Chapter 19

Creating a scientific model of God

The theory of eternal existence shows that the existence of the Original Being can reach our consciousness when we imagine that, apart from the universe studied by science, there is another "space" to which we can only access with our imagination. My theory treats the existence of this "space" as its assumption and calls it a state beyond time and space. It surpasses anything we have ever experienced. This is also the case with the understanding of the Original Being. My theory shows that He, as the unlimited Creator, cannot stay in the space-time of the universe. This is because space-time is undergoing developmental changes that preclude His presence. His sphere of "being" can only be the sphere of eternal existence beyond time and space. Without this condition, it makes no sense to speculate about His existence from the point of view of science. Nor do any religious dogmas or human forms of an "invented" god make sense in this regard. Such a "religious" god will always be in the image and likeness of people. In the system of essenceism, I confronted human "inventions" of god with the content of the aforementioned assumption that the Original Being can only exist outside of time and space. As a result, the main concepts of the theory of eternal existence were formed. Such a scientific approach resulted in the statement that only the absolute, perfect and eternal Original Being can meet the requirements set out in this theory.

From the moment of accepting the conditions described above, I used only the rules of the scientific way of conducting research. The Original Being has been assessed as the only possible Source of the creation of all things. Science, while studying the reality that surrounds us with various methods, must take into account the strictly defined laws that have always existed, which it gradually discovers. They are an integral part of the structure of the universe. Scientists, constantly discovering new phenomena, are often surprised that they contain a huge contribution of complex knowledge. It happens that the level of intellect currently discovered in the studied phenomena has been beyond their reach until now, despite the very developed scientific knowledge. This situation opens up hope that one day science will find evidence of the existence of the Eternal First Cause, which has the highest level of intelligence and which is encoded in the universe around us.

In anticipation of scientists' discoveries, the theory of eternal existence builds the thesis that God, defined as the Original Being, is the Creator who originated time and space from the sphere beyond time and space. This means that He planned and methodically, according to His rules, created the space-time of the universe, which is filled with creative material in the form of His Energy. He did it "by leaps and bounds", that is, he acted "revolutionarily", not "evolutionarily". This applies to the main phenomena in the universe that suddenly appeared, as if out of nowhere. There are three revolutions:

1. The creation of the universe

2. The origin of life

3. The rise of man

This is how the theory of eternal existence defines the actions of the Creator. However, then, in the next phase of development, the laws shaping space-time introduced by the Original Being act evolutionarily. This is because they are focused on development related to the flow of time, which does not concern the Creator. For time and space are intended for His "heirs" physically living at a certain time. So, the Creator opens successive periods in a revolutionary way, and passes further steps in the development of the cosmos to the laws of nature and to people acting in an evolutionary way established by Himself. This thesis also leads to the conclusion that He intended the universe to be a place for the development of people whose spiritual persons should reach a state of perfection reflecting His perfection.

It seems that a planet has been set aside in the cosmos for the development of eternal beings in the image and likeness of their Creator. It's about us, of course. Therefore, the Original Being can be called our Father. Therefore, thanks to the qualities inherited from their Creator, every man should achieve personal perfection after the end of his earthly life. This is why the physical living environment for humanity was created. One can even claim that the universe was created for people, thus defining the meaning of its existence. After confirming this thesis, it becomes clear who a man is and what is the meaning of his life. This means that perfect human beings can become eternal partners of the Original Being, constantly settling and modifying the universe. Therefore, every man in the form of an eternal spiritual person can create full unity with his Heavenly Father. This forms one big family whose main function of existence will be love. It can be called eternal and true, that is, bringing infinite joy and happiness. In this way, the common eternal life of the Original Being and people will be able to proceed. This, according to my theory, was and is the proper purpose of the creation of the universe.

Let me remind you that all the findings described above were introduced into the theory of eternal existence thanks to the analyzes of essenceism. They are inextricably linked with the introduction to the theory of eternal existence of knowledge about the existence of the Original Being. They resulted from many years of research supported by intuition, knowledge and imagination, not only mine, but also my friends. Explaining even more precisely the findings constituting the assumption and theses of the theory of eternal existence, I state that the "discovered" Original Being has a Personality Center, i.e. the Heart, gathering His Intelligence, Will and Emotionality. Going further, He is the Original Being who projects the attributes of His Personality on everything that makes up the concept of space-time created by Him. At the same time, the Original Being must have an inexhaustible "building material" in the form of the Original Energy, i.e. the Energy of the First Cause. This concept implies that the Creator cannot directly reside in the space-time of the universe, because according to the laws that shape it, it undergoes constant changes. Time flows in it and various forms of energy and matter change. The universe is "developmentally" unstable, and therefore still imperfect. Therefore, due to the perfection that my theory attributes to the Original Being, He is not present in it. His direct presence concerns only the state beyond time and space. So, our physical living environment is only in our hands, and this is what gives meaning to the existence of humanity.










 Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

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