Chapter 16

Idea of the Original Being's Heart

I will start with the human heart first. Of course, this is not a biological organ functioning in our body. It's about the center of our personality, which is the source of good feelings and the depth of our being. The heart is the place where the most important life decisions are born and from which only the good should go. It determines our personality and humanity.

Since the Original Being is a Person, it all indicates that He also has the deepest and most important nucleus of His Personality. Of course, we only guess about its existence due to the effects of introducing His Intellect, Will and Emotionality to the created universe.

Something much more decides about the necessity of the existence of the Heart of the Creator.

The decision to combine the Primary Energy of the First Cause with the Laws shaped in the Personality of the Original Being must have come from somewhere. It was the decision to create the universe. But it was not an end in itself. The real goal was to expand the Personality of God through the experience of maximum love. The Creator could experience this love only with equal beings who could love and be loved by them. In addition, the more such beings would be, the greater the scale of lived love by the Original Being. Therefore, the universe, according to essenceizmu, should be still a place of birth of new people and constantly expand. This wealth of love in the universe also has its second positive side. Namely, every man is different, unique, so the experience of love with every human being is different. Thus, the phenomenon of the appearance of the universe can be explained as the need for the Creator to experience various impressions from endless love.

The above conclusion is connected with the assertion of essenceism that the universe was created for people. Taking into account the current knowledge about it, it can be assumed that no one else but people could "use" this fact. For those who have a more complex imagination, it can be added that it is not just about the inhabitants of planet Earth, but about all people, perhaps living in other planets in space. I recall in this place that essenceism does not exclude the possibility of other civilizations in the universe. In particular, this system notes that potential inhabitants of other planets should be the same as us. This conclusion follows from the very definition of the Original Being. Because He is perfect, He "shaped" the partners of love in the form of perfect, equal and fully prepared to love human beings. It was with such human beings born from His Personality that He wanted to live forever in the sphere beyond time and space, to endure the highest love indefinitely.

All this contributes to the assertion of essenceism that the sense of existence of people and the universe "floated" out from the Heart of God. Thus, it is the decision-making center of the Being. His Heart, in conjunction with Intellect and Will, and above all with Emotionality, initiates everything in the universe.

The existing universe is therefore indispensable for the creation of new beings that reflect the qualities of the Original Being. Before every human being, therefore, stands the fundamental task of growing on Earth to the level of perfection, which is determined by the structure of man perfectly prepared by the Creator. Everything that we have, helps us to become, in one earthly life, the real children of Heavenly Father. Therefore, we have an eternal bond of heart with Him.

At present times and in the present state of humanity, the heritage of the attributes of the Heart of God is the only form of His presence in our imperfect world. For the more inquisitive it is worth adding that God's Heart never leaves a human being. God, giving us a part of Himself as the seed of the spiritual person and a particle of His Heart, in a certain sense becomes present in us forever. Many people feel this. The particle of God's Heart is in us and nothing can remove it from us.







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