Chapter 26

Reason, knowledge or faith

Some Man, after fruitless attempts to convince people of his description of reality, said a certain sentence that has gone down in history. He said something like this: people have eyes to see, but they do not see, they have ears to hear, but they do not hear, they have reason and cannot understand!

The fact that people do not see something or do not understand something is an undeniable fact. When it comes to small things, this is not a big problem. However, in the case of essential matters for humanity, this becomes a very important problem.

The history of our planet provides many examples of how human minds can be manipulated by bad knowledge or by denying the evident truth.

A significant conclusion can be drawn by analyzing the rise to power of Hitler in Germany and all the consequences resulting from this fact. Almost the entire nation could be manipulated in such a terrible way that its members lived with hatred and murdered unscrupulous millions of innocent lives. Communist agitation was equally tragic, which, through the spread of lies, led to many tragedies on the globe.

It follows that people can live in ignorance, act according to the will of crazy leaders and lose touch with reality. They can also do a lot of bad things in the belief that they are doing something good.

An important conclusion from this is the statement that people can be manipulated on a large scale, which leads to many tragedies. Often the source of this phenomenon is a fanatical belief in God or faith in various "idols". Also unbelief in God or suspicion of its lack can cause a tragic event. Such situations are reflected in religious wars, in the activities of the Inquisition, and finally in the martyr's death of many preachers of religious ideas or missionaries.

Why is this happening?

Why is it possible to manipulate human minds to a level of faith in lies that contradict common sense??

Answers should be sought in the absence of fundamental and lasting knowledge of the mechanisms of the world around us. If a person does not know and does not understand who he actually is and in what world he lives, then he has no lasting foundation for life.

The knowledge that absolutely every man, regardless of race, religion or nationality is eternal and comes from the Transcendent Source, which is God, can stop the development of intolerance, hatred and the consequences of these feelings in the form of genocide. Wider knowledge of God and man makes him a creature more immune to the influence of all kinds of evil, beginning with the influence of Satan, through the lies of mad leaders, and ending with small temptations. It is for this reason that Jesus, tired of His efforts, says that people have eyes to see, but they do not see, they have ears to hear, but they do not hear, they have reason and cannot understand!

So what to do to believe in God or at least understand the need for His existence?

Once again, I will refer to the above statement about eyes, ears and reason. Our eyes are worth making a deeper vision so that they can objectively see the world around us. Our ears are worth being prepared for listening so that they can hear the voice of wise and honest people explaining things that are essential to our existence. Our reason has to be free from the noise of civilization to be able to understand something more than the trouble of everyday life.

When I look at nature and observe phenomena that take place in her life, for example among animals, I see an incredible abundance of forms, extremely complex organisms, sensitive senses and their extraordinary ability to benefit from the benefits of the environment. Then it becomes clear to me that all this has not happened and the fact of evolutionary changes has not come from nowhere. Although I am already in the stage of admiration over the wisdom of the Creator, I started from the stage of astonishment with the surrounding reality and the level of intellect built into the laws of nature. This level could not be taken by itself, nor was it introduced by people, because their knowledge is much more too small. It had to come from a hundredfold more intelligent source than human reason. I gradually realized the necessity of an intelligent creative source, and this in turn made me aware of the omnipresence of the Creator.

On the other hand, listening to and reading interesting views of different scholars should also lead to awareness of the existence of an Intelligent Source in the universe. It would be good if the knowledge from various scientific and religious books taken over in the period of education resulted later in life with the desire to listen to the voices of people analyzing in an open and logical sense the existence of this world.

I think that human reason, awakened in this way, can begin to draw the right conclusions. As I noted earlier, the external reality of this world does not lead to the conclusion about the presence of God. However, instead of external sensations, turn on internal feelings, so that you get to know something invisible at first glance. Then you can have the chance to discover more complete knowledge about our life and the entire universe. I have found that this is not a supernatural gift but a phenomenon of human reason. It can lead to a natural understanding of the existence of God without resorting to religious education.

To build the right faith based on knowledge, I recommend, for example, to analyze two different situations.  I will start with the first one.

Namely, the presence of God can be indirectly understood, looking at the civilization development of humanity. It is most often characterized by the multiplication of beings, towards increasingly complex and more perfect ones.  This is because "Somebody" taught us this.  The "divine" way to develop was to create increasingly complex and perfect lives. From God, as from the source, new, more perfect concepts of creatures emerged, finally to come to man himself.

At this point, the Creator seems to have ended his contribution to the transformation of nature, recognizing that the end of evolutionary development has come about, which also concerned the physical bodies of people. And that was our beginning. A level has been achieved that enables individuals to bring to perfection spiritual persons associated with them. It follows that in the opinion of the Creator, humanity "grown up" to take over his creative abilities. Of course, the "divine" stage of the emergence of spiritual persons from Him remains, because in this way new people will always be born. Thanks to the described activity, not only humanity develops, but also God Himself.

I am writing so that others can share with me the conclusion that using eyes, ears and mind in an open and honest way leads to the knowledge of God and to the understanding of His presence in the universe.

The second example is the understanding that man is not an animal. When we talk to another person, we are not talking to her skin and bones, but to someone who is inside. We feel that our words flow somewhere deep into our listener and enrich his knowledge. This and thousands of other things that people can do, completely differentiate us from animals.

Therefore, I constantly emphasize the achievements of our spiritual person based on a natural person. This is a completely unique phenomenon in the scale of the entire universe. Man was placed between the existence of the First Cause and his presence in the eternal vastness of the cosmos. As the only being, it transforms the universe and will do it forever. And here we touch eternity. The entire universe, from the elementary particle to the largest galaxies, creates a perpetual plane of action for its "host" - human. It is begging that this eternity that surrounds us is also our share. And so it is, because it cannot be otherwise. We have it inside and outside of us. This eternity in us is our spiritual person, that is, we ourselves, the right people. So it must be the same with the First Cause – Original Being – that fills up the entire sphere beyond the time and space and His Personality projects on the entire universe.









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