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Idea of nature (“All-creation”)

The insightful observation of nature, called by essenceism all things, gives a chance to understand the mechanisms of the existence of the universe. Thanks to this observation, we can show the necessity of the existence of the Original Being by the tools of essenceism.

Essenceism shows that, with the exception of man, all of the universe reflects the precision of the creative plan of the Original Being. The system confirms that all creatures automatically reaches the state originally set by the Creator. All forms of matter and living nature have predictable and definite stability and encoded way to perfection. That is why we can precisely define the laws existing in the universe and predict the behavior of matter. With this knowledge, we can also influence the changes taking place in nature. This confirms the proper purpose of creation, that is, the existence of a perfect human being - a partner for the Original Being.

Biblical words: "in the image and likeness of God", is the function of the Original Being, which is reflected in the universal bipolarity of omnipotence. From the observation of nature, it follows that in general it inherited this important feature from its Creator. Everything that comes from the Original Being has two versions. The proof of this is the balance of positive and negative charges, in particular of protons and electrons at the lowest level of material development. At its higher levels, we can see the harmony between cations and anions, the indissolubility of magnetic and electric poles, the balance of centripetal and centripetal forces in orbital motion, as well as the simultaneous action of action and reaction. We see even higher the harmony of male and female elements in plants and animals. This bipolarity or bisexuality in nature is the basic developmental mechanism. The fact is that this bipolar source of life does not re-form in the bosom of every particular creature, but it has been passed down from generation to generation. Of course, at the end, we need to emphasize the parallel existence of two sexes among people.

Thus the source duality of God, creating in him a harmonious unity, is divided during the creative act into two separate poles or into two separate entities. However, since it is derived from one complex Source, it tends to be in perfect balance or natural unity at the same time. This phenomenon is always driven by an endless process of reproduction, as well as by development in the universe.

The next point of the essenceism idea is the problem of the sense and purposefulness of the existence of the universe. A well-known question - what was the first: an egg or a chicken? – can be referred to the assessment of the state of the universe, in particular to the emergence of nature and evolutionary changes. Essenceism notes that the image of the existing reality of the universe first had to arise in the creative plane of the Original Being, and in reverse, than the evolutionary transformation process suggests. In the light of the analysis carried out in accordance with the principles of essenceism, it is true to say that man appeared as the first and main reason for the creation of the universe. He needed nature at a high stage of development, animals, plants, protozoa, minerals, atoms and, finally, elementary particles derived from invisible energy. Therefore, first the vision of reality was born in the Creator's plan as a sequence of necessary processes preceding the appearance of man. All this, from the elementary particle and the atom to the developed forms of life, reaches perfection at its own level and is a completed form, because that was the way it was originally coded by the First Cause - the Original Being. It was He who, during the course of His work, added the necessary "injection" of new thought and energy, according to the possibilities foreseen in the original plan. He always created the next level, which inevitably went to perfection. Evolution, perhaps, correctly shows some of the processes taking place on Earth, but its perspective is limited and does not allow to fully explain the meaning of the origin of the universe. It is like a river that flows to the destination with the designated trough.

The observations cited above contradict the colloquial understanding of the theory of evolution. Of course, scientists have noticed these phenomena and try to interpret changes in nature differently, for example by means of mutations. However, no theory will change the fact that in order for something to change from lower to higher, there must be a creative contribution of "know-how" that cannot come from nowhere. In this you can see the role of the Creator himself.

There are universal principles of existence in the entire universe that we have found and which we only know. We scrupulously discover the laws of physics, chemistry, biology, or the law of nature, which exist and operate independently of us. They are knowable and indicate a logical whole, like the universality of the genetic code, which we decipher information about the structure of proteins stored in the DNA of the cells of each organism. This shows the probability of having one intelligent source.

Comparing the achievements of humanity in the field of science and technology with the structures existing on our planet and in the entire cosmos, we must come to the conclusion, how small is our knowledge and how much secrets are still ahead. We found an extremely rich nature and a complicated universe, which we certainly did not create ourselves and which, by the level of knowledge contained in them, surpass all achievements of our civilization in the last thousand years.

The continuation of these considerations can be found in the chapter:    

"Where and how a human should live".







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