Chapter 36

Views that no one expected

Both in the essenceism system and in the theory of eternal existence derived from it, I presented views that no one expected, moreover, no one expected. This reminds me a bit of what happened two thousand years ago. At that time, no one expected that the humble son of a carpenter from Nazareth would pass on such important teachings to people. Nor was it understood that as the Son of God, he gave people the good news that everyone is eternal and that the right form of life on earth is love. He also had great plans to establish the Kingdom of Heaven through this love. But he didn't want what happened to Him later. He only managed to show us love for the Heavenly Father so that we would be ready to live with Him forever.

The theory of eternal existence sees the work of Jesus Christ as the most important contribution to restoring the original concept of the Original Being to the world. It was presented by Jesus two thousand years ago. It was completely contrary to the concept of power existing in his time, both religious and political. Therefore, he was eliminated from the life of the society subject to these authorities. The Son of God was condemned to death by political power under the pressure of religious power. He was especially killed for showing the direct influence of the "god of this world," Satan, on the power of the religious hierarchs of that time. Unfortunately, the true meaning of Jesus' teachings and the meaning of His redemptive work has been greatly changed by the deliberate changes of many of the ideologists of Christianity. These changes and distortions, which today are difficult to determine precisely, were made in order to ensure the power and high social position of religious leaders. After these treatments, the official knowledge of Jesus' teachings may be far from the truth. My theory refers to a situation from two thousand years ago because of its relevance today. It shows that throughout the history of mankind, political and religious powers have cooperated to varying degrees to maintain a state subject to the evil power of power contrary to the original concept of the Creator. This is one of the conclusions resulting from the analysis conducted in ways modeled on scientific canons by my analytical system essenceism, which built the theory of eternal existence.

However, very limited knowledge about the fate of Jesus could be obtained by following a completely different path than the findings of Christian theologians. This had to be done because the New Testament records that have survived to our times are not fully reliable. According to many researchers, the gospels are stories prepared on the basis of unverifiable data and texts about the mission of Jesus that are difficult to verify. Unfortunately, the explanation of the credibility of the texts from that time by the action of the Holy Spirit does not fit into the scientific canons. Today, they appear to be deliberate changes leading to the power of religious organizations over people. This purpose coincides with the purpose of "the god of this world," for that is a more accurate description of Satan than "lord." My theory treats him as the eternal source of evil. First Council of Nicaea for the needs of the emerging Christian religion, which had already entered into an alliance with political power, becoming the religion of power. Today it is difficult to assess what is true and what is not in these records. Only with great caution can one accept some facts partially confirmed by other available sources. Unfortunately, due to the very distant time, they are also not fully reliable. Nevertheless, the collected knowledge was enough for a new interpretation of the mission of the Son of God.

The theory of eternal existence, based on the analyzes of essenceism, explains that Jesus described in the texts of the New Testament is a historical figure. My theory arrived at this statement in a different way than that of Christian dogmatic. The person of Jesus is the logical result of the efforts of important figures constituting a generational chain in the history of the Israeli nation, which has already been explained in my studies. So my theory is that Jesus Christ is the Son of God embodying the Creator's concept of humans. Wishing to regain the meaning of the work of Jesus, I decided to present the vision of the Heavenly Father as the Original Being in a modern way thanks to the theory of eternal existence. At the same time, feeling the intention of the Son of God regarding the primary role of love, I proposed how the Father of Humanity created everything with the help of the Original Power of Love and how he endowed each person with an eternal spiritual person. I don't know how close I got to the actual reality, but I do know that the Son of God certainly did it two thousand years ago. For now, I am only providing explanations of the essenceism analytical system that Jesus did not mean to start a new religion at all, but certainly to provide knowledge of who the Creator is, why we should call Him Heavenly Father and how we should understand the coming of the God’s Kingdom.

Jesus made it clear by his actions that Heavenly Father gave eternal life to every human being, beginning with the First Man and the First Woman. I don't mind calling them Adam and Eve, but it's better to call them God's First Son and God's First Daughter. They were the beginning of humanity, and at the same time they were the future holders of the Primordial Power of Love. They were to be prepared for this role by the Archangel Lucifer and the angels helping him, i.e. their guardians.

It was such an important moment for the emerging humanity that it had to be protected by an additional condition about the need not to exceed the servile position of the Archangel and the angels towards their pupils. It was to be in force until the first people reached perfection. As I described it in subsequent studies of essenceism, for reasons that are still difficult to understand, a situation arose that completely destroyed the concept of the world prepared by the Creator. I claim that during the education of the first people, Archangel Lucifer temporarily had the Original Power of Love and was constantly with the children of God. He replaced their parents. Therefore, at some point, he may have found himself in the position of Adam to Eve, which was contrary to God's law. This caused him to automatically become an imperfect being, exactly like Adam growing to perfection at that time. In this state, the Archangel first ruled over Eve, and then, thanks to her, also over Adam. So it caused a reversal of the concept of the Creator, which was the reason for the creation of a new reality. There has been a change to the opposite direction of the Force of Love from the Creator. This situation gave rise to a new, evil force of power. This means that the Archangel took over the first people. Thus he became Satan. Then, as a different personality, he took over the position of the Heavenly Father towards people, i.e. he became the untrue father of humanity. At the same time, he burdened people with his evil personality, that is, he introduced an evil nature into our personality. It is "competitive" to our original nature, which each of us receives from our proper Father, i.e. the Original Being. Along with evil nature, the wrong reality appeared, i.e. the world under the power of Satan, which should be called hell.

My theory thus shows that Satan is the adversary of people, because we, as sons and daughters of God, should be his master and he our servant. According to my theory, Satan has nothing to do with the Creator, because the Original Being exists in a completely different reality than he is. It should also be clarified that the Original Being, who does not know evil, cannot know the reality of Satan. Therefore, Satan is not the opponent of the Original Being, but of people; and especially the Son of God. For Satan took over the position of the Son of God, making us his servants.

Decision-makers of all kinds should pay particular attention to this situation. They are the ones who have power over us, so they can easily transfer evil from Satan to other people. In the history of the world, significant political leaders have been subjected to the power of power coming from Satan, which has materialized in the history of our civilization in the form of wars, tyrannies and dictatorships. Equally dangerous for humanity is the use of power by people of faith. This is especially true of the leaders and hierarchs of many religions. For example, in the time of Jesus they were so possessed by the "ruler of this world" that they were able to kill the Son of God and destroy His mission.

Once again, I must remind you that the Original Being does not know evil and cannot participate in the reality that was created as a result of Satan's actions. Nor could he stop people from killing the Son of God. One could even say that Satan has almost a free hand in ruling the world. So he can control the organization of life on Earth and maintain his power over us. It must always be remembered that the tools of its operation are political and religious power. The former focuses rather on the control of our physical person, and the latter on the control of our spiritual person. Thus earthly hell is still grass.

Summarizing the above, I claim that my theory explains why the world was not created under the authority of the Heavenly Father. It also explains how Satan controls mankind. Thanks to this theory, one can understand the importance of Jesus' mission, and above all understand that He was the Son of God, the only one who could lead to the removal of Satan from the position of the ruler of our world.

Finally, I want to add that an important idea of Jesus, although often overlooked, is love within friendship, which my theory defines as friendly love meaning love for other people. As a result of giving his life for all humanity and in its name, friendly love was elevated by Jesus to a value equal to childlike, conjugal and parental love. According to my theory, the value of the Son of God consists of the sum of the efforts of all mankind represented by the chain of central characters of the Old Testament. Their effort was therefore transferred to the person of Jesus, giving Him a value equal to the value of all people who have lived, are living now and will live one day. Thanks to this, Jesus could be born outside the influence of Satan as the Son of God, i.e. as the only Man who took the role of the representative of the Creator.

However, Jesus' mission remained unfinished. He was not allowed to experience conjugal and parental love. He could only experience childlike and friendly love. They should teach us now how to complete His mission. This means that every person should feel like an eternal child of our Heavenly Father, i.e. the one who carries eternity coming directly from Him. This should always be a signpost of earthly life for every human being. It is also worth understanding that friendly love can connect humanity with an eternal bond, which should lead to the restoration of the world under the rule of the Love of the Original Being.

Bearing in mind what Jesus did, I created my theory, which is not a religion, does not introduce any cult, and does not bring typical religious orders, prohibitions and dogmas. It also denies that man is a weak and sinful being, reminding us that we are all the eternally living creation of the Creator. I would also like to add that, almost from the beginning of history, we have been subjected to very bad living conditions on Earth, which prevent us from achieving the dignity of eternal sons and daughters of God.












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