Chapter 33

Man in the next life

Essenceism, as a coherent analytical system, tested for sense, allows the analysis of so-called life after life.

In order to know how "there" will be, one must first understand that heaven, hell and the spiritual world in general are not some places or specific space. Essenceism shows that it is an open, boundless sphere, beyond time and space, creating infinity. Spiritual beings are the only reality in this sphere. They are people (or rather their spiritual persons) and angels. The spiritual world is the sphere of life for spiritual beings. Its "content" is only they. Apart from the Original Being, people and angels there is no one else, and certainly nothing material. Just images, visions, or remembered content from the physical world, are stuck in the personalities of those who had anything to do with the physical world before.

At the time of physical death, we forever abandon the three-dimensional world and the linear flow of time, and instead we are surrounded by a sphere existing beyond of time and space. This is a great shock for every man, especially one who has never thought about the so-called afterlife. Entering the spiritual world means the beginning of existence in a completely new reality, which should be characterized by full freedom.

So you're dying ... What happens then? I will try to describe it based not only on the ideas developed in essenceism, but also on the most reliable testimonies collected by various researchers. Below I will explain the situation after death, as if I was addressing someone who is waiting for death.

When you die, you get visions of intense light from which the image of space emerges, something like a tunnel to pass. Our imagination has been shaped in the material world. We describe our impressions with the language of familiar concepts. Meanwhile, the spiritual world has no material structures because there is nothing physical. We perceive the phenomenon of the transition between these two worlds as a corridor or tunnel, because this explains the brain to us when we try to understand it. We see the tunnel, although it does not exist in reality. Our spiritual person, experiencing entry into the spiritual world, has no eyes, ears or other senses. So he can't see, hear or feel anything by touch. However, we try to describe these phenomena somehow. We can "see" a luminous figure, and our imagination will tell us that he is an angel. We "hear" the voice, although we may as well create it ourselves. This voice can even make us go back to physical life. This happens, for example, during short-term clinical death, but on condition that our body can continue to function. If there is no return to it, it may happen that after some time it will "join" to another person currently living on Earth. It must, however, have the same spiritual level as our "joining" spiritual person. This return concerns the continuation of an interrupted life. Most often this happens when death is violent and unexpected, for example during a car accident. When we get stuck, someone has to get us out of it, because otherwise we will not be aware of our death and we will try to continue our physical life, negatively affecting the people available there. The most important thing is to understand that you are already dead, to start living in a completely different reality. In the future reality, our current awareness and will decide everything.

If you know that you are already dead and you do not have the will to come back to continue your previous life, then you fully enter the spiritual world. Then there is a total change in mentality. Other spiritual people and angels help us. It is about bringing your personality to the condition predicted by the Creator. I have no idea how long this may take in individual cases, i.e. what judgment everyone will make. There, time does not pass. In the end, it comes to freeing itself from previous burdens, that is, the possibility of using its full free will. Then you can start a proper life in a world outside of time and space. This life can be put in the next stages.

It begins with learning the right phenomena and laws of the spiritual world. Then we learn how to influence our further future. During this period, we badly need the support of angels and those who have already undergone spiritual education. Often these are known to us people who died before us and who we especially loved, and they loved us. This is the period in which we are still learning new situations unknown to us, because we feel a kind of ubiquity in the whole spiritual world, and hence, in the whole universe. This is our new home for eternity. The new reality around us is created by our will, imagination and love flowing constantly from the Creator - Heavenly Father. Together, it creates a full reality in line with our unique personality. We will also be able to start creating new states of reality for those who will come for us and whom we particularly loved. That world, although it is life in one great human society, is still maintaining our unique personality. In this way, we will give unique joy to others around us and to Heavenly Father himself.

All that I wrote above is to realize how our current situation, dominated by evil, negatively affects our future life in the spiritual world. That is why it is worth knowing that our eternal future is in our hands. Therefore, one should not count on a wonderful change in our personality caused by faith in one God or another. Giving such explanations is one of the main missions of essenceism.








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