Chapter 34

Is there no God among us?

Or maybe there is no God at all?

Many people have this impression.

In my study, of course, it is not that there is no God at all, as the atheists claim. It is rather that there is no direct presence of God among people on Earth. This is my logical conclusion, which I prove in many places in this study, as well as on my website

I therefore strongly argue that our civilization, which was created after the events in the biblical Garden of Eden, is devoid of the immediate presence of God. This biblical story is a symbolic description of the tragedy of humanity that occurred at the very beginning of its creation. Because it is symbolic, it must finally be explained in a rational way.

Adam and Eve after an act incompatible with the Will of God departed for "east of Eden", that is, outside the structure of the world created by God, that is, remaining beyond His authority and control. His place was taken by someone else. The Bible calls him Satan, and Jesus called him "prince" and even the "god" of this world. This phenomenon should be the heart of the teaching of every religion. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, which is why I pay attention to this situation.

I therefore point out that a frequent mistake of religion is the direct introduction of God to the fallen world, which is contrary to its fundamental attributes. Of course, He is indirectly around us in the form of God's existing laws and principles. He can be properly understood only as Being absolutely good, unrestricted, free from all barriers, perfect in His conception of creation, and above all immutable, no matter how bad people work.

It is worth bearing in mind that since the event of the fall at the beginning of the history of mankind, that is from the exit from the "Garden of Eden", we live without the presence of God in our world. An abnormal situation requiring repair has been created. That's why Second Adam, or Jesus Christ, must have appeared. He had the task of bringing us forever to this biblical "Garden" so that we could live there continually with Heavenly Father. Unfortunately, the Savior was rejected by people of his time. He could only through his limited act of salvation, in the form of redemption by His death and resurrection, open the Garden of Eden. Since then He has been inviting all those who know how to cooperate with Him. In this way, He wants to complete His mission, that is, to make the Garden of Eden a place of eternal life for all people...

Unfortunately, the earth remains without the presence of God.








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