Chapter 13

Current state of the spiritual world

Let me remind you that essenceism has made it clear that our world is now ruled by Satan. Therefore, no one can normally develop to achieve the level of perfection due to man. As a result, people do not realize how the spiritual world functions and what awaits them for garbage. In addition, a huge percentage of people do not know anything about the existence of Satan. It is in this insight that I recommend reviewing my studies on the fall of humanity, the rise of evil and the fallen Archangel Lucifer taking a dominant position towards people.

Essenceism shows that communication between the two worlds in an ideal world should be a fact of life. In our present reality it is negligible, and for many it simply does not exist. The sphere beyond time and space in which the Original Being exists is unattainable for us in the present state of affairs. It is easy to understand, since we have so few signals about its existence. This is because our level of spiritual development has remained very low. Essenceism, after a careful analysis of the testimonies of various people in different periods of human history, developed a certain understanding of the situation in which humanity found itself. This is needed to make humanity aware of the need to rectify this situation. Of course, I am talking about freeing humanity from the evil blocking its development. This evil has a personal dimension in the form of Satan, because it comes from him. This state prevents humanity from returning to the right path of spiritual development.

After taking control of the physical world, Satan almost completely blocked people's communication with their Creator. The only real contact with the Original Being consists in the fact that each of us at birth receives a spiritual person from Him. Unfortunately, right after birth, it is burdened with evil nature from Satan. However, we are left with a small "gate" to contact with Heavenly Father in the form of our original nature. Unfortunately, it is still drowned out by the bad one. It is only because of original nature, whose certain function is conscience, that the heart of God can sometimes be felt. This is due to the testimony of many people who my system does not take lightly. Thus, individual people have a chance to understand the phenomena related to the knowledge of the proper state of the sphere beyond time and space. Therefore, it is worth collecting numerous testimonies, visions, and even the content of dreams of more spiritually open people. It is such people, when they understand the reality of the spiritual world, receive the best preparation for action to restore the world to the state planned by the Original Being. All other levels of society, from the family level to the world level, are greatly influenced by the evil "master of this world". Unfortunately, it is impossible to "avoid" the presence of Satan. That is why mankind needs heroes like the Son of God Jesus Christ. For the Creator cannot help us eliminate evil, because He does not know it, and it is outside of Him.

From the beginning of history, many such people were born on Earth who successfully opposed Satan, knowing that it was he who stopped the spiritual development of mankind. It is these new people "fresh" that can explore the possibility of its overthrow, provided that they do not allow themselves to be burdened with the past that has been lost by humanity. The earth is the only place where new people can be born, each time having a new physical person and a new spiritual person. Among other things, there is a fundamental difference between reincarnation and my explanations about the process of human development. Therefore, I argue that preaching reincarnation is a mistake of misjudging humanity under Satan's control. The good side of proclaiming reincarnation is the knowledge that the spiritual world has the possibility of cooperation with those living on Earth. Therefore, only single individuals aware of cooperation with people from the spiritual world acting for salvation can face a difficult duel with Satan. Jesus Christ himself showed it best. Others before and after Him did so with much less success.

Finally, it is worth asking a practical question, is it worth being aware of the existence of the spiritual world? If such a world is a reality, then the problem is precisely the realization of its existence. However, if there is nothing on the other side of our life, it becomes unnecessary to believe in spiritual reality or to teach the different religions how to prepare for eternal life. If after death we will be left with emptiness and nothingness, i.e. the final end, we will not find out about it and we will not realize it. So it won't be a loss. However, if after physical death we find ourselves in a different world, that is, in the spiritual world, it may be a great shock for the unaware, making it very difficult for them to find themselves in the new reality. And it will be a big loss.








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