Chapter 16

Spiritual world at present time

Let me remind you that essenceism has made it clear that our world is currently ruled by Satan and that no one can normally develop to reach the level of perfection. In addition, a huge percentage of people on Earth do not accept this fact because they simply do not know about the existence of Satan. As a result, people do not realize how the spiritual world functions around them.

Man is the only being in the universe that lives in two worlds: the physical and the spiritual. In order to live, it must conform to the existing laws of nature. However, this adjustment does not only apply to physical or biological conditions, but also to social laws, traffic regulations or prohibitions of criminal law. Many people think that these laws exhaust the scale of dependence in their lives. Unfortunately, it is not. The laws of the spiritual world are as important as the laws of the physical world. Ignoring them can cause all kinds of suffering, illness, mental disorders and even death.

Everyone understands that ignoring the laws of physics, such as gravity or the effects of lack of air, can result in death, for example from falling from a great height or from suffocation without being able to breathe. Similar results can be caused by ignoring the laws of the spiritual world, because our spiritual person is as delicate as a physical person. For example, provoking someone to maximum anger and upsetting them can have dire consequences. Extreme depression can also contribute to suicide. Examples can be multiplied, but most often we feel the effects of violating the rights of the spiritual world as a disorder of our personality in the form of stress, apathy or conflicts with other people.

Communication between the two worlds in an ideal world should be a fact of life. In our present reality, it is negligible, and for many it simply does not exist. This is easy to understand since we have so little evidence of its existence. We often don't think about the people of that world at all. However, it looks completely different from the point of view of the spiritual world. The dead need us, we don't need them. People in the spiritual world who feel that they still have something to do on Earth know well that their only chance to fulfill these desires is the physical world. They want to come back here to finish their lives and make them more perfect. For them, the main problem is the re-use of life on Earth, which from the beginning was the only place in the Creator's plans for achieving perfection. Returning to life on Earth is a new chance, a new hope for all those currently living in the spiritual world. This has nothing to do with reincarnation, however. Rather, it indicates that full salvation must first be accomplished in the physical world and only then in the spiritual world.

Of course, the mechanism of cooperation between the spiritual people of people already living in the spiritual world and the physical persons of people currently living on Earth was not created for the salvation of humanity after the fall of Adam and Eve. The use of the physical body of a person currently living on Earth by a spiritual person of a man who has already lived his physical life was a phenomenon originally intended by the Creator. He wanted all people, both those who now live in the physical world and those who left it, to participate in the development of the world on an ongoing basis and live together like a great world family. Of course, a spiritual person deprived of physical senses cannot do what each of us can do. For example, he cannot admire the beauty of the landscape by himself, because this landscape, along with all the changes taking place in it, can only be seen with the physical eyes, and the spiritual person does not have these. The Creator, however, introduced the principle that a spiritual person other than his own could also use the physical body of a person living on Earth. The purpose of this was to enable all people who have ever lived on Earth to participate in the development of the world. Thanks to this, they could always be present in the world they met during their lifetime. I illustrated it in my publications on the spiritual world, comparing the coexistence of both worlds to a football match.

So, how can spiritual persons from the spiritual world view life on Earth? To answer this question, let's return for a moment to the above-mentioned description of a football match. Our life in the physical world, played out as a "football match", is watched not only by fans sitting in "spiritual stands", but also by thousands or even millions of spectators hundreds or thousands of kilometers away from the "stadium". These "distant" fans are not present among those sitting in the stadium's stands, and yet they watch the game with them. How is this done? Today, everyone knows that in such a stadium cameras have been installed which, using transmitters, transmit image and sound into the air using invisible radio waves. This is a typical media broadcast that allows viewers to watch something that is hundreds of kilometers away from them without having to be in a place where something is happening. It was invented by people, i.e. beings brought to life by the Creator. In that case, could God, incomparably wiser than man, not Himself create a system of "spiritual transmission" so that people from the spiritual world could receive the transmission of images from Earth? Of course he not only could, but he created it. This "transmission" occurs through omnipresent spiritual energy. We will know its proper operation only in the world under the direct authority of the Creator.

I have already written about this mechanism of transmitting the state of the physical world to the spiritual world in previous chapters. It can be said that our natural person is a kind of transmitter that transmits knowledge received through physical senses to our spiritual person. At the same time, as I described above, the knowledge from this "transmitter" can also be received by someone else from the spiritual world, but on the condition that it synchronizes with a given physical person on Earth. Similarly, the receiver and the transmitter should be synchronized during normal radio communication. So I repeat the sentence which is the motto of this text: The Creator wanted all people, both those who currently live in the physical world and those who left it, constantly participate in the development of the world and together constitute one, great, world family.

The Kingdom of Heaven has been prepared so that people from the spiritual world can freely communicate with the physical world, of course with the one that the Creator had in his original plans. The physical world is beautiful, it is constantly developing and changing. People who passed from it to the spiritual world, most often have not yet managed to see even a small part of the most interesting places on Earth. In our world, there are also new, original works that are worth knowing. In an ideal world, those who are already in the spiritual world can come back here, even if they have the opportunity to learn about many other interesting planets in the universe. Currently, however, the spiritual people of the dead, themselves far from perfect, if they wanted to return here, unfortunately, they have at their disposal the same bad environment for life, which they have already known during their earthly life, i.e. our hell.

So let's take a closer look at the situation of people now in the spiritual world who have achieved a certain level of growth during their lifetime. Although they have lived their lives, they believe that they deserve a different fate, that is, a life in a higher than the present spiritual realm. Although the loss of the physical body has stopped their development, there is a way out of this situation.

Those in the spiritual world who are willing to continue their spiritual growth know that they are destined to achieve a 100% perfectional state. Let's say that during their earthly life they only reached 40% of this state, which, according to my previous comparison, corresponds to a frequency of 40 MHz. On this "wave" they are ready to receive vital forces from a selected natural person on Earth, that is, having exactly the same level as them. Their thirst for growth is so great that they are able to "stick" to the corresponding level of spirituality (frequency 40 MHz) of a physical person and unnoticeably use the stream of vital forces on a par with the proper spiritual person of a given person. Man living on Earth does not feel this phenomenon, even in the case of a greater number of such spiritual people "stuck" to him. This only happens as long as they are all in sync with our personality and pick up our vitality "on the same wave". The transmitter of a large TV station behaves in a similar way, the operation of which is independent of the number of TV sets. In a normal state, such a person on Earth, thanks to food, can constantly replenish the lost energy. It also complements it by experiencing love, deepening one's knowledge and experiencing goodness. Exceptionally, some people, so-called spiritually open, may sometimes feel the influence of spiritual people "stuck" to them.

The Earth is the only place where new people can be born, each time having a new physical person and a new spiritual person. Here is the fundamental difference between reincarnation and my explanation of the salvation process for humanity in the form of renewed life on Earth. Therefore, I claim that proclaiming reincarnation is a mistake resulting from a wrong assessment of the described phenomenon of cooperation of people from the spiritual world with people on Earth.

I remind you that the main task of people in the process of salvation is to change the wrong state of the world, using the support of the spiritual world. This is a fundamental task for all religions. Therefore, from the moment of salvation on Earth, the rapid process of salvation of spiritual people who have already lost their physical persons will begin. They will now be able to achieve perfection on the scale of one earthly life by using the right person on earth. Since everyone will achieve perfection this way, they will also do it. This is great and happy news for all people who have ever come into this world.

Finally, it's worth asking yourself a practical question. Is it worth believing in the existence of the spiritual world? Or differently: is it worth realizing the existence of the spiritual world? If such a world is a reality, then the problem is precisely the realization of its existence. If, however, there is nothing on the other side of our life, it becomes unnecessary to believe in spiritual reality or to teach the various religions how to prepare for eternal life.

So what will we lose and what will we gain from realizing the spiritual world?

If after death we will face emptiness and nothingness, i.e. the definitive end, we will not find out about it and we will not realize it. So it won't be a loss. However, if, after physical death, we find ourselves in a different world, that is, in the spiritual world, it may be a great shock for the unaware, making it very difficult for them to find themselves in the new reality. And that will be a big loss.









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