Chapter 6

Distortions of religious teaching

At the outset, I would like to express my appreciation for the activities of religious denominations such as, for example, Jehovah's Witnesses. Individual walking from house to house and teaching people about the existence of the Creator should be the most appropriate method of imparting knowledge about God's fatherhood, about the spiritual world and about ourselves. In many ways, Jehovah's Witnesses fulfill the first of the important postulates of essenceism, so that every believer in the sense that people can do much to save the world can individually teach from house to house. This is what the Son of God, Jesus Christ, did almost two thousand years ago. The second postulate about unconditional love for all people is a bit worse for this religious denomination. The third important postulate of essenceism, not to cling to the Bible when analyzing spiritual phenomena, makes the doctrine of Jehovah's Witnesses very far from the teaching of Jesus Christ.

Essenceism, after presenting its research instruments resulting from the adopted assumptions and rules of conduct, tries to put forward some postulates regarding the ways in which religious denominations operate. They apply to all faiths, with particular emphasis on Judaism, Christianity and Islam. First of all, my system draws attention to the fact that after the departure of such visionaries as Moses or Jesus Christ into the spiritual world, their ideas were constantly "worked on" over the next few years. It is done by people who acknowledge the right to interpret their teachings. However, they must realize that they have a fallen nature inherited from Satan. This fallen Archangel, whom Jesus Christ called "the lord of this world", is able to influence the views of anyone who would like to oppose him. It is he who, through our fallen nature, can weaken or distort the proper understanding of our reality passed on to us by someone like the Son of God. It was also him who had a decisive influence on the Christian hierarchs who turned the course of Jesus' actions to the opposite of His intentions. Instead of proclaiming that Jesus, the Son of God, was also the Second Adam, who was to save the whole world from the presence of Satan and that He was stopped in His mission by crucifixion, they made Him a God who successfully completed His mission and all that is needed is wait for His return in the form of the Last Judgment.

Thus Satan, through our fallen nature, gradually "twists" ideas contrary to him into ideas harmless to him. A fitting example of this is Jesus' statement that the Israeli scribes, when reading the Scriptures that speak of Him, misunderstood them enough to be against Him and would lead to His murder. What seems to be utterly strange happened not only two thousand years ago, but is also happening today. The clergy of various Christian denominations, influenced by their fallen nature, "reworked" to a large extent the content of Jesus' teachings. If He would come back today in a contemporary form, that is, not what they have established for himself, He would probably be effectively removed from society. After all, I saw how the hierarchs of various denominations, and not only Christian ones, fiercely attacked all reformers and critics of the clergy's conduct and teaching. I am writing about it to remember about this phenomenon.

Let me remind you how it was. Jesus Christ showed that the interpretation of the Scriptures at that time, what we call the Old Testament, was fundamentally wrong. In response to Jesus' statement, the clergy of the time led the clergy to reject His teachings. The Son of God was first criticized, then gradually eliminated from public life, and finally killed. Unfortunately, the explanations of contemporary theologians about his enormous popularity are not true. Of course, he was surrounded by a small group of his followers, including his relatives. However, in the entirety of His mission He was lonely and misunderstood. When the time when his life was in danger passed, this loneliness even deepened. This real state led him to utter the dramatic words at the time of his death that even God had abandoned him. Yes, it is true: the Son of God was left alone in the last moments of his mission of salvation.

All this shows what the doctrinaire activity of influential leaders of religious denominations can lead to. Although mankind has gone through religious wars, ritual murders and inquisition, it still gives faith to such doctrinaires who for centuries, perhaps unknowingly, favor the "satanic" concept of our civilization. Instead of clearly showing Satan's criminal activities against humanity, they make people wait for what God will do. This expectation, apart from the lack of recognition of Satan's actions, distorts the meaning of the mission of religious denominations. It also creates the impression of misunderstanding the state of our world, and especially the need for its salvation with their active participation. They also do not see that it was Satan who shaped the mechanism of maintaining his power over people, using for this, apart from the politics, also their religion. As long as people are led by religious leaders who consciously or unconsciously use the power of power under Satan's influence, tragedies such as two thousand years ago in Israel will be repeated. It doesn't bode well for humanity.

These claims result from the fact that after presenting the attributes of the Original Being essenceism conducted its analysis of reality combined with the analysis of the basic teachings of Jesus Christ. The result of this analysis leads to the conclusion that the clergy for centuries have used a dogmatic interpretation of the Bible devoid of a logical analysis of the teachings of Christ. Although they constantly talk about love for their neighbor, they are really only guided by the force of power towards people. That's why my system describes this phenomenon.

Essenceism, beyond all its explanations, has discovered a rule. It proclaims that everyone who, like Jesus, felt the Heart of God, understood His love, and also learned His Identity, remains alone in the human society that surrounds him. It means loneliness in a world where there is no God. Only the power of authority that comes from the "ruler of this world" is at work in it. This understanding is a sad gift for some people, whether or not they profess any religion. That is why, among other things, the idea of ​​globetrotters appeared in essenceism. I wrote about it in my previous studies. Essenceism constantly advocates repair the distortion of the proper mission of religion, which places a particular strain on the world's great religious denominations.








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