Chapter 18

What reforms do religions require?

According to essenceism, the Original Being as Heavenly Father created people out of the need for love. He wanted His children to be with Him. First, He created a powerful universe, adapted a perfect planet to raise his children on it, and finally gave every human being a spiritual person. He certainly did not need any help from anybody to do this work. Nor does He need any help from priests of any religion, although such a role is assigned to themselves by the clergy of many religions. In his conception, angels are the intermediaries between Him and people. It is they who have been properly prepared for the mission of leading people to perfection and should not fail as their educators. Unfortunately, in the case of the most important educator of people, Archangel Lucifer, an event occurred that cut off the Creator from people. This educator of the first people, with their participation, turned the direction of the force of love towards himself, bringing us spiritual death. I have described this fact many times on websites and in my books. There I presented a state unknown to God, that is, the world under the rule of Satan. In this world, he and his fallen angels created hell. Thus, God's angels have minimal access to people. It affects only individuals and to a fairly limited extent. In general, people have to deal with this situation on their own. Meanwhile, the clergy of most religions first determined that the perfect Creator called them to be his representatives, and then that they were to prepare His interference in the evil world. We will find many more such inappropriate findings showing that we need religion.

Essenceism emphasizes that the considerable effort of spiritually open people led to the creation of religion. However, the human race is so weak and vulnerable to evil that a very short time after its formation, each religion becomes overwhelmed by the evil side of the force. Satan knows well that religions could harm him in ruling the world. Therefore, he had to pacify them. Even such a significant effort of Jesus Christ did not prevent the hierarchs of Christianity from falling into dependence on the "master of this world." They too, as at the beginning of history, turned the power of love renewed by Jesus into a power of authority. This also applies to political "hierarchs". Therefore, tens of thousands of years of our civilization pass, and satanic evil still has an advantage over good. Certainly, the religions we have in the world today have lost the power to overcome evil and to carry out the process of salvation effectively.

It is worth considering now the effects of Jesus Christ's activities. Judging by His mission, all Christianity claims that Christ has overcome Satan. Unfortunately, this is only a half-truth. Essenceism has shown that the idea of ​​Jesus' victory presented by Christians is far from reality. Their "loser Satan" is a devil who tempts people to do bad deeds from time to time. According to my system, the true Satan is doing well and has in no way surrendered power over the world. Of course, in the case of the spiritual world, we have a different situation. This means that the redemptive work of Jesus is about freeing spiritual people who left the Earth to the spiritual world and are still passing there. However, if Jesus' successors would announce that Christ's victory concerned only the spiritual world, their position in the world would be a hundred times less important than it is today. Therefore, by proclaiming that Christ has defeated Satan, they inform that the world is already saved and that it is enough for Him to make the Last Judgment at some point, and immediately after it will be the Kingdom of Heaven. As a result, Christian clergy present themselves as God's victorious team. This gives them a high social position and they are treated as higher class citizens with access to God. It is a very comfortable situation, but it is not in the actual state of affairs. Unfortunately, this is one more argument that points to Satan's domination of religion.

Essenceism shows that Jesus redeemed our spiritual persons so that they would not remain under the control of Satan after death. Therefore, Jesus took away his power over the spiritual world, but did not violate his position as "the master of this world". Hence, in our physical reality, that is, during our so-called mortal existence, nothing has changed since the redeeming work of Christ. We still have hell on Earth, and Satan, as the gray eminence of the world, controls our earthly life with the power of his authority. No religion has changed this situation for millennia. Jesus' solitary effort remained an individual victory over Satan. He deprived the "master of this world" of the right to our spiritual people from the moment they enter the spiritual world. But even this is not hundred percent, because the will of an individual who consciously rejects the act of the Son of God, leaves such a person in a suspension resembling being in an evil abyss. In this regard, the will of man is of decisive importance.

I will add one more bad circumstance resulting from wrong teaching of religion. The humanity led by religions does not fight against the cause of evil, that is, against Satan, but only against the effects of evil, which is still ineffective.

If this continues, it may be concluded that the present religions are useless to mankind, although such a statement does not solve the problem of evil in any way. According to essenceism, religions are supposed to relate their actions to the liquidation of Satan in order to lead to the effective salvation of the world. Only a full and proper understanding of their mission can make them helpful to all of us. Thus, Christian leaders should understand that, like Jesus, they must fight to completely exclude Satan from our world. This is their only mission. They can do this by following in Jesus' footsteps carefully and fully preserving His way of acting. Essenceism called such action the mission of globetrotters.

Thus, due to the inadequate realization of the world's salvation mission by most religions, we have an increasingly unwanted state of our world. Rarely in any country do citizens feel well led by existing religions, and young people shun them. Therefore, God waiting for His children is kind of forgotten. The feeling of love flowing from the Father of humanity disappears from the public space. With it, the correct standard of value disappears, that is, there is no proper reference to the ideal model of the world, that is, to perfection and to eternity.





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