Chapter 24

Satan's pool

Essenceism, wanting to prepare an appropriate solution to the problem of amusement, first examined the systemic action of evil that causes the wrong state of our world. It is about understanding the present reality, especially the spiritual one, which we are not always aware of. In previous parts of essenceism and on my websites, I have described in detail the course of the fall of the first people in the biblical Garden of Eden. Although it is a symbolic description, it opens the possibility of an intellectual exploration of this phenomenon. In turn, other biblical records provoke a better understanding of the angelic world, which should be taken into account when creating an appropriate concept of salvation.

After the fall of the first people in the Garden of Eden, the world created by the Original Being changed into a different reality than the one that He had prepared. First of all, one of the Archangels named Lucifer has disappeared from the "Divine radar". Until then, it could be "biblically" assumed that God had an "army" of angels who were "led" by three archangels. I use this "military" description exceptionally to enable us to understand the phenomenon of the appearance of evil, communicated to us in the form of a biblical story. I do it to structurally and logically bring closer the problem known only "religiously". The existence of three archangels can be deduced from the fact that the Original Being I am presenting has three main qualities: Emotionality, Will and Intellect. Essenceism suggests that the first of these qualities is symbolically represented by Archangel Michael, the second by Gabriel the Archangel, and the third by Archangel Lucifer. Our ordered imaginations suggest that each of them "commanded" a third of the total number of angels. I also assume intuitively that the archangels were messengers from God, and the angels subordinate to them constituted an "army" of caring beings belonging to people.

If Archangel Lucifer fell and became Satan, being the guardian of Adam and Eve, he took possession of them and continues his illegal mission of a false "protector of humanity." Although he had only a third of the angels under him, he has mastered the completely human world, because evil, unlike static good, is aggressive, destructive and eliminates everything in its way. Only the redeeming mission of the Son of God weakened to some extent the sovereignty of Satan. The spiritual salvation that Jesus accomplished redeemed people entering the spiritual world from the power of Satan. Unfortunately, on Earth, Satan is still the "master", although God's angels already have access to people living in the physical world. Still, a third of the former angelic world, known as demons or evil spirits, has a dominant influence on the present world. This is a kind of "pool" of Satan, thanks to which he has easier access to "one third" of every human community. You see it constantly recurring social injustices, as well as in the activities of political power.

Therefore, in the process of salvation, the "evil side of the force" must be considered. Until now, this "pool" of Satan was still an impenetrable barrier. Although Jesus managed to remove her from "heaven", she still remains the dominant force of evil on Earth. As you can see, no religion has been able to cope with it.






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