Chapter 24

The falsification of the state of religious mission

The activity of various religions, apart from the typical role of proclaiming the existence of God, quite often raises the suspicion that they also play a negative role in the history of the world. It can be assumed that Satan himself is behind their actions. He could, with his power of authority, create such a state of them that it enables him to control them.

Imagine a state in which societies recognize that only religion is concerned with the salvation of the world, leading to the creation of good in the world and the final elimination of evil. Due to the specific division of roles in society, other areas of life related to politics, culture, science, economy, entrepreneurship and finance deal only with what they were called to do. Therefore, they can leave the field of religion all responsibility for the spiritual condition of societies. It is not some fancy situation, because such a state prevails in most countries of the world.

If Satan is in fact "the master of this world", he has done everything not to lose this reign. He never lets go. He could have guided the development of religions so that they would be completely incapacitated and their clergy would lose the proper awareness of their mission. In most faiths, it was enough to influence their leaders and hierarchs to redirect all their activities to the benefit of the "ruler of this world."

This is best seen in the example of Christianity with special distinction from Catholicism. From the beginning of its existence, successive councils of bishops transferred to God the responsibility for the salvation of the world. First, Jesus was recognized as God who descended from heaven to accomplish salvation as the Person of the Holy Trinity. Then, despite the defeat of the nation of Israel, it was recognized that Jesus accomplished full salvation, so only His second appearance for the Last Judgment remains. Also presented is a God who knows human actions, who, at His own discretion, sends favors from heaven to selected people and bestows His mercy on them. Thus, all the important concerns about the liberation of mankind from evil were transferred to God over time. This adulterated arrangement provided all clergymen with a comfortable position in society and all the comforts that would enable them to endure this situation forever.

According to the essenceism, the Original Being does not know evil, does not participate in the life of our world and will not achieve salvation. Therefore, in the absence of the proper functioning of religion, the present situation will last forever. This means that for the next hundreds of years we will wait for what God will do and maintain clergymen who continue to preach their imaginary and unreal concept of the future. They still wait quietly for what God will do and "cut the coupons" on their passive mission.

Needless to say, how pleased the true evil-maker is with this situation. Needless to say, all efforts will be fought on the part of the clergy to change this situation. So we may have an eternal and hopeless expectation of what will never happen. In essenceism, this is called the black scenario for humanity.




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