Theory of  Eternal Existence


The most important findings

of the theory of eternal existence

1. The main finding of the theory of eternal existence is to make people aware of the existence of a reality other than ours, i.e. a state beyond time and space.

2. In the theory of eternal existence, the First Cause of all things, i.e. God, was called the Original Being. This theory defined His characteristics as Absoluteness, Eternity and Perfection. Its main Attributes are: the Inner Side, i.e. Personality, and the Outer Side, i.e. the Energy of the First Cause. The theory assumes that the qualities of His Personality are: Will, Intelligence and Emotionality. They form the Center of His Personality. Theory defines this Center as the Source of Love, or the Heart.

3. The Original Being occupies the entire state beyond time and space, that is, everything outside the space-time of the universe. This state, like Him, is absolute, perfect and eternal. This is His eternal and unlimited "home", i.e. the ideal spiritual world.

4. The theory of eternal existence, thanks to the analyzes of the essenceism system, introduced the knowledge that the Original Being is the Creator of the universe, life on Earth and people. At the same time, based on these analyses, my theory established that the Original Being created all this from Himself. For He shaped the universe from the combination of His Original Energy with His Creative Laws. These Creative Laws and Primordial Energy were introduced into the emerging space-time by the Original Force of Love in the act of creation.

5. The Original Being is the direct source of the creation of spiritual beings endowed with His Personality. This applies to the highest degree to spiritual people who fully inherit His attributes and attributes (especially His Heart and Love). This means that the Creator implants a spiritual person created in His Personality into a physical person created in a biological way. This makes the Original Being the Father of every man.

6. Eternity resides only in our spiritual person, which we receive from the Creator at birth. It is to achieve perfection by growing through its physical person. This human structure is therefore modeled on the "model" of the Original Being, in whom the Personality penetrates the Energy of the First Cause. Our spiritual person fully penetrates a physical person during his biological life.

7. The Original Being is also the source of the creation of other spiritual persons, i.e. angels. They have a menial task to support the spiritual development of people, being able to communicate with them. Their personality in terms of emotionality is at a lower level than human, and their knowledge and will, unlike ours, is strictly directed. The angel takes the position of a servant in whom love is actually realized on the level of fidelity. In appropriate proportions, they play the same role towards the spiritual person of man as animals towards our physical person.

8. The Original Being, being beyond time and space, does not interfere with the space-time of the universe. This means that it does not participate directly in life on Earth. However, from the original concept of the world, which is analyzed by the theory of eternal existence, it follows that the spiritual persons of people should communicate with their Creator. However, this is not the case because of the present state of the world where evil reigns. The father of mankind, therefore, has no direct contact with us. In this situation, the whole living and still life serves the development of our natural persons. The development of our spiritual people should also be supported by other people and angels.

9. The main judgment of my theory is that the Original Being does not know evil. This is because the Creator, through the Original Force of Love emerged from His Heart, created only one reality, i.e. good. This is the only state that belongs to Him. This theory shows that imperfect beings, i.e. people in the process of development, cannot modify the perfect Original Being by introducing into His knowledge an imperfect phenomenon created in the developing space-time of the world. It is about the phenomenon of evil and the force of power derived from it at all levels of human civilization. So, the Original Being remains cut off from our world, because as a perfect Creator it does not return to the environment created for us to improve something in it. Otherwise, He would have to admit that he is imperfect and has not perfected something. For this reason, He does not participate directly in the salvation of the world. His indirect participation in our world consists in the action of Providence, which, according to the theory of eternal existence, is the eternal influence of His Laws.

10. According to my theory, all knowledge about God, the origin of the universe, the emergence of life and the existence of man on planet Earth must be the result of logical analysis, not an act of faith. Any so-called holy books are the subjective creation of people who want to convey their religious vision of the world. Science, trying to understand the state of the world, cannot treat religious records as documents shaping verifiable knowledge about the phenomena studied.

11. Entering the realm of religion and trying to rationally evaluate biblical records, my theory claims that the evil of this world appeared when an evil force of power was created by changing the direction of the Original Force of Love. This was done by the Archangel Lucifer, the guardian of the first people, who became Satan. Unfortunately, he also included people who were only at the beginning of their spiritual development in the resulting bad situation. As a result of these events, the fallen nature inherited from him began to work in us, and we stopped in spiritual development, i.e. we are stuck in spiritual death. If we do not eradicate evil, it will last forever. Such an interpretation of the Bible was created as a result of the analysis of essenceism. My theory presents this analysis in support of religious denominations, to get them to fulfill their proper mission: to prepare all the necessary conditions to bring about the salvation of the world from evil.

12. A completely unique figure in the history of mankind is Jesus Christ. My theory treats Him as a historical figure, as a Man who presented the right vision of the world. In this regard, my theory tries to define Him in the right way in place of religion. In a logical form, it presents Him as the Son of God, i.e. the one who was the first, and for the time being the only one, to achieve the goal of creating humanity. For He was born as a Person unencumbered by the fallen nature coming from Satan. It happened thanks to the efforts of people aware of their mission, creating a generational chain dating back to the beginning of humanity. It follows that he is a reborn Adam. He was to be the One who could start a new, proper history of humanity. Unfortunately, it was not accepted by the Jewish people. He was murdered on the initiative of the leaders of the religion that existed at that time. Thanks to His value as the Son of God, however, He redeemed the spiritual people of people entering the spiritual world from under the rule of Satan. So he restored the lost paradise by accomplishing spiritual salvation. Unfortunately, the physical world is still hell. From this it follows that full salvation should be achieved in the future by the efforts of people led by the Son of God.

13. The theory of eternal existence, based on the previous findings of essenceism, proposes to establish a new understanding of eternity and love. In this way, he wants to make people living in a world defined as hell aware that eternity and true love concerns our spiritual people. Knowing this can help us understand the future mission of the Son of God, who is to prepare our rebirth for eternity and lead us to full salvation. For salvation, according to the theory of eternal existence, is the responsibility of all humanity.

14. The theory of eternal existence points to the need for a total transformation of our present reality in order to save the world from evil. For this, it is necessary to combine the efforts of the political, economic, scientific, cultural and religious spheres of our civilization. Their common goal is to create appropriate material conditions for the process of repairing the world. Building a good atmosphere for the total transformation of our civilization requires the use of numerous world organizations that have been trying to eliminate evil for years, for example, such as the United Nations. You have to keep talking about it, not hiding your innermost dreams of eternity and love. Such a sincere and spontaneous declaration is a powerful force. You should take advantage of it. Most hope, however, should be placed in scientific research that may lead to a full understanding of the origin of the universe. It is about knowing in a scientific way who Our Creator is and understanding what reality He has prepared for all mankind.

15. In summary, the findings presented by my theory can be regarded as knowledge acquired according to the rules of science. This is due to the fact that the time of creation of the universe is its paradigm. It connects with the axiom of this theory that the universe could not have come into being out of nothing. Referring to the first points of this text, I would like to remind you that the existence of a state beyond time and space is the assumption of my theory, and its thesis is that the Original Being, fills the entire state beyond time and space. Further statements of this theory, especially regarding the features of the Personality of the Original Being, are of the nature of existential judgments.











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