Chapter 19

Essenceism - knowledge replaces faith

World religions create organizational structures to adapt their faith in the existence of God, the spiritual world or eternal life to the cult they created. They are numerous ceremonies that replace people fulfill their dreams of eternal happiness, justice and experiencing God's love. However, one can imagine understanding of God and eternal happiness in the spiritual world without a whole sphere of religious activities that make people weak creatures, at the mercy of some worship or an imaginary god.

The desire to guarantee a safe and happy future in the next life forces people to maintain a large number of clergy, religious organizations and worship centers. As a "reward", it provides them with a kind of peace of mind that a land of eternal happiness awaits them for good conduct after death. It also gives satisfaction that only the chosen ones will experience eternal happiness, and others, especially those who do not follow the precepts of religion, will be punished for it. It is a pity that this reasoning results from the faith of many denominations.

For the above reasons, it is worth knowing the system that guarantees spiritual peace and confidence as to our fate after the end of life on Earth. It will allow every person to gain proper knowledge about the Creator, which would result in sincere love for Him. As a result, we would gain security awareness not only of our future, but also of all other people around us. Essenceism has set itself this goal.

Usually we focus on protecting our present life, health, place of residence and many other things. We create many security systems that are to ensure trouble-free and effective development of our civilization. We create them from the beginning of humanity, but still only defend ourselves against evil or limit its effects. Meanwhile, evil will always find itself a new form of threatening our security. If we treat protection against evil as good, it is one of the eternal facts of the struggle between good and evil. This peculiar struggle is not just related to physical security. The mentioned systems cannot provide us with security concerning another sphere of existence, i.e. the spiritual life. For example, no best security measures will protect us from the consequences of such events as unhappy falling in love or the will to take our own life. Hence, both the most sophisticated physical protection, despite the use of the most modern technical solutions, and the most developed religions, despite the huge number of orders and bans they create, are not able to protect us from the effects of the evil that exists in the world.

So, like the knowledge of the "earthly" security system, there should be knowledge of the same "heavenly" system. It should be based on a fundamental statement that behind our existence is the Original Being, which gave us the qualities of His Personality, including an eternal spiritual person. It is enough, therefore, that we fully understand and apply it in our lives, and we will achieve enormous progress in the safety of our lives. This should not be the faith offered by religions, but concrete knowledge combined with certainty that this is the case. It is about the same level of confidence that we have under the laws of mathematics, physics or biology. Then we will only be healed our civilization of evil, which alone threatens our security, and with which our Creator has nothing to do. This may end humanity's worry of an eternal future.

The easiest way would be for science to fully prove the existence of God. This would open a whole new chapter in human history. Let this extremely important argument make scientists realize that more can be done than discovering the secrets of the visible universe. When politics, economy and culture turned away from the matter of saving the world from evil, we could count on an area of life that is inter alia interested in such a state of the world in which we could live safely, both now and in the next life. In view of the practical defeat of religion and the failure of political, economic, social and cultural institutions to restore our civilization to the state of good rule, science is the last bastion of hope. So it is enough to replace faith with scientific knowledge, and the first step on the path to the salvation of humanity would be made. Understanding the spiritual phenomena contained in the Creator's work is the best "religion." Therefore, science could add to its mission the creation of such a "scientific religion".

I have already explained in many places in this study that the Original Being created an infinite universe so that it would be an endless sphere of experience for His children for eternity. Although at the current level of knowledge, our contact with the universe is almost completely limited to our solar system, but it is still open to us. For now, we do not have to go to space for new knowledge, because we have not yet fully met our Earth, which constantly captivates us with its beauty. At the same time, we have accumulated quite a large portion of knowledge about the universe in recent years. It is not necessary to imagine that there will be some unimaginable creatures waiting for us or strange, contrary to our original nature of experience. There, everything results from the order prepared by the Creator. We record the content of the physical reality of the universe all the time in our spiritual personality and then transfer it to the spiritual world. It would be good for both of these worlds to be a place where people live happily, as the Original Being had once planned. Knowing this is the best "religion".

Complementing scientific knowledge, essenceism proposes its new extension. The scope of knowledge could be extended beyond the space-time of the universe. To begin with, we should look at ourselves, stating that each of us has a unique and eternal spiritual person. Then, after learning the laws of creation from the Creator, it is worth determining that our world is not the one that results from his conception and that the source of evil lies in the form of Satan. These statements, thanks to their examination and confirmation by science, should not become dogmas, but accepted facts. Such a bold and honest declaration can lead to an understanding of the proper state of good in the world. If science includes in its mission a new, broader understanding of reality, knowledge will replace faith.









 Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

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