Chapter 3

Religious visions of God

True God or imaginary (a bit of theodicy)

Nowadays, atheism raises the question of whether we are dealing with a real God or an imaginary one. Or maybe this "my", Original Being, is also invented by me? Do I need to prove His existence?

I believe that God has no need to defend against people. He is above everything. Nothing threatens us on our part. "My" Original Being was able to cope with the creation of an infinitely large cosmos, with the calling of life on our planet and the creation of our eternal spiritual person. We have a problem understanding all of this.

That's why we create some imaginary versions of God. Then we give Him a part, we praise Him and we surround Him with a huge amount of celebrations. Quite often "our God" does not accept others. We defend Him against them, even though these others claim that there is simply no God invented by us. In this way, we create artificial enemies among those who have their own opinions about His existence. People are still arguing around their imaginary religious ideas. Sometimes conflicts in this matter go to the world level, resulting in conflicts between nations and even religious wars. You can see what our ignorance or ill will can do. This is because faith in an imaginary God reigns in the teaching of religious denominations.

Most often, religions invent Him who watches over them constantly, is present at every moment of their lives and knows everything. Probably so that God could look after them and help them. This is how God's Providence and Divine Mercy, understood by them, works.

It is worth asking yourself whether Divine Providence is not simply the action of His laws and principles, that the world may come into being according to His concept, and that man was in His image and likeness? Can God's Mercy be simply a great love of the Creator to people? Maybe so great that when we enter into his world, He sees only good in us and does not see evil? Maybe His Mercy is that He does not know evil?

Essenceism says that people of our time should repair what was destroyed by the first people and taking care of them Archangel - the creator of evil. It is us who, having understood the current situation, should make this evil maker subordinate to us. Saints did this before the era and in our era. First of all Jesus Christ did it. Unfortunately, they did not have adequate support and cooperation on people’s part. That is why we still have a bad world. God cannot help us in the form of direct participation because He does not know evil and did not create our civilization. However, His laws and our open mind can allow us to recognize the returning Savior, that is, the Son of God necessary to carry out the renewal of humanity.

For the majority of followers of various religions, such a direct ailing and waiting, until we deal with everything, is unacceptable. Most often, they imagine Him acting directly for the restoration of His Kingdom. At the same time, these confessions urge us to fulfill various conditions supposedly coming from God and guaranteeing His help. Dozens of orders and prohibitions, numerous rites, sacrifices for the cause, even at the cost of living, supposedly have a source in the Will of God.

However, this is not so, because all these conditions were invented by people who created these religions and set the rules for followers. Especially the punishment for sins, imposed on followers, cannot have anything to do with the God’s Will. This is because after the spiritual death of His children in the Garden of Eden, Heavenly Father certainly feels their lack or kind of deep loneliness, although this understanding is beyond my imagination. Many religions rightly believe that in the Garden of Eden, Satan has separated people from the Creator, has mastered them, and henceforth makes them do evil. At the same time, these religions believe that God punishes us for the sins resulting from this situation. Such thinking is wrong and very unfair because it charges God with the effects of Satan. Therefore, threatening such a "just" God and the punishments he sends are unacceptable. I guess these views are due to a lack of understanding of who the Original Being really is.

The Creator is the Absolute Being, that is, independent of nothing and nobody the Original Being. It is simply an "unconditional" God. He has established his perfect rights once and for all and cannot change them. He cannot set new requirements and conditions for His children, because otherwise He would have to be an imperfect God, means who makes mistakes. However, it is not. He does not correct himself. In the Garden of Eden, He showed us the path to perfection as our way of life. At that time everything was prepared for a man, appropriate laws and development process were shaped. The Creator no longer needs to add, correct or change anything, because He created a perfect concept of life for His children. Of course, He has always had this basic "interference" in human existence, which is each time a new spiritual person that we receive from Him at birth. For He wants us to live forever, just as He does. We, in turn, are to bring to perfection our inner personality, and then He will welcome us in His Kingdom. In our inner spiritual person, the memory of our origin remained. Most often it manifests itself in the form of remorse or in prayer, especially in the most extreme situations, for example, just before death.

In the realm beyond time and space the Original Being, our Heavenly Father, awaits us. This is the true, dear and beloved Father who knows no evil and will be happier when we finally reach him. Really, do not be afraid!








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