Chapter 14

Interaction with people from the spiritual world

Man is the only being in the universe that lives in two worlds: the physical and the spiritual. In order to live, it must conform to the existing laws of nature. However, this adjustment does not only apply to physical or biological conditions, but also to social laws, traffic regulations or prohibitions of criminal law. Many people think that these laws exhaust the scale of dependence in their lives. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The laws of the spiritual world are as important as the laws of the physical world. Ignoring them can cause all kinds of suffering, illness, mental disorders and even death.

Everyone understands that ignoring the laws of physics, such as the gravity of the earth or the effects of lack of air, can result in death, for example from falling from a great height or from suffocation without being able to breathe. Similar results can be caused by ignoring the laws of the spiritual world, because our spiritual person is as delicate as a physical person. For example, provoking someone to maximum anger and upsetting them can have dire consequences. Also, extreme depression may contribute to someone's suicide. There are many examples, but most often we feel the effects of violating the rights of the spiritual world as a disorder of our personality in the form of stress, apathy or conflicts with other people. So does the simultaneous influence of the laws of the spiritual world and the different action of the laws of the physical world have any impact on the situation between these worlds?

In order to answer this question, I will first explain a few aspects of the possible cooperation of individuals living on Earth with their possible "partners" existing in the spiritual world. Probably in the intention of the Original Being, the interaction of both realities: physical and spiritual was a necessity leading to the creation of His ideal world, called the Kingdom of Heaven. It is worth understanding that the mechanism of cooperation between spiritual people of people already living in the spiritual world and physical persons of people currently living on Earth was not created for the salvation of humanity after the fall of Adam and Eve. The use of the physical body of a person currently living on Earth by a spiritual person who has already lived his physical life was a phenomenon originally intended by the Creator. He wanted all people, both those who now live in the physical world and those who left it, to participate in the development of the world on an ongoing basis and live together like a great world family. Of course, a spiritual person deprived of physical senses cannot do what each of us does. For example, he cannot admire the beauty of the landscape by himself, because this landscape, along with all the changes taking place in it, can be seen only with physical eyes, and a spiritual person does not have these. The Creator, however, introduced the principle that a spiritual person other than his own could also use the physical body of a person living on Earth. The purpose of this was to enable all people who have ever lived on Earth to participate in the development of the world. Thanks to this, they could always be present in the world they met during their lifetime. I have illustrated this in my texts on the spiritual world, comparing the coexistence of both worlds to a football match.

So, how can spiritual persons from the spiritual world view life on Earth? To answer that question, let's go back for a moment to the description of a football match from another chapter in this book. Our life in the physical world, played out as a "football match", is watched not only by fans sitting in "spiritual stands", but also by thousands and even millions of viewers hundreds or thousands of kilometers away from the "stadium". These "distant" fans are not present among those sitting in the stadium's stands, and yet they watch the game with them. How is this done? Today, everyone knows that in such a stadium, cameras have been installed, which, using invisible radio waves, transmit image and sound to the air using transmitters. This is a typical media broadcast that allows viewers to watch something that is hundreds of kilometers away from them without being in a place where something is happening. It was invented by people, i.e. beings brought to life by the Creator. In that case, could God, incomparably wiser than man, not Himself create a system of "spiritual transmission" so that people from the spiritual world could receive the transmission of images from Earth? Of course he not only could, but he created it. This "transmission" occurs through omnipresent spiritual energy. We will know its proper operation only in the world under the direct authority of the Creator.

I have already written about this mechanism of transmitting the state of the physical world to the spiritual world in my previous works. It can be said that our natural person is a kind of transmitter that transmits knowledge received through physical senses to our spiritual person. At the same time, as I described above, the knowledge from this "transmitter" can also be received by someone else from the spiritual world, but on the condition that it synchronizes with a given physical person on Earth. Similarly, the receiver and the transmitter should be synchronized during normal radio communication. So I repeat the sentence which is the motto of this text: The Creator wanted all people, both those who currently live in the physical world and those who left it, constantly participated in the development of the world and together constitute one, great, world family.

The Kingdom of Heaven has been prepared so that people from the spiritual world can freely communicate with the physical world, of course with the one that the Creator had in his original plans. The physical world is beautiful, it is constantly developing and changing. People who passed from it to the spiritual world, most often have not yet managed to see even a small part of the most interesting places on Earth. In our world, new, original works are still being created that are worth getting to know. In an ideal world, those who are already in the spiritual world can come back here, spiritually, even if they have the opportunity to explore many other interesting planets in the universe. Currently, however, the spiritual people of the deceased, far from perfect themselves, if they wanted to return here, unfortunately, they have at their disposal the same bad environment for life that they have already known during their earthly life, that is our hell.

Unfortunately, after the physical life we ​​do not enter with all our imperfect state to the sphere beyond time and space, which is the "heaven" of the Original Being. For we stay in an intermediate state, a kind of spiritual realm that is not yet our final destination. We are burdened by the matters of the evil world, from which only a few are able to quickly break free. For everyone else, there is a difficult way to break free from evil.

So let's take a closer look at the situation of people who have achieved a limited level of spiritual development during their lifetime, and are now living in this intermediate spiritual world. Although they have already lived their lives, they believe that they deserve a different fate, that is, to live in a sphere beyond time and space, which is their "home" for all eternity. Even though the loss of the physical body has stopped their development, there is a way out of this situation.

Those in the spiritual world who are willing to continue their spiritual growth know that they are destined to achieve 100% perfection. Let us say that during their earthly life they only attained 40% of this state, which, according to the comparison in the previous chapter, corresponds to a frequency of 40 MHz. On this "wave" they are ready to receive vital forces from a selected natural person on Earth, that is, having exactly the same level as them. Their thirst for growth is so great that they are able to "stick" to the corresponding level of spirituality (frequency 40 MHz) of a physical person and unnoticeably use the stream of vital forces on a par with the proper spiritual person of a given person. Man living on Earth does not feel this phenomenon, even in the case of a greater number of such spiritual people "stuck" to him. This only happens on the condition that they are all in sync with his personality and take his vitality "on the same wave". The transmitter of a large TV station behaves in a similar way, the operation of which is independent of the number of TV sets. In a normal state, such a person on Earth, thanks to food, can constantly replenish the lost energy. It also complements it by experiencing love, deepening one's knowledge and experiencing goodness. Exceptionally, some people, so-called spiritually open, may sometimes feel the influence of spiritual persons "stuck" to them.

In my studies, I explained how the cooperation between the spiritual world and the physical world should take place in an ideal world. I also described how they work together in our imperfect world. As you can easily guess, this phenomenon does not always run smoothly. Therefore, later in this chapter I will deal with the anomalies resulting from the fact that we now live in a world that has deviated from the original concept of the Creator. Invariably, in our reality, we must take into account the fact that Satan and hell exist in our world.

Previously, I compared the mental communication taking place in our world between people on Earth and spiritual persons in the temporary zone of the spiritual world to the synchronization between the transmitter and the receiver. This synchronization is sometimes disturbed just as it happens between an unsynchronized transmitter and receiver.

First, let me point out that the situations described below are relatively rare. We are talking about the phenomenon of using the vital forces of people living on Earth by spiritual persons who have already finished their earthly lives. They want to bring their personal development to perfection. This is a key issue that should be carefully analyzed. Imagine a situation when a person on Earth loses control over himself, even for a short while. It can happen at a time of a deep breakdown or depression, during a severe illness, during a short or long period of unconsciousness, or in a state of great mental excitement. If a spiritual person looking for an "earthly partner" recognizes such an atypical or distracted state and considers it to be corresponding to his spiritual level, he may "connect" to this natural person. However, I decided to call this connection "sticking", as opposed to the non-conflict "sticking" of a spiritual person to a physical person matching him. In typical situations like this, it was about the phenomenon of the synchronized merging of matching existences, like the gluing of two matching parts. That's why it's worth calling it "plugging in." Now, however, I will deal with the abnormal situations I call "clinging". Unfortunately, I do not know better words for these phenomena.

A new spiritual person from the spiritual world can "stick" even when the moment of human distraction is relatively short. Most often from such a situation a serious problem arises. It is extremely difficult for a spiritual person of a deceased person, especially shortly after his physical death, to find a suitable "earthly partner" for himself. If he suddenly manages to "track down" someone suitable for him, he will immediately use this opportunity, even if it is not fully synchronized with him. Then, once she starts cooperation with a physical person of this "earthly partner", he will not be able to "detach" from him. Such a situation may also arise in the case of immediate family members, especially immediately after the death of one of them. For example, this is the case when a recently deceased loved one living member of his immediate family very much, and at the same time this loved one is very much affected by his death.

A man on Earth, to whom an unsuitable spiritual person has "stuck", having returned from a distracted state to his normal state, may still feel a very strong personality disorder, most often manifested by malaise. Such a condition can in extreme cases result in serious illness, especially mental illness, or even insanity. Many mental illnesses do just that. Doctors in psychiatric hospitals try to treat such people with drugs that weaken the reactions of the human body's senses. It only brings the patient's calming down for a while and destroys his biological organism. So it is not an effective method.

It would be best to "throw out" the unsynchronized spiritual person from the body of a sick person, as Jesus Christ did. It is quite difficult for us. Only a few people with a very special and strong personality, i.e. exorcists, have this ability. Apart from extreme cases, when their participation is necessary, it is possible, thanks to special sessions, to "pacify" a conflicted, alien spiritual person. For example, during a hypnosis session, led by an experienced spiritual guide, the problems of a "stuck" spiritual person are learned, and then they are brought into synchronization with a human living on Earth. The method of hypnosis allows you to understand the problems of the "attached" spiritual person and to eliminate the difference in the level of synchronization through strong persuasion or vice versa, through acceptance towards the "attached" spiritual person. You can then completely free the "haunted" man from the situation. So let's enlist the help of an experienced spiritual guide or even the help of a person who is a hypnotist. However, I do not recommend making independent attempts to free ourselves from the influence of a spiritual person who is not harmonized with us, because we may not have adequate knowledge about it or do not have adequate spiritual power. So properly prepared people are able to understand the human condition and stop the unfavorable situation in a therapeutic session. However, it cannot be called an exorcism.

Meanwhile, a typical exorcism is needed when an evil spirit or evil spiritual person from the sphere of the spiritual world called hell "clings" to a person. Especially in the case of an evil spirit, so-called possession can occur. In such a situation, the liberation of the possessed person should be done by someone with the power received from Jesus Christ, because only He is able to help. Exorcists, i.e. clergymen specially prepared to cooperate with Jesus, possess this power. For He, through His redemptive work and victory over Satan, obtained not only the power to pull people out of hell in the spiritual world, but also the ability to free them on Earth from the influence of those who are in this hell. Exorcisms can only be carried out by really spiritually strong people with an authentic religious vocation, strongly connected spiritually with Jesus and with great knowledge of Satan and evil spirits.

Jesus himself started casting out evil spirits, because he had great power to do so, as well as open access to the evil spiritual world. He obtained it by defeating Satan in the desert. Therefore, one should not be surprised at the accusations of the Pharisees who, not knowing the power of the Son of God, accused Him of casting out demons, although he certainly did not do so in the name of Beelzebub. By contrast, Jesus' disciples understood the power of their Master. Jesus authorized the twelve apostles, men like Him, to use His power to fight against the evil spirits under Satan. Without diminishing the role and importance of women, Jesus could not convey this power to them, for it was not for Him to restore any woman to His level. This means that during his lifetime an authentic Daughter of God, equivalent to the Son of God, did not appear. In the Garden of Eden, God's first daughter lost the "duel" with Lucifer. The first Adam also lost it, but the Second Adam, or the Son of God, fixed the defeat. So Jesus is the only winner of the duel with Satan so far. This victory, however, was primarily of a personal nature and consisted in a definitive release from Satan's influence. I analyzed the above situation in the third book on essenceism and on my websites. I also included an analysis of the current state of the spiritual world. In my opinion, in the original spiritual world there are no spiritual people who once lived on Earth. They stay in the temporal transitional spheres of the spiritual world called, counting from the lowest, hell, purgatory and paradise. They are very different from the original concept of the spiritual world established by the Creator, that is, from the sphere beyond time and space.

Therefore, only Jesus and the persons authorized by Him, that is, the apostles, as well as spiritually strong men who feel a special bond with Jesus, can exorcise the evil demons associated with Satan. That is why there are so few real exorcists who succeed the apostles. It is hardly surprising because it is very difficult to meet the high requirements for this service. In addition, during an exorcism, they must be ready to give their lives, because Satan is not joking. Everyone who carries out this ministry knows it well. It is they who most often talk about the presence of Satan and his demons. It is worth noting that Satan is very interested in lest people believe in him. Many famous theologians and popes have emphasized the fact that Satan's greatest media success is precisely that most people do not believe in him. Proclaiming that Satan does not exist is therefore a great gift for him.

I will now describe another phenomenon. Sometimes, although very rarely, there are some positive effects of desynchronization between the spiritual person and the "partner" on Earth. If any of the living has enormous faith in God, then in the moment of spiritual rapture, he can reach the spiritual level, which is represented by people staying in the sphere of the spiritual world known as paradise, i.e. the so-called saints. Then, the possibility of someone from this sphere “sticking” to him is created. Such a person on Earth, after returning to his normal state, will probably become a very active preacher of faith in God. He can do it loudly in public places, create religious organizations, and sometimes act mentally ill. Of course, it all depends on the individual personality of the person haunted in this way. Among such people there may be so-called "messiahs" who gain the trust of many by proclaiming that they have a mission to save the world. However, they can be wrong, and then it is not such a positive phenomenon.

Now it is worth asking the question, how to recognize the activity of spiritual persons in the physical world? I have to admit that it is not easy and only a few people can do it. We call them spiritually open, but this is too general a concept and not always true. However, it is worth knowing that spiritual people are not associated, except in a few cases, with specific physical places. The exceptions are the so-called "haunted houses", where the ghosts of the deceased previous residents may appear, who do not realize that they have already died.

By the way, I would like to explain that the unnoticed physical death by some people sometimes happens in those who, during their earthly life, did not take into account the existence of the spiritual world or were agnostics. Similar phenomena can also be noticed in places of frequent accidents where some people have died. Their spiritual persons may also not realize that they have already finished their physical life. They affect people appearing in these places and can lead to similar accidents. However, I am not a spiritually open person and I cannot fully understand the motives of these "scary ghosts". However, I know that properly prepared and spiritually strong people, such as exorcists, can effectively remove such confused spiritual persons from haunted places.

When people who are spiritually open say that there are many spiritual people in a given room, it does not mean that they are "sitting" there. Spiritual persons almost always function as "glued" to people and move with them. The more people in a room, the more spiritual people. It is people living on Earth that "pull" a specific "tail" of spiritual persons and introduce them to physical areas. Most often it has no effect on the environment, but it can sometimes show up in the psychosis of the crowd, for example as collective hysteria. This happens when in such a crowd there are people who are influenced by evil spirits or evil spirits. Such a community may unknowingly turn into a formidable force capable of lynching or similar crimes.

It happens that a bad atmosphere in some environment is due to the presence of evil spirits or evil spiritual persons. Therefore, it is worth knowing that in order to remove them from some surroundings, the main efforts should be focused on the people staying there, and not on a given room. It is just as important to recognize whether the cause of trouble is really evil spirits or lost spiritual persons. Evil spirits, or demons, can often spread a bad atmosphere on their own initiative, while other spiritual people of people must be directed by them. However, in most cases, it is only about the lost ghosts of the dead that have a not too dangerous effect on people.

The action of a real evil spirit happens very rarely, because the vast majority of people on Earth do not create conditions for his interference. It is about an evil spirit, who is a fallen angel directly subordinate to Satan, i.e. the so-called devil or demon. It can possess certain people, especially those affected by nervous disorders. Sometimes people are negatively influenced by the evil spiritual person of a deceased person who is still subject to Satan because of his evil life. However, such an evil spiritual person, unlike an evil spirit, focuses only on a single person with a similar evil character. We can call spiritual beings acting in this way evil spirits, although the difference between them is significant. Real exorcists know this, for whom removing an evil spiritual person is a hundred times easier than casting out a demon.

Fortunately, the vast majority of the bad spiritual influences we deal with in life are simply the result of inadequate synchronization with the spiritual persons of the dead. They usually "stick" to a single person and affect only him. Of course, this cannot be called a positive situation, because various madmen or people labeled as mentally ill can have a bad influence on the environment. In such a case, as I explained before, they must be helped by someone with a strong personality supported by a great deal of knowledge about spiritual phenomena. Doctors, psychiatrists and hospital wards for the mentally ill have little to do in such cases.

To sum up the problem of the impact of people from the spiritual world on people on Earth, it would be necessary to quite carefully assess the scale of their impact on our lives. Of course, I am not able to define the percentage of this impact, but it is certainly a fact. Of course, the negative impact on individuals described above on the part of evil spiritual people or evil spirits is rather marginal. Unfortunately, the Earth is still deprived of the presence of God, and evil spiritual beings can feel "at home" on it. For this reason, we have had the same offenses, crimes, conflicts and wars for thousands of years. I have no doubt that the influence of the evil spiritual world is many times stronger than the influence of the good one, connected with God.

The above information is not very optimistic, but unfortunately true. It is a clear message about the difficult task facing humanity on the way to the salvation of the world..













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