Chapter 1

Why essenceism appeared?

Essenceism arose as a result of life pain caused by the existence of evil. More precisely, it appeared as a reaction to a world in which most people suffer, not realizing why there is a reality burdened with evil around them. To this came the worry that this suffering could become even greater in the face of the negative effects of another evil, that is, which results from the devastation of the life resources of the globe. This state stimulated my thoughts towards finding a way to eliminate evil, because I have always associated the existence of God with good.

During my professional and scientific work, I have always dreamed that finally science would confirm the existence of the First Cause in the Person of the Creator of the universe. Even when my friends tried to explain to me that science cannot demonstrate God's existence, I always replied that the same science cannot deny His existence.

That is why my essenceism system was created.

Quite honestly, essenceism arose as a reaction to the fact that science has rejected the possibility of investigating whether the universe has its Creator. Apparently it has no instruments for this. In addition, scientists often say that it is not their business.

That's why I started creating this system.

Essenceism also arose as a reaction to a philosophy that drowns in thousands of different concepts and theories, completely obscuring the image of reality. It does not add anything new to understanding whether the universe was created by itself or has its First Cause.

That's why I decided on the system described here.

To some extent, essenceism arose as a reaction to the inactivity of many religions in the face of the need to save the world. Their attitude in most cases means faith in the imaginary god, who according to them is to solve the problem of the existence of evil by doing its own liquidation. He is also to lead to the creation of a good and even a perfect world. This attitude of people of faith is the greatest spiritual failure of our civilization. It condemns us to the eternal duration of the evil world.

That is why the essenceism system had to be created.

Essenceism also arose from my personal rebellion in a situation where people still have to grope in the dark, seeking solutions to their problems. Meanwhile, in my opinion, they have them at hand. It is enough to mobilize them to think without dogmatic barriers and go boldly towards restoring their good world, i.e. one in which they will be eternal.

For such people, my essenceism system was created.

I've been an enthusiast all my life. I pushed forward whenever I saw the chance for a better world. Unfortunately, in most cases I fell victim to combos and scammers. They used my enthusiasm and trust to draw me into their dishonest plans. Finally, a dozen or so years ago, I decided to use, regardless of anyone, my enthusiasm combined with life experience and acquired scientific knowledge. Thanks to this, I created a system with no unfair interest behind it. I decided to use scientific methods to explore the possibility of God's existence. I meant the God who should be the First Cause of all things. I also decided to shed a tangle of confused philosophical views and contradictory ideas about our reality. I had to reject all dogmas. Therefore, I decided not to worry about the collection of symbolic stories contained in the Bible, the Koran or other books, but to use the important moral values ​​contained in them.

That's how my system came about.

Turning to the answer to the main question about the existence of the Creator of the universe, I decided to reach into the nucleus of science that comes from dreams and the human intellect. I meant to learn more than just study our material reality. In the case of using philosophy, I also decided to reach for its core, which should show the sense of our existence. Here I also wanted to come to the truth, not only material but also spiritual. In the end, I decided to reach for the core of the religion, which was not created by gods, but people sincerely wanting to save the world from evil. I remembered the words of Jesus "I have much to say to you, but you cannot bear now". (John 16:12).

Or maybe the time has finally come for this?

In the following chapters I will explain how the subsequent stages of the development of essenceism were shaped.

I invite you to read.

Janusz Mazur - Author








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