Chapter 30

The spiritual meaning of human life

There is a saying that the human heart is a lonely hunter. We ask, what is it hunting? It should be answered that it is like the Heart of God that constantly seeks love, eternal happiness and goodness. Therefore, it is worth knowing that the Creator also "hunts" for us. According to essenceism, the Original Being sees the meaning of human life on Earth as a relatively short preparation for the future life with Him in His eternal reality. For this we need personal perfection: the meaning of our life.

My system began when I came to the conclusion that eternity has its source in the Original Being. Even if the opponents of such a claim would like to question it, they must answer for themselves the question of where their dreams of happiness, good, perfection and eternity come from. We do not inherit these dreams from animals as a result of evolution. Therefore, it is not worth denying that these feelings are in us, because we are a unique category of being. In analyzing this situation, essenceism takes one step back from the existing state. So my system claims that these feelings are derived from our original Creator nature. I recommend such a step backwards to astrophysicists who avoid recognizing the participation of the Original Being in the creation of the universe. They choose to believe in the strange event of the so-called Big Bang and stay there. For them, it just happened and they are not going to take a step back to find the source of this event, which should exist outside of time and space.

Essenceism claims that we have eternity, perfection, happiness or goodness instilled in a spiritual person. During our earthly life, these values ​​should "mature" in us. Hence the goal of our life is to lead them to full development. This is to be done in spiritual people based on our intelligence, will and affection. With them, as if with our "luggage", we can go on an eternal trip to the sphere beyond time and space, where their Source awaits us. What I recalled in the last sentences is written in our original nature. This is how it was supposed to be in the original concept of the Creator. Unfortunately, this scenario was not implemented. Almost at the very beginning of human history, our dreams of good, happiness, perfection and eternity crumbled. In this situation, we got a new, unexpected meaning in life to restore these lost values. It is the renewal of the original state, or salvation. I must say that it looks different in essenceism than in the teachings of religion, which affect most people who profess some kind of faith.

Essenceism understands salvation as the human responsibility to bring the world to a state before the fall of the first humans. This can only be done by removing Satan from our reality. This is a simple message explaining that the reborn Adam as the Son of God and the reborn Eve as the Daughter of God must, with the support of people, eliminate the reign of Satan, which is what Jesus Christ did not live to see. Such salvation will allow the Creator to include Him in the life of mankind and will be a sign of His coming Kingdom.






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