Chapter 30

Future vision of the universe

This chapter will talk about eternity. This time it is not about drawing conclusions about the short life of a physical person compared with the eternal life in the spiritual world. Of course, if everyone understood that they are eternal, and life on Earth is only a short but necessary time of preparation for this eternity, it would greatly change people's attitude towards their daily activities.

This time it is about efforts for the future of life on planet Earth. This is true of two problems. The first is to use all possibilities, not only scientific but also religious ones, to remind us that our planet is a precious, beautiful and perfect home for all its inhabitants. This applies to those who live on it now, and to all generations, that is, those who have passed away and those who will come after us.

The second problem concerns the phenomenon where, because of evil, we waste the greater part of human time, labor and intellectual capacity. Instead of wasting energy on various forms of protecting humanity from evil, it is worth simply removing this evil from our planet. After all, it is in the best interest of each of us to stop conflicts and even wars. Unfortunately, one can only dream that as a result of some miraculous event, people love each other, stop all evil actions and start living as one big loving family.

This dream, of course, is related to the salvation of mankind from evil. If it had happened, no army, police, prisons, or courts, or even door locks would be needed. A huge percentage of human potential could be channeled into creating a state where everyone would live happily on one planet. It would then be possible to imagine a huge development of knowledge that would enable a prosperous life for every inhabitant of the Earth. We could live our earthly life happily without suffering the pain of evil and, above all, having time for personal development that would lead everyone to personal perfection. In this way, it would be possible to make a completely effective and reliable transition to the future eternal life.

Essenceism proclaims from the very beginning that every human being has the prospect of eternal life after the end of this earthly life. It is worth taking advantage of this short earthly existence to prepare for this more important, infinite part of our life.

The place of this future is the spiritual world, that is, the sphere beyond time and space, which is the infinite "place" prepared for us by the wise Creator. That is why Christianity calls Him Heavenly Father. We could then become citizens of an infinite cosmos, in which there could be many Earth-like planets, that is, with human civilizations. If people like us live on them, then we will understand the meaning of the existence of not only one great earthly family, but also the cosmic one. All civilizations in the cosmos could, through the spiritual world, unite into one community and manage the universe together. It would cause a gigantic development of science and technology. This would lead to the fact that, after a while, we could control all events in the cosmos, including the control of galaxy formation, black holes and any changes in its space. We could also take control of dark energy and dark matter by changing the structure of the cosmos as we wish. There would be no obstacles for the Creator's successors.

What I am writing about is not just some utopian dream. The creation of one great cosmic family from the beginning was the Creator's goal in shaping the infinite universe. This goal was also to make people His true successors and representatives throughout the universe. It seems that the Creator prepared the cosmos in a raw form for us. He did it to give us the opportunity to modify it and make changes, that is, to improve this gigantic structure according to our wishes. The Original Being creates everything for eternity. We, as his heirs, could also continue the constant development of the cosmos for eternity, making changes in it beneficial for us. It would be a bit like artists do, creating new visions of reality endlessly in line with their creative inspiration. Perfect people, endowed with the intellect, will and affection inherited from the Creator, could continuously develop the universe, as we do in our daily lives. This is exactly what the future looks like, according to essenceism, if, thanks to the salvation, people return to their "normality", that is, they will shape the universe in accordance with the concept of the Creator.







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