Chapter 24

Idea of the salvation and concept of the Savior

Most of the known religious books in their main message speak about salvation. These religions, such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam based on these sacred books, should prepare their faithful for it. According to essenceism, this is a time-extended process of transition from the state of the fallen world in which there is omnipresent evil and whose "master" is Satan, to the state predicted originally by the Creator, that is, to the creation of a good world under the authority of God. Colloquially, it means the type of repair or renewal. In Christian terminology, it can also mean resurrection, or return to eternal life under the authority of Heavenly Father.

In this section I try to analyze the conditions, which fulfillment should lead to the full salvation of humanity and the arrival of a world deprived of evil. Below I give the next levels of the salvation process in points, which should be passed in order to accomplish it. Explaining these conditions is educational and is intended primarily for followers of religions created in the Middle East.

1. The first and basic level of analysis is based on the fact that the Original Being is the perfect Creator and His Will, originally established, should be realized, no matter what situation Adam, Eve and Lucifer prepared for Him. The Original Being is unchangeable and His original plan will be realized at some point because it is a perfect plan. Unlike us, time does not end for Him.

2. The second level of analysis of this phenomenon, which should be understood in the perspective of the entire history of the creation of the world, is based on a special explanation of the situation from the Garden of Eden. Adam, without insight on whether we treat this figure as real or symbolic, he was without sin and in this state he was to reach the level of a perfect man. Among other things, he also had, as a son of God, demonstrate his superiority over the world of angels. He also received from the Creator a life partner subject to the same criteria, because she was also a daughter of God. Together they were to create the perfect first married couple. Therefore, in order to initiate the salvation of the world, we need a reborn Adam, or the Son of God and the reborn by him, or daughter of God. This is an absolutely key and basic condition for the salvation of humanity.

3. The third level of analysis of the concept of the way to salvation is based on the conclusions of the mission of Jesus. He was born in the chosen people waiting for the coming of the Messiah. At the very beginning of the mission, He showed His personal perfection by overcoming the temptation of Satan. This showed His superiority not only over Satan, but also over the entire spiritual world, especially the angels. It also allowed Him to confirm His authority as the Son of God and to restore Adam's position. Thanks to this, Jesus Christ can be an example to follow.

4. The fourth level of analysis of the phenomenon of salvation concerns the necessary participation of people and angels in this process. One should take into account the fact that salvation cannot be an unexpected grace from God. The Creator's participation in this process should rely only on the work of His Providence, which is to give knowledge, and how to bring mankind back to the symbolic Garden of Eden. God's people and angels led by the Savior should subordinate to them Satan and his fallen angels.

5. The fifth level of analysis concerns the ways of recognizing the Returning Savior. Jesus lived among people on Earth for 40 days after His resurrection, as if He was one of us. Could such a situation happen again, this time in the form of his long stay? Logically, it is worth taking this into account. If it does, it is necessary to ask whether it will be recognized by those who expect Him to descend from heaven in great glory and in the form of a universal spectacle. It is known that during these 40 days of presence in the physical world, the apostles often did not recognize Him, and even had to prove their identity to them, for example to the Apostle Thomas. Jesus unexpectedly appeared and disappeared, they could not recognize Him by the voice. In addition, we have to ask what happened between successive appearances among the apostles. Generally, the point is that recognizing the Returning Savior will not be easy.

Jesus ended His visible earthly activity two thousand years ago, promising that He would return. Christians are waiting for His return and are wondering when this will happen. Often they do not know if it should be passive or active waiting. It may happen that it will come to us in a similar way as during the 40 days after the resurrection. Looking at the sky can therefore be ineffective. What would happen if he appeared as a Muslim Mahdi? Would he be accepted by all other religions? Perhaps, too, according to the theory of reincarnation proclaimed by Far Eastern religions, will he be born as a different physical person?

How then should the Second Coming of the Savior take place?

There is no doubt that it was not God who caused the first men to fall, and that is why God is not to repair what has been corrupted in the Garden of Eden, means on Earth. Therefore, the salvation process should be played between the successors of Adam and Eve on the one hand, and Satan and his evil spirits on the other hand. It must happen here on Earth.

Since both the First Adam and the Second Adam were born on Earth, the coming Savior must also be born on Earth. This results directly from God's law. The first Adam had a pure lineage inherited directly from the Creator. For the pure pedigree of the Second Adam, Jesus of Nazareth, he earned the chosen nation, or rather selected figures of the Old Testament. These people, thanks to their faith and sacrifice, fulfilled the conditions necessary to cut off the lineage of Jesus from the influence of Satan. Their will and determination played a key role in the process of salvation. They passed this will and accomplishments from generation to generation, creating a condition for the birth of the Second Adam on Earth. Even with the defeat of the nation, this collective effort of generations allowed Jesus to carry out the mission of spiritual salvation, which theologians identify with redemption. This is because they define it as a play at the price of Jesus Christ's life. Essenceism explains this fact in a more analytical way. Namely, the collective effort of many generations of Israelites made a kind of ransom for the pure, or cut off from Satan, the birth of the Son of God from the womb of a woman belonging to the nation of Israel. Thanks to this ransom, Satan not only had no right to blemish the Son of God with a fallen nature, but he also had to recognize the amount of that ransom as payment for freeing spiritual people from the spiritual world from hell. Thus, among others, essenceism defines the saving work of Jesus Christ.

In this way, the sum of will generated by the central figures of the Old Testament led to the overcoming of Satan's hegemony and the birth of the Son of God on the Earth. Of course, angels helped the central figures of the Old Testament because their participation was a necessary condition for the whole process of salvation to succeed. This results not only from the message of the Bible and the Koran, but also from the creative concept of the Original Being. Just like in the Garden of Eden a long time ago, so in Israel, two thousand years ago, the Archangel took over the birth of the Son of God. This time, however, it was Archangel Gabriel instead of Lucifer. Much earlier, just after the fall of the first people, another Archangel, Michael, eliminated Archangel Lucifer from the place of the birth of God's Son and guarded the purity of the Garden of Eden, so that there would be no room for evil. You can see that salvation is a kind of game between archangels with the obvious participation of God's people and angels. It must be so, for salvation is the work of men and angels, and not of the Creator who has nothing to do with evil. Therefore, thanks to the effort of men and angels from the pure, or cut off from the influences of Satan, Mary's womb, Jesus Christ was born as if this birth took place in the Garden of Eden. Maybe that's why Jesus could say he came down from Heaven to Earth.

Having learned the knowledge from two thousand years ago, we can begin to understand today the process of salvation. If we are to name the future Savior, he must be like the Third Adam, also the Son of God and also the Son of Man. It's best to call Him a Returning Savior. A lot of saints, martyrs and other figures of the new era have been working and purifying the womb of a woman from whom He can be born. In my opinion, none of the "messiahs" known to me so far can prove to be born of a pure womb, without original sin, that is, having a divine lineage. In addition, this Returning Savior should be able to demonstrate his superiority and power over the world of angels, and above all to Satan, which has not yet been accomplished by any of the known world "messiahs". Probably the news of this coming Savior in the era of radio, television and the Internet will spread around the world like lightning and you certainly will not have to look at the sky to see it. This is how the angels advised to follow the apostles of Jesus, gazing up after His miraculous disappearance (Acts 1, 11).

Just as God gave Adam Eve, a woman should appear in a chosen environment of great faith, as if she were the Third Eve for the Returning Savior. There should be what the Jewish people did not do, because of the lack of faith in Jesus they did not prepare for Him a bride (Second Eve) destined for Him. The key to salvation is therefore not only to recognize and believe in the Returning Savior, but also to accept the woman prepared for Him, whose task will be the revival of Eve's position.

In the original plan of God, Adam and Eve were to be the first ancestors for all humanity, that is, the first parents for future children of God. And so it must finally happen. If the Returning Redeemer and the Reborn Evil appear on Earth, who will replace Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, then they will finally have the opportunity to return to this "Garden". When they achieve personal perfection and create the perfect marriage couple according to the concept of the Creator, the situation will give rise to a real beginning of humanity, and Satan will automatically lose his position as the "god of this world".

All the people who live now and those who are already in the spiritual world will be able to get involved in the pedigree of the revived parents of humanity in this way, to return to the "womb" of Heavenly Father. This process will have the character of adoption supported by the will of both parties. It is worth adding that all stories about the end of the world and the Last Judgment are symbolic, which must be properly decoded.

The Returning Savior will save the world through teaching, which in the religious language means proclaiming the Word of God. That's what Jesus Christ did two thousand years ago. This teaching should gradually embrace the whole world and convince all people that God is their Father, and that the coming Savior is the Son of God. At the same time, as I described above, He should initiate a new history of humanity. Thanks to this, humanity will return to its roots again. All people will become children of God, Archangel Lucifer and his angels will return to the role of the servants of Heavenly Father and His children. Then the Creator will be able to announce the existence of the Kingdom of Heaven in the physical and spiritual world. It will no longer be a distant Original Being, separated from humanity by Satan.

What I wrote above means that the main work of salvation should be done by the Returning Savior. For followers of many religions, it is enough to accept it, although it will not be easy. That's how it was two thousand years ago. We remember how it ended.

Once again, we must clearly emphasize that it is not God who will lead us to the end of the world and the Last Judgment. The one who is to do this must be the result of great and long-term efforts of many people. In addition, the Returning Savior must win over the hearts of as many people as possible, so that their will protects Him from the evil that comes from Satan. Human help is absolutely necessary here.

The will of the "ruler of this world" is to maintain their dominance over us as long as possible. Faith in the fact that only God decides to conduct the process of salvation is very conducive to the eternal reign of Satan over people. He would very much like us to wait for what God would do.

Attention, this is a very inadequate attitude!

That's why I have to visualize the most important problem of salvation in our time. The point is that all Christianity has forgotten the fulfillment of the necessary conditions for the preparation of the salvation process that the Israeli nation had previously met. Namely, it earned its entire history for the coming of the Messiah. It follows from this story that it was not Yahweh, but that people and angels led to the birth of the Son of God. Nowadays there is a strange degeneration of the attitude of Christians. Namely, the faithful and clergy of this religion have thrown all the responsibility for salvation on God's shoulders. They are simply waiting passively for His spectacular Final Judgment and the end of the world. To Christians this waiting made the faith in the Holy Trinity easier, in which Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are next to Heavenly Father. They thus replaced the true God, or Original Being, with their vision of three Persons who are only the Image of God. In this situation, the main executor of salvation became Jesus Christ, which took responsibility from the clergy's shoulders leading their faithful to salvation. Such conduct led all Christian churches to passive and at the same time to the illusion that salvation can be accomplished without the proper participation of mankind.

Unfortunately, from the point of view of essenceism such salvation invented by theologians will never take place. You have to realize that it does not make sense in the light of essenceism knowledge of the existence of the Original Being. Christians can thus wait another thousand years and no salvation process will take place.

I am surprised that people, seeing the bad world around them, or rather our hell, do almost nothing for the sake of salvation. They prefer to wait passively until everything is done by the Creator himself, and they will surrender to His Will. It is very easy, and at the same time very inappropriate, even tragic attitude. That's why I'm definitely talking about it in my system.

Summing up one of the most important messages of this study, I argue that we cannot wait passively for salvation, which will be done for us by someone else, namely Heavenly Father, Allah or Yahweh. Limiting oneself to readiness on a "judgment day" means being completely blind to the true form of salvation. People have once shown that they cannot properly watch, contributing to the crucifixion of the Son of God.

Let this honest, almost brutal truth reach people so that they can understand what the salvation process is and the role of the Savior. Only as a result of the enormous effort of people and angels can the rebirth of the Son of God be born on Earth, which will be the beginning of a new era for humanity.












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