in the universe was created from energy. There is a fundamental difference between the thesis of the theory of eternal existence and purely scientific theories. Most scientists still claim that the universe came into existence by itself, while my theory presents an energy source from the First Cause. Therefore, my system puts forward the thesis about the initial primary energy coming from the Creator being the Personal Original Being. The theory of eternal existence reminds science that this transition took place according to specific laws of physics, both ordinary and quantum. So these laws must have existed before, which is the second part of my thesis. This means that their source, as in the case of primary energy, is the Original Being existing in the sphere beyond time and space. Therefore, my theory claims that through an infinitely small "isthmus" the Creator from Himself "poured" into the emerging new reality all the energy necessary for the creation of the universe along with its accompanying laws. Thus, there was an extremely rapid "pouring" of an immeasurable amount of energy beyond all imagination and "in the blink of an eye". The "pouring in" energy instantly pushed the emerging space apart, which can be described as the phenomenon of cosmological inflation. It was by no means a kind of explosion, although the push was extremely violent. Anyway, some scientists believe that the term explosion should not be used, because it is associated with an explosion, and this did not happen. Therefore, everything indicates that the universe was created as a result of the Creator's action.

In summary, the theory of eternal existence independently of science assumes the existence of a First Cause associated with the source sphere beyond time and space. The purpose of my theory is to introduce knowledge about the necessary participation of the Creator in the creation of the universe. That is, before the beginning of all things, it takes into account the existence of a Personal Source, and one that has continued from the infinitely retrograde past. In other words, it means that the universe has its Creator and that space-time and energy come from Him. This also means that the Original Being fills the state beyond time and space, and His primary energy and laws are integrated with Him, constituting a unity with Him.

Despite a different explanation of the origin of our reality, my theory does not assume any conflict with science, although it defines the Big Bang phenomenon as something that could have arisen by itself. Scientists simply cannot accept the idea that the universe has a Creator. This is because they still do not have the appropriate research instruments to determine whether this phenomenon happened by itself, or was caused by the activity of the Intelligent First Cause. All the more, they have no way of examining whether the possible Creator acted with a specific plan for His work. This is the fundamental difference between the interpretation of my theory and the scientific one. Unfortunately, the claim of science that the universe appeared out of nowhere makes such an attitude similar to religious belief in which God performed a miracle and created something out of nothing. Meanwhile, my theory invariably claims that the Original Being shaped the universe from Himself in accordance with His attributes. In other words, He did it from His primary energy formed by the laws inherent in Him, arising from His Intelligence, Will and Emotionality, which bind together His Heart.

Above, I deliberately presented the critically present knowledge about the creation of the universe. However, I absolutely do not claim the right to harsher assessment of the achievements of scientists. Perhaps the time has not yet come. Meanwhile, using my theory, I would like to supplement scientific knowledge as much as possible, focusing on the search for the right cause of the creation of the universe. I have the comfort that science does not speak about the causality of its creation or the purpose of its existence. Here I find a place for my theory. Humanity creates science, that is, knowledge about everything. Perhaps in time this knowledge will lead us to the Source of All Things, which in my opinion is the Original Being. I hope that will happen soon. Therefore, each of us has a choice whether the universe was created by accident or as a thoughtful work of the Original Being. In this second conception, as the final act of His work, there appeared a man who is still evaluating what happened at the beginning. For now, our current knowledge does not give a clear answer to both the accidental creation of the universe and the planned operation of the Original Being. Then we are faced with the choice that energies and laws have emerged like a rabbit out of a hat.

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